Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People...So Give Ahmadinejad Some Nukes.

There are some really stupid people who swallow this crazy bumper sticker quote hook, line and sinker. The quote is 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people". By some coincidence these are the same people who insist that there should be less gun regulation for the masses.

The reason this less thinking and gullible crowd has been convinced by the gun manufacturers that they need guns is that the manufacturers want to sell guns to them and they are just the unthinking pawns that buy the guns. There is really no good reason why they need the guns, I guess the guns are just shiny.

The simple way the gun crowd is convinced is by telling them the 2nd amendment demands it. Obviously the gun crowd mostly have not read and understood the law. The NRA has been the gun lobbyists for the gun manufacturers because there are 3 million members of the NRA and they are willing to spend a little extra dollars as a donation to the NRA when they buy their weapons and ammo.

They call it 'round it up', this is where your bill of  $392 will be 'rounded up' to $400, that $8 donation accounts for some of the millions that the NRA now accumulates and uses to lobby.

The gullible gun buyers are convinced by the NRA that they need assault weapons and 100 round magazines for said guns,  just in case the US Government and that black 'muslim' guy in office or any other democrat in the President's office in the future,  tries to 'take over the country'.

Times have changed since the constitution was written...we now have drones, satellite guided missiles, gun ships...F16 with really big guns and bunker busting bombs...
In other words, these little bands of militia will go up against the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force with their little assault weapons. The militias all over the US are training in wooded areas as we speak...right now. The gun manufacturers are laughing their asses off...all the way to the banks, which incidentally are in the Cayman islands, Switzerland, and other foreign places.

Don't they need to buy RPG's and Tanks as well? How are they going to face the F16 gunships and drones that will be used against them? Real hunters hate the NRA and assault weapons... and are not afraid to call in to radio talk shows to say that.

The assault weapons lovers have made their presence and mentality known over the past few years, coming out to rallies with loaded assault weapons and have become the vociferous and mindless pawns in the biggest legal gun racket the country has ever seen...which is; sell millions of guns and trillions of rounds of ammo to those stupid enough to buy them...shiny.

The talking point that seems to have convinced the masses is that they need the guns for hunting. Well, if you pump 100 bullets into a deer, you won't be able to eat or mount it. DUH!!

The stupidity of the title above is exposed with the idea that guns don't kill people, it's their favorite mantra, so give everyone all the weapons they want, but for the short sighted out there, this surely includes giving Nukes to Iran and North Korea, because only people kill people...not weapons...not such a good idea huh? How about giving weapons to the rebels in Syria, and other places...something their pride and joy President Reagan loved to do. Remember the Iran Contra affair?

The gullible forget one basic fact, guns were made to kill people. Assault weapons are made to kill people...not multiple deer or sheep in a herd or some stupid idea like that. Guns are made to kill people.

The latest shooting in Colorado has all the mindless calling in to radio talk shows, demanding guns for everyone. They are saying that a theater full of gun toting well-intentioned folks would have taken out the shooter.

But riddle me this Batman, when the well-intentioned folks (heroes) shoot back at the assailant from different locations, in a dark theater, with flickering lights, wouldn't the other gun toters think that the shooter has an accomplice? Then everyone would also start shooting at the hero who was shooting at the assailant in the first place, and everyone else would be caught in the crossfire...which will start an even bigger shoot-up with the rest pulling their guns.

The result would have been dozens dead and almost everyone wounded.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mitt Romney, Bain, Reagan And Salvadoran Death Squads...

Mitt Romney had strong financial support in the early days of Bain Capital from some pretty secretive people in his past, people linked to the famous death squads of El Salvador. There were many powerful Salvadoran families in the 1980's who having made large sums of money through various means, needed a way to move the money out of the country and invest it in more 'legitimate' ventures, an effort to 'clean' the funds and make them grow in a legal way.

The  1980's was a time of great turmoil in El Salvador resulting in the deaths of  more than 70,000 people, with assassinations, death squads, and every other bad thing under the sun happening all at once in the country... the Reagan Administration working with the powers in control of the country at that time, did many things  that do not look so good on paper, now that the truth is being dug up due to Mitt's run for the presidency.

The Reagan Administration's dealings with the government provided the cover and connections needed for the powerful oligarchy to move money into many American ventures, including a certain new and budding  Bain Capital, through a fresh and young Mitt Romney, who was just cutting his teeth in the vulture capitalism arena at the time...

