Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saving us even after death...

They are called the HELA Cells, and even though you may not know what it refers to, my guess is that you have already encountered this miracle of modern science. It started with a African American lady...a descendent of slaves, whose name was Henrietta Lacks, in 1951. This was the year Henrietta Lacks died...and she has saved millions of us since then. She was 31 then, a mother of five and a most wonderful be sure. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and parts of the tumor was removed for research. It was soon discovered that her cells, were very special, and could be kept alive and made to divide outside of a living human body, limitlessly. They were called Hela cells after her. Their first amazing feat soon after, was enabling scientists to develop a vaccine for Polio. Her cells have been shipped all over the world ever since and has helped to develop many medicines.
HeLa cells are termed "immortal" in that they can divide an unlimited number of times in a suitable, laboratory cell culture environment, provided that fundamental cell survival conditions are maintained. There are many strains of HeLa cells as they continue to evolve by being grown in cell cultures, but all HeLa cells are descended from the same tumor cells removed from Mrs. Lacks. Some say that she is the most "valuable" woman that ever lived, and has caused millions and even billions to live as a result. You had your polio shot didn't you? So did the rest of the world...
More than Twenty years after this discovery was made and used....her family was finally the 1970's. They were never paid and were told by the courts that they had no rights to get paid at all...was that right? that right? You decide.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Republicans try to score points

When the Republicans celebrated the nearing of the meeting where they perceived a bloodbath for the enemy of progress, though mistaken, they were ecstatic...up until the point in the song where Tommy stopped and locked the door, after that night, no one considered him the coward of the county...anymore. There is a lot to be said for the mob mentality and trying to beat up on the underdog, and the worst thing you sometimes learn is how bitter the failure and defeat tastes when you are handed your balls on a silver platter, by said underdog. We learned many things that night...we learned that the so called 84% increase in spending was not as a consequence of Tommy's input, but was an automatic and predicted development put in place before Tommy took office. We learned that we inherited 8 Trillion Dollars in Debt. We learned Ear Marks are not strange to either party and "Sunshine seems to be the greatest disinfectant." So much for the need for a Teleprompter by the way... Chris Matthews said Clinton, in his time, was also witty, smart, informed and poetic and also informed about the numbers, and the issues at the same time, and Tommy...apparently wrote that book... The Indians...140 of them, circled the wagon that night...that fateful night, seeking the scalp of a man who drove that wagon, a man who only came with a mirror in his his only weapon...and also as an olive branch for those intelligent enough to recognize the mirror as such. They thought he was going to be flamboyant to the point of being careless about who he was facing, and as such would be an easy target and taste their wrath...Tommy plays basketball...they didn't see him half the time, because as games go, he was dunking most of the time, airborne while they looked for him to be lying on the be floored by their questions... questions they worked on for long hard hours, relinquishing the quality time they had to spend with their wives, with their children, with their husbands...and probably for one heartbroken man...quality time with Jeff Gannon (as we still don't know who he visited those hundreds of times before)...they did this so as to craft questions credible enough to convince the crackpots of conservatism that they had this fight all rapped up. They were wrong, this fight turned out to be not about or against Tommy, the wagon driver...the dark horse in the race...the underdog...The Commander In Chief, but about their own misplaced, misguided and misused policies of generations gone by and when the disinfectant sunlight hit them...the mob... it turned out to be a fight against the American People.
One lady asked after a long drawn-out tirade to attempt to score points, "When would we look forward to starting anew..." She hadn't a clue that this was what was going on right then and there...that was what she...and they ,were all there for. His answer to Miss Clueless, with the Bolshevik comment, made her look like a deer in headlights..."hypocracy by Marsha" sounds like a type of cheese cake, Tommy loves cheese cake, and I thought I saw him even lick his lips when he was done ripping her a new one. Tom Price meanwhile offered some "Boilerplate" to the underdog and Mr. Hensarling just embarrassed himself and the whole mob. Mr. Mike Pence tried to offer some red meat... which caused the warriors to applaud and beam with pride...but that animal was slaughtered so long ago that it was rotting, it was undigestable and just sounded like a compendium of bumper stickers. Lets hope, for the country's sake, that some people learned something that night and will try to help save the American people from the tough times ahead, and not let Tommy do it alone. Let's hope they can put Country before Self.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comment to a friend

I know you are going through a hard time, but be happy to be alive and that's all. For now... Please understand, We did not bring anything when we came to this world, and we will carry nothing physical when we leave. Things/people have to run their own courses, from hard times to disease to death. Don't stress over them as they all came to Earth to do many things... their own things, so don't fight too hard to change people. I wrote in my book that on a sinking ship, the more Gold you grab, the less your ability to take things that will not drown you.
When you stop path A from proceeding, then you do not get the good results of that path later down the road. You end up on path B and with a different set of results. Change what you can within reason, If you try to save everyone from themselves, including the teenagers, you will be doing them a disservice as they will not get into the bad situations that they need to, to learn things, you will be putting them on their path B...instead, leave them on their path A...within reason. I also have two teenagers. I learned about life the hard way, and it works, the bad things teach you...sometimes. Regarding the hubby, let things stay quiet for some time, give him time and space, to find and feel his inner self, while you do, take time for your own self,then things usually...gradually unfolds and you both see your paths more clearly. Which could mean staying together or not, but remember that life is the more precious thing... not relationships. Some people are dependent on relationships to live instead of being dependent on living in order to have many relationships. Can't you love someone else or are you dependent on him for happiness? Happiness comes from within, not from a relationship with anyone...including lovers, children or parents.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Respect for the President

