Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Drugless Approach To Diabetes

I have recently discovered a new drugless approach to diabetes and how we can better understand the disease and possible cure. First of all, after seeing what Dr. Jacob Jung and other doctors have been achieving with diabetic patients and the positive results they seem to be getting, I am very excited as to the future. 

I now think of the disease more in tune with that of a condition... a condition that can be reversed and maybe even extinguished like a bad blaze. I will let the good doctor explain...

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Donald Trump's Secret Wish.

Donald Trump has been in the public's view his whole life. We have all seen the ups and downs of his life play out in the public eye from day one. The public has seen the start of his career, the building of his empire and his rise to fame and fortune over the years.

As with all billionaires, you develop an attitude over the years that always includes narcissism, and if your inclination is to feed that beast, it is sure to best you in the end. Billionaire narcissists tend to keep a low profile generally but as their close friends and relatives will tell you, many if not most, are not so warm and fuzzy behind closed doors... being quite eccentric at heart.

Donald has fed his narcissism for decades and this brings up a particular problem for him, the same old has now become old. The thrill of being the 'it' guy, the center of attraction has faded. Donald now has to elbow his way through the other billionaires just to be noticed. At the country club he is not special anymore, he is just one of the many. His beast hungers... his ego needs sustenance.

He caught a break with his TV show, and that calmed his ego beast for some years, but alas, this too has passed. 

Donald has the foresight needed as a businessman to understand the new opportunity when it presents itself, hence his presidential bid. Donald has to acquire something the other billionaires don't have, and the distinction of being addressed as 'Mr. President' by everyone, including the other billionaires is the crowning achievement. This will feed his narcissistic beast for a long time... maybe even forever, he hopes.

Does Donald care that he will have to actually do the job now and again? Well, he has a solution for that, he will simply delegate the groundwork to his staff and simply make an appearance when the work is done,  like all good bosses do. It's that simple.

This approach of delegating most if not all the jobs to surrogates is different from other Presidents in that the others actually went in themselves and was part of the whole process. Donald does not have the time and patience for that.  Donald can't be sympathetic, empathic and dedicated to solutions that serve others, because Donald's upbringing did not allow him the space to develop this mindset. 

He simply can't feel what he needs to feel, as poor people and poor nations do.  He has always been on the other side of the fence... being the vulture, taking advantage, cannibalizing and profiteering from these poor people, companies and nations. His confession of using the system to file bankruptcies in the past, thereby wreaking havoc on smaller companies and thousands of their workers bears this out.

For him as the leader of a nation to start developing feelings of sympathy and empathy so late in his life and in just a few months after being elected to the office, is something not even he can do. It takes years to understand and develop sympathy and empathy, quick and empty words are not enough. Donald is not interested in being a community organizer, he never was and never will be, it is beneath his status, as a billionaire.

Donald's only wish, is not to hold office, but really to acquire the title, so he can prove himself above the growing mountain of other billionaires, as the thrill of everything has already worn off and is now boring to a long in the tooth billionaire. The other billionaires being made to unwillingly address him as 'Mr. President' is the only thing that will stroke his narcissism one more time... for the Don...

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stupid Parents Make Stupid Kids.

The US has a Global ranking of 16th in literacy and 27th in Math as of 2015. That is not good.

There are thousands of inexperienced parents across America allowing their kids to opt out of testing this week and every year now it seems, with all sorts of reasons ranging from the testing being too rigorous, to it's too time consuming for the kids, to the idea that someone is making money off the testing. 

Now the bad news... next to your kids' classroom, there is another classroom filled with kids the same ages as your kids, who are doing a gifted or advanced class. These kids are not smarter than your kids... 

This is the class you want to get your child into, because these kids will have different entities, non profits, and fortune 500 corporations offering to pay fully for their college costs, with the after college possibility of going to work immediately for the corporation or being placed in a job immediately upon graduation. All for free.

When you refuse to have your child do the tests, they will not be accepted into a gifted or advanced kids program. You are forcing your child to stay in a regular class and miss out on the extra help that the advanced kids receive. 

Firstly, why are you helping your kids? If they pay attention in class , ask questions and do research, you will not need to help them. I couldn't understand my kids' homework because I was not in their class... I was at work. So they are the ones to do the homework, not me.

