Sunday, September 19, 2010

God Let Them Down...

The question that has always been at the forefront is ...Is there a God? The religious will hasten to reply, yes there is. When asked to produce or reference something that could prove God exists, the religious will tell a story from the BibleQur'anBhagavad GitaTorah or some other religious text. Some will tell a story of something personal that has happened to them or something they were witness to that shows the existence of God is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
There are yet more religious followers who will show the wondrous sights to behold around the world or the children they have been "Blessed" to have. They will recall seeing their newborns for the first time, and being convinced at that moment that God exists. Some will tell that God saved them when they were drowning, when their house was on fire, they will say they were carried on his shoulders when he left footprints in the sand. He saved them when they twisted their ankle and was falling down, while they were holding their Family's  precious and priceless crystal heirloom handed down for giving them the swift, superhuman reflexes to grab onto a chair or the staircase. There are many stories.
Did God exist on September 18th, 2010?  Why that day you ask? That is the day when a Church Bus from the Bronx in New York, had an accident on the New York Thruway...six people died and eight were far...Church people...Religious people. The dead included The bishop Titus White; his wife, minister Zelda White; and pastor Titus McGhie, among others. Now why would God do so many other wonderful things around the world, every second, and surely at that same moment, and not save the lives of these innocent, loving  people, who Feared him more than most...and maybe those who are still hoping to survive and are fighting the injuries they sustained in the accident. Can I pray to God to help them get better? Surely I can. Were these people Witches and Wizards who God disliked and that is why they were not saved? I think not. Maybe they did not pray to the correct version of him, maybe they should have been Catholic Christians or Anglican Christians...maybe...but I think not.
There were bombings in Iraq on September 19th 2010 as well...37 people far. Why did the Muslim version of God not save these people? Were they bad people who fell out of favor with the Muslim God? I think not. The mere fact that these things happen would be quickly explained by the "Faithful" as God working in "Mysterious ways". I think not...that's foolish. No matter what the reasons are ,put forth that these people deserved to die, I can honestly say...bullshit. No God planned these deaths. No God prevented these deaths. I hasten to remind you, there were "miracles" happening around the world while these people were dying...or so the recipients of those "miracles" would attest. The fact that these people died proves beyond any doubt that God does not exist...certainly not for them.
When 800,000 innocent people of the Tutsi tribe were being hacked to pieces during 100 days of carnage and death, by the Hutu tribe in Rwanda in 1994, and their flesh later being eaten by the animals there...God did not smile to himself and say...This is good...because he was not there...he was not anywhere. The blind faith that the followers of religion are encouraged to have is just that...blind. Faith in a God is not a good idea, there is a joke, that says you do not know hell until you know religion. It really is all just religious mind control, meant to keep you fearful of all the imaginative ideas ancient man invented thousands of years ago...for the peasants and slaves. If religious people take a good look at themselves, and see the contortions and weird rituals they are purveyors of, they would be embarrassed. It is being reported today, Sept 19th 2010, that there are multiple children missing in California, they are suspected victims of a religious "End of Days" cult...we hope they will escape unharmed...maybe God can show up and save them...I know many are praying for that very thing.I remind you the "Millerites" had the same delirious "end of days idea" in the 1800's, when the world did not end, they spawned a few different Christian Denominations including the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses.
I for one do not mind delirious people swallowing the religious ideas, but when the ideas influence different portions of the the Hutu machete gangs, or the folks in the Inquisition, the folks in the Crusades, The folks during the era of Christianization and when they influence our very children, to do stupid things in the name of some Fantasy God, it strikes too close to home to remain silent. George Bush spoke to God, and his decisions were based on his religious misconceptions, he and his friends made Billions... Jim Jones spoke to God, he killed everyone...David Koresh spoke to God, and the sex was good...Moses and Abraham spoke to God, I think they got land...God told Reverend Jones to burn Korans on  9/11/2010, he got publicity...They all got something... This is my proof that God is just a Fantasy, and a business partner of sorts.
After the 19oo's, when we finally came out of the "Dark age of Ignorance" and started to invent things and understand Science and the Universe, many continued to deny that God was a Fantasy...they refused to explore the wealth of knowledge that became available to them around the world, that could disprove their acceptance of this religious mind control. They still do today...and play with snakes, perform rituals to their Gods, speak in "Godly languages...or Tongues" and generally spread the decay of intelligent minds.
It is time to stop...You can be a God to your own families...if you be good people and that is all you need to good to each other, just for goodness' sake, and not a Fear of Gods.  God let those people die on Sept 18th 2010 because God is a Fantasy, God let them down because God does not exist...but you do, so recognize the difference and live... don't subject yourself and your children to foolish religious ideas, instead... learn, research, there is a bright future ahead for the children, but it starts with us...don't be fooled by the religiously delirious amongst us.
There will be Prayer services today... September 19th 2010, for those who died...they will pray to God...the same God who let their loved ones die needlessly. They will pray for all sorts of things, even praying that the deceased left wills with lots of I'm not being cynical, my Grandmother's priest closed her Bank account and withdrew over $100,000 from her account, less than a week after she died, so I know the depth of what I speak. Religious people will fool you, for many different reasons.
Jesus, our brother, not our God, who knew the folks were too stupid to understand the truth said it like this in Luke, Chapter 17, verses 20 - 21... "20Once, having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, 21nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." ...meaning it's all in your your's just an idea, not a reality. Don't be fooled. Jesus did not start a religion, the corrupt Church did, after they murdered him and realized how profitable and powerful it could be for them. Learn, do the research, seek...for the benefit, and the future of your Children.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Treasonous Republicans Sabotage American Recovery.