"Back in 1984, wealthy Salvadoran families were looking for safe investments as violence and upheaval engulfed the country. The war, which pitted leftist guerrillas against a right-wing government backed by the Reagan administration, ultimately left over 70,000 people dead in the tiny nation before the United Nations brokered a peace deal in 1992. The vast majority of violence, a UN truth commission later found, was committed by rightist death squads and the military, which received U.S. training and $6 billion in military and economic aid. The Reagan administration feared that El Salvador could become a foothold for Communists in Central America."

"A Costa Rica-born Bain official named Harry Strachan invited friends and former clients in Central America to a presentation about the fund with Romney in Miami. The group found his presentation impressive and “signed up for 20% of the fund,” according to Strachan’s memoir. That was about $6.5 million, according to the Globe. Bain partners themselves were putting up half the money, according to Strachan. Thus the Central American investors had contributed 40 percent of the outside capital."

Apparently Mitt Romney had no problem taking what is arguably blood money, to do his vulture capital investments...this is not the guy you want as President of the free world.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Documents Could Prove Mitt Romney Committed A Felony

The bombshell news hit the fan on none other than Friday 13th! Mitt Romney may have backed himself in a corner this time and no amount of lying liars on various radio and Cable 'news' stations can change the facts... that Mitt committed a felony when he lied on his Federal Disclosure form. 

There have been at least six documents signed by Mr. Romney and filed with the SEC, that shows that he indeed had been working in some capacity at Bain after the time that he insists he had left Bain [1999] to work on running the Olympic Games.

The SEC documents offer a timeline that runs parallel to his claim in 1999 to the Boston Herald that he wouls still have maintained a presence with Bain, staying on part-time to provide some input on investments and key decisions, something that all good CEO's are paid handsomely to do...translation...he was still working there.

Mr. Romney also had a problem when running for Governor of Massachusetts as many accused him then of not living in the state at the time and as a result should not be allowed to run. Mitt testified at a 2002 hearing that he still attended board meetings for at least one Bain affiliated company...

From HuffingtonPost... "As part of running for governor, Romney was required to submit personal financial disclosure statements to Massachusetts' State Ethics Commission under threat of perjury. In his 2001 disclosure statement, he listed himself as "Former Executive" for both Bain Capital Inc. and Bain Capital LLC, with a gross income of more than $100,000. But in his 2002 disclosure statement, he provided a different answer, listing himself as "Executive" of Bain Capital Inc. and Bain Capital LLC, with a gross income of more than $100,000. The latter may be one instance in which Romney and the SEC filings agree on his role." ...

This in turn now proves that Romney is lying to the American people in his recent statements that he has not been working for Bain since 1999. This is such a tangled web he is weaving I see little way out for him, short of bowing out of the Presidential race. The mounting pressure to come clean about Bain and to release enough of his tax returns to prove his story and substantiate  his recent condemnation of growing interest by the American public,  is something that may become too big a job to handle for the Mittster... this is even bigger than the now famous 3AM call. 

"Ten years ago, when I ran against Mitt Romney for Governor, my campaign was attacked for misstating the truth about Romney's tenure at Bain Capital. Massachusetts voters were told that Romney was absolutely not the leader of Bain at a time when bankruptcies and layoffs were devastating workers at companies in their portfolio," [Shannon] O'Brien told HuffPost in an email. "Recent news stories now present clear evidence that Mitt Romney didn’t tell the truth to Massachusetts when he ran for Governor in 2002 and he's not telling the truth to the American people today."

From "On Thursday, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said on a conference call with  reporters that the SEC filings revealed either 1) that Romney's involvement with Bain extended beyond 1999 and he wasn't being truthful to the voters, or 2) that he and Bain made a mistatement on goverment documents, which could be a felony. 
In response, Romney might have called upon President Obama to "rein in" his campaign. 
"The president's campaign has been I think outrageous I think in making the charges they have," Romney said. "I think the kinds of attacks are beneath the dignity of the presidency. I think the president needs to rein in his campaign and start talking about the real issues people care about which relate to our economy." 
In an interview with Virginia television station WJLA earlier Friday afternoon, President Obama weighed in on the controversy, saying that he thought the debate over when Romney left Bain was relevant to the national conversation because it strikes at the issue of responsibility, and that he thought Romney would have to answer questions about his Bain tenure sooner, rather than later."

Oh what a tangled web of lies and deceit we weave...when we try to deceive...

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