These well meaning, inexperienced parents are dumbing down America, by dumbing down their kids. Many if not most of these parents are first timers and are just now having their first experience at getting their kids ready for college and the global job market. 

Many are called 'Helicopter parents' for a reason and a little less of that hovering could prove to be a lot more helpful to their kids ... and the US as well. Unfortunately while they are hearing from all sides about the issues they and their children face in preparation for college, many are listening without hearing certain things.... 

As an experienced parent, I would like to add my voice. My experience comes from having one child enter the job market and the other finishing her last year of college in 2016. I have been there through the years, I understand the fears parents have. 

The question is where do you want your child to enter the job market? Would you want your child to make below 65k or above 75k, when they are fresh out of college at 22 or 24yrs old?. So... At what stage do you want your kids' eventual level of education and qualification to be? Do you want to get them to their flipping burgers stage or to the rocket science stage? 

When they go to middle school, they have a very limited number of years in which to learn certain things and they will have no time in High School to re-learn what they missed in those prior years. I remember my kids telling me that in their specialized high school (Stuyvesant)... they were told that their choice is simple.... sleep or study.

Neil Degrasse Tyson said in an interview on WNYC   that reverse engineering something could have be done years ago because we were doing physics, but today we are using nanotechnology and Quantum Physics ... 

That statement alone reveals a stark reality...With a global marketplace we need to have a student that has a more global standard of education, as there are no more borders with the advent of the internet. 

CNN had some interesting interviews on this topic which parents should watch for themselves. Just click the CNN link.

As Melinda Gates mentioned in one interview, trajectory is important to a child. I would even say trajectory is everything to a growing mind. Parents must realize that a child's brain is a muscle... a muscle that needs exercise and challenges to grow, or they will get bored easily in class. Set your childs trajectory to a high level because that is really what they are capable of.

First rule in class... pay attention. Learning is or should mostly be done in class. Homework is just an opportunity to reaffirm what you learned in class and revise, and expand on it... having already gotten the basics in the classroom. Don't be afraid of having them take extra lessons after school to catch up in what they are lacking. I did that myself 40 years ago.

I know there are parents with kids who have certain disabilities, these tests will identify those kids so they can get the individual help they need without slowing down the rest of the class, the future depends on that. 

These standardized tests that kids are being allowed to opt out of are the building blocks of a great education, which gets them into a great High school and then a great College and an even greater job. The tests are their foundation blocks for the educated self that they are building.
 The more they face the challenges of preparing for each test, they are putting the building blocks in place. If they opt out they have damaged that building process and it will impact them severly in their later years. 

When they get into high school, they will do so in a diminished capacity and they now have a limited number of years to learn everything from foreign languages and programming to rocket science, they can't slow down to try to catch up on anything they missed out in their earlier years. 

Same idea applies to middle school, they will be slowed down if they are allowed to not prepare for testing in their earlier years.

Testing and preparing for the tests, is their greatest opportunity for their next step, whether that next step is Middle school, High School, or College. Testing is an opportunity they simply can't afford to miss out on, and the preparation for these tests are priceless.

From the CNN article..."It's really a way of making children think for themselves and have teachers speak less and students become more responsible for their learning," said a teacher and a mom of two who didn't want to be identified. "I feel the teaching has become better because of what's expected. Where we go wrong is understanding that the Common Core is a guideline and we still have to meet the needs of the students where they are academically."
She also said parents -- rather than educators -- too often are the ones putting too much stress on students about the test."

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Largest Glacial Calving Ever Filmed, By ForestEthics (Video)

This is what right wingers can't understand... the unfolding death of Maya

Please click this link to their Video

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Right Wing Still Misunderstands Terrorism And Religion.

While the right wingers are distracted from the real issue of terrorism and religious idealism, the race is being won by the terrorists we ourselves produce,  who want to and surely will, do us harm in the future... if the right wingers have their way.

Firstly we have to ask, how are the right wingers wrong, and if so, then what is the correct way to address the terrorism issue? 

Well, first thing that may surprise right wingers is the fact that terrorists may change their minds and vice versa, good people may decide to become terrorists. 