Republicans are doing their best to sabotage America. How you may ask? By their vehement cries to stop the recovery. Quite simply if you ignore them being the Party of NO since a change from the previous Republican Government, and ignore the mountain of new and good changes and new laws that the new President has been successful in getting, the attempt to and then achieving to get a better Health care plan than the previous Republican Health Care Plan;  Bush's Republican Administration did not choose to help or thought they needed to help the American people with a health plan...

If you ignore everything that has helped us to stop the devastating downward spiral we were left with after the last Republican Administration, and you agree with the Republicans' tactics of trying to stall the President's plans to bring America back from the brink of disaster, then I can only say one thing right now...listen to the lady. She is Erin Burnett...I and many great economists think she is one of the most intelligent women when it comes to the Economy and the Financial Markets. What did she say that I want you to hear? Well, even though the Republicans are trying to be treasonous, and sabotage the recovery by lying and saying that we are going in the wrong direction, that the Stimulus was a failure and the recovery is not good enough or large enough or fast enough, they cry that the Job Recovery efforts through rebuilding infrastructure is too little, too late... She said that the fact is this is the fastest recovery we have had after any recession in 25 years!!

Their idea is instead of it being too little too late, it is better to do nothing now, and let it get worse...I say it is much appreciated and better late than never!! There is a house bill that has been sitting there and is being blocked by Republicans RIGHT NOW!! They are just maneuvering to avoid voting on it. Their treachery in blocking this and dozens of other bills as they strive to stymie the Country's recovery, is as plain as day.


She calls it the Tortoise Economy, but explains that we are heading in the right direction, we have growth and compared to other recessions, we have vibrant growth at that! She says we have the fastest Job Recovery in 25 years, you can also watch the rest of the video, it is  "Meet The Press" , on MSNBC  and in it you can also see how far up their asses, the Republicans' heads are shoved. What is apparent by their actions, is that The Republicans are not as interested in the well being of America, as they are interested in reclaiming power so they can restart the devastating Republican Bush policies that shook the world in the first place, and brought on a recession the likes of which most of us  have not seen in our lifetimes and unwanted and unnecessary wars that further bankrupt us...not to mention the loss of homes via the millions of  foreclosures they did nothing to stop and the loss of millions of jobs they did nothing to stop.
I caution everyone, reelecting the Republicans will kill the Country for sure!!
This article was written by the Author of the newly released book titled "Shock and Awe on America" which can be bought in print or for Kindle at
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

JFK, Eisenhower warns...Beware the Military Industrial Complex and Clandestine Secret Society...

These Presidents were well informed and were the least Tin foiled Hat and Conspiracy Theory inclined, as the best amongst us...yet they issued chilling warnings of the disasters that awaited us in the future if we were not vigilant and indeed courageous enough to defend ourselves against a Secret Society that wants to control the USA, and by extension the world. This, it was theorized could be brought about using the Military Industrial forward to the Year 2000 and the Election of George Dubya Bush... The end of his 8 yrs of power has indeed shown us that JFK and Eisenhower were right and had correctly warned against the very circumstances that were thrust upon us by Bush and by this Secret Society and at the hands of the Military Industrial Complex... Let him who has eyes see the number of the beast.

I understand the older point of view that Secret Societies are just conspiracy theories and nothing more, lacking proof or substance. This view is changing in modern times simply because of monetary convenience and profitability by the most successful of Global companies who are now Multi-National entities…One company I know of, controls 60 Billion in investments and has 1 million employees…Walmart has 2.1 million employees globally, IBM has 1.5 million in India, NHS has 1.3 mil, etc…so money is the bridge that may make this a reality now or sooner than we expect. One such “Secret” group is featured below, and the reasoning by them, about just such a future reality.

“Denis Healey, a Bilderberg founding member and, for 30 years, a steering committee member, has said:[24]
“ To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair. Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”.

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