Many pundits sound like they have better ideas about how to run this country with the plethora of problems President Obama inherited. I used to say that anyone who wants to be President after Bush, was an idiot. I said that Kerry willingly lost because he came to his senses and saw how difficult the job would be. I still think you have to be crazy to take the job, but very smart and loving really... I do not have the courage, love or conviction to do it. I think I would rather run away. If the pundits think the job is easy then they are blind. That job, after Bush, is the worst thing I can imagine. Hat's off to President Obama, he is a better man than I am. At least I am not going to bad mouth the man who is trying to give my children a future. I'm old enough, maybe I'll die of old age soon, but he is giving my kids what I can't...a better future and for that I understand and respect him...more than I do Bush and the Republicans... who took it all away. I don't hate Republicans, I never met one...they only exist in the TV, in the House and in the Senate, the rest of us are just ordinary loving folks right?...I just hate that they took away our future. Why should we re-elect them again, so they can do it to my kids one more time? I'm not that stupid.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Republican Success

The party of NO is full of dishonest tricksters who do not like the American people as much as they like taking their orders from the Corporations. The Republicans are so idiotic that they did not make an attempt to pass a good healthcare package while they were in power. They did not support the troops when Bush refused to raise the troops' pay by just enough for them to buy a case of beer. They ruled without any bipartisan ways that would profit the America they lie to us about caring for. They are not Republican Patriots but instead are Republican Treasonists. Their supporters are too lazy to think past their noses, as a result they swallow any BS that the Republican Party shovels down their throats, in the guise of doing something for the country. These Republicans, no matter how much they think they love this country, are just liars if they stay silent and do not raise their voices when their party does ill for the country while enforcing the Corporations strangle hold on America. Bush's eight years saw them successful in everything the Republican party wanted to achieve, and what was the result for America? The results are all too familiar now... the total destruction of the middle class, the biggest depression in my opinion,since the Great Depression, millions losing their life savings and their homes, countless lives lost from Republican Foreign Policies, world hatred making us unsafe anywhere we travel throughout the world, the creation of hundreds of thousands of new terrorists throughout the world where there was only dozens or hundreds worldwide before. That is what Republicans wanted...all those who did not stop supporting the party by leaving the party, were silent supporters, but supporters just the same. They are still destroying this beautiful America, because they are still supporting the Treasonous Republican party. Actions speak louder than words.


There are many idiots in this world, from all corners and from all countries. One of the most recent to show his ugly character is Pat Robertson who had the nerve to suggest that Haiti is now being cursed by God for making a deal with the devil. I am sick of these fools who use their religious pulpits to make statements like these. These are two quotes taken from CBS.
(NEW YORK (CBS) Pat Robertson, the American Christian televangelist and host of "The 700 Club," said that Haitians need to have a "great turning to god" while he was reporting on the devastating 7.0 earthquake that shook the island nation...")
("As Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said "well over" 100,000 people may have died in the natural disaster, Robertson took to the airwaves Wednesday on his show and said that the country has been "cursed by one thing after another" since they "swore a pact to the devil."
"Something happened a long time ago in Haiti and people might not want to talk about," Robertson said Tuesday. ")
I say The Devil does the minds of these wacko preachers. This is not the first time these fake "men of God" have shown what they truly represent, it mimics what happened in the aftermath of Katrina...

This is a quote taken from the Daily Kos.
Two days after 9/11, Jerry Falwell took to the airwaves to proclaim that God had allowed the United States to be attacked because "the pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and the lesbians" had tried to transform America into a secular society.
I say there is their minds and their words...See them by their actions....

Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi folks, for the start of 2010, I would like to ask you all to seek a higher wisdom than most of you have recieved in the past from your various religions. There are various religions and then there is the truth, they are both different and separate of each other. The truth never changes and it applies to the whole Universe, whereas religions only apply to your little neck of the woods. The truth says that Jesus and Mohammed were both enlightened beings who tried to teach the truth to the people of Earth. After their deaths, writers made the scriptures and misunderstood what the teachings were, so they mistakingly made religion what it is today. There is no religion in the Universe, and the force that we call God, here on Earth, does not exist as we think it does in the Universe. The truth is much larger than religion and much greater in it's application to life here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe, in varying degrees of spiritual density and dimensions. It would be wise for everyone to understand that religion can be a stepping stone to understanding the truth, which is the door that you have been brought to by religion. Jesus said one should open the door, as there is much to learn and time goes by swiftly in the life of humans. We do not only live and exist on this Earth, but we are inhabitants of this Universe, so you must seek for the truth that can be applied to the whole of the Universe, this is obviously a truth that is greater than any Earthly religion can fathom or address.