The right wing is concerned that Syrian refugees, Mexicans, and all Muslims around the world need to be stopped from entering the US because they are potentially terrorists, this is just a strawman argument. It has teeth, just not sharp ones. Compared to the two potential terrorists that sneak into the US, we create a thousand potential ones, in our backyard.

The bigger picture is for decades we have been creating our own terrorists without any help from the Muslim community, they are made in our prisons and in our streets. We have the largest prison population this side of the Milky Way. Not all terrorists manufactured in the US prison system are brown and Middle Eastern in nature.... they are blacks and whites.

Many of our home grown terrorists are white and come from a non Middle Eastern background, while others are black and come from the inner cities where there is little hope of ever having a meaningful life, and once you have been dragged through the Justice system, which just takes kids who have their lives ahead of them, chew them up and spit them out without any hope of them being able to pick up and move on... we create potential terrorists by the thousands. 

We make this happen in larger numbers than the number of terrorists that can migrate here.

When would-be terrorists see a nation that will nurture their children and do our best to educate, love and protect them, that alone can change one's mind for the better and thereby help someone to not go off the deep end and perform terroristic acts. 

The San Bernardino shooters left their child here, with the Grandmother, to become a meaningful and productive part of a great society... the same society they had rebelled against, for their own reasons. Their parental love and best wishes for their child was bigger than whatever reason fooled them into taking their lives down that darkened path.

Like many other criminal organizations, once you join you are not allowed to leave, it may have been the same for these parents. After they got to the US and started a family, they realized their mistake, but could not stop the terroristic plan because usually, the group will kill all your family, so in effect, they had just given their lives to save their child and family members here and abroad.

When a kid who did a stupid thing is thrown to the wolves in a terrible prison system, there is little hope for him or her to come back into society without hate and anger coarsing through their veins... this is the easiest way to create home grown terrorists, who become gangbangers, school or workplace shooters and religious idealists with a special propensity to act out against society in general... and Planned Parenthood offices. 

American history is littered with groups and incidents that fall within the confines of terrorism, from the early 1900's to San Bernardino and the Planned Parenthood shootings recently.

Our politicians are not stupid even though they pretend they are, by adopting the worst and most heinous policies, which are not geared toward Nation Building, but instead is geared toward tearing down all the programs that are needed to help impoverished individuals receive Federal help to turn their lives around... even defenseless children are made to suffer with the cutting of school feeding programs by the right wing politicians.

Those who raise the argument that Federal dollars are not for use in Nation Building are absolutely wrong, this is the best use of our tax dollars. Revitalizing our communities will make us a stronger country, a safer country.

Anyone can decide to become a terrorist, for whatever reasons they choose, so by prohibiting one religious group, the Muslims, from traveling to America, the right wing is still not addressing the issue. We simply have to have a more intelligent discussion and approach to terrorism. Home grown terrorism can result in larger numbers than immigrant terrorists sneaking in.

It is no secret that people become radicalized in our prisons and our impoverished communities at a much higher rate than any amount of terrorists that will sneak in within the crowds of refugees. Anyone can decide to become a terrorist, so it is impossible to see a terrorist from the outside, and we can't read their minds. We have many terrorist events in the US that are not committed by those of Middle Eastern descent.... and they are not brown in color either. 

We have even had some that are not religious in their terroristic acts, such as Tim McVeigh's bombing of a Federal Building.

I think if we take proper care of our prisoners and make sure they have a productive life to return to, we will face one million less terrorists, and the few dozen that we do otherwise encounter, will seem a whole lot less scary to right wingers.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

ISIS Operatives May Be Trained By Unsuspecting US Militias.

We are all too familiar with the terror instigated by the ISIS group and the ensuing race to get out of the affected regions by frightened citizens. This panic to leave terrorized regions has created possibly the largest migration of Middle Eastern immigrants to Western and European shores seeking asylum.
There are no traditional borders anymore, as a culture of terror or an ideal is hard to defeat as it can be spread to anywhere and anyone regardless of borders. 

