Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ode To Billy (The Kid)

I am the hunted, I am the one,
Living every day, under the gun
Another day in the shadows,
Another night on the run.
But they won't catch me now,
'Cause I'm second to none.

My deeds, they haunt me,
From daylight, 'til I rest my head,
If I don't find some refuge soon,
One day I know, I'll end up dead.

The wind at my back, it follows me,
The long and winding road ahead,
The riders, they come, out to get me,
They wanna hang me,
They'll make me dead.

The roadside flowers, they wish me well,
If we'll meet again, they cannot tell,
But at least they knew me,
As I lived my last,
At least they knew me, but that was the past.

The journey ends, when I get to boot hill,
I had to get paid, for all those I'd killed.
The Sheriff laughs, he got his man,
Six feet under his boot I can...
No longer run,
No longer hide,
Under boot hill now, forever I reside.

You will see me again, this curse I will say,
We shall all meet here, on our long last day.
With our guns in our hands, and our horses all tied,
Death comes for us, for we've lived and we've died.

You will see me again, I'm Billy, I say,
You will see me again, on your very last day.
Boot hill is our home, one we didn't want ever,
Our last breath now gone, We will see the light never.


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