"Early in 2014, Isis released one of its first videos. Largely unseen in Europe, it had neither the slick, cutting-edge professionalism of its later execution tapes nor the haunting “nasheed” music that accompanies most of its propaganda. Instead, a hand-held camera showed a bulldozer pushing down a rampart of sand that had marked the border between Iraq and Syria. As the machine destroyed the dirt revetment, the camera panned down to a handwritten poster lying in the sand. “End of Sykes-Picot”, it said... "

"Like many hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the Middle East, for whom Sykes-Picot was an almost cancerous expression, I watched this early Isis video in Beirut. The bloody repercussions of the borders that the British and French diplomats, Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot, drew in secret during the First World War – originally giving Syria, Mount Lebanon and northern Iraq to the French, and Palestine, Transjordan and the rest of Iraq to the British – are known to every Arab, Christian and Muslim and, indeed, every Jew in the region. They eviscerated the governorates of the old dying Ottoman empire and created artificial nations in which borders, watchtowers and hills of sand separated tribes, families and peoples. They were an Anglo-French colonial production."

In response to immigrants seeking asylum in the United States, many state Governors have been putting blocks into place to prevent mainly Syrian refugees from being allowed into the US, with the premise that this will help keep ISIS operatives out.

While this is an understandable response by lawmakers, unfortunately it is not going to work as the terrorist ideology and culture is spread by words from one person to another, from one jihadist to another, from words and misconstrued teachings on the internet, from videos on websites and youtube... on social networking sites like Facebook.

There are already operatives in the US who will follow any group that comes along and fits into their ideals, today it is ISIS, yesterday it was Al Queda, tomorrow it will be some other misguided group.

There were a few dozen armed Militia groups in the US before Barrack Obama was elected to be POTUS.... this turned into literally hundreds of Militia groups after Obama's election. 

Armed Militias are an easy target for ISIS operatives to join and get military training. You can't always spot a terrorist, they are not always brown or black in colour. You cannot prove what religion or religious ideology a person subscribes to. Anyone can say that he is a Christian, or any other religion, and it is easy to learn the ways of said religion and therefore blend in.

Many operatives are accepted into groups simply because they have a prison record, something that all but proves that the individual is anti-government and would make a great soldier for whatever cause the group has. Prisons are where terrorists are made or converted. 

It is widely known that once in prison, many are led to the alter of religion after which they are easily radicalized. These ex prisoners can simply say they are of the desired religious persuasion, join the hundreds of militias in the US, or even form their own, and get training and then lay in wait for the right moments to strike. There are thousands of prisoners who have found religion in prison, being released from prison every week.

I think this is happening right now. While we are distracted with trying to block immigrants from entering the US, there are thousands of potential terror operatives getting trained in Militia camps nationwide.... the cat is already out of the bag.

There is also no way to stop them from purchasing guns and ammunition in the US.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Republicans Still Don't Understand Nuclear...

Ten years ago Iran delayed inspections of a nuclear site for 6 months while they attempted to clean up the site. Uranium material was still detected after the clean up. This was explained by Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz tonight on MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell when asked about the 24 day inspection time on the Iran Nuclear deal.

That 24 day time frame is actually the first time there has been a specified inspection time frame, It is divided into two parts, the first two weeks is set aside for the relevant authorities to address the issues and concerns with Iran, after which if deemed necessary, the inspections would be carried out in ten days. 

There is a reason that when you see scientists working on Nuclear stuff they are always dressed appropriately, covered from head to toe in Hazmat suits. This is largely for their own safety as microscopic radioactive particles are like invisible dust flying everwhere. It coats everything and is impossible to totally clean or hide, and are easily detectable.

Mary Matalin when confronted by Bill Maher on episode 359, about quitting coal energy, kept insisting that then we must go to Nuclear energy. Bill reminded her of Fukushima as a good reason to not build anymore Nuclear sites as she was clearly suggesting. She really thought she had a smart counter argument to the eradication of coal energy plants.

I would also remind Republicans that we should go nuclear... the sun is the largest nuclear reactor in our galaxy, and all we need to do is invent something called solar panels, and point them towards the sun. Oh wait! We already did. Bill missed that.

Bill rightly pointed out that solar energy will also provide twice the amount of jobs. This is something Republicans should be really excited about.

Of course you do know that a Nuclear Iran was caused by the Bush Administration...

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