Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People...So Give Ahmadinejad Some Nukes.

There are some really stupid people who swallow this crazy bumper sticker quote hook, line and sinker. The quote is 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people". By some coincidence these are the same people who insist that there should be less gun regulation for the masses.

The reason this less thinking and gullible crowd has been convinced by the gun manufacturers that they need guns is that the manufacturers want to sell guns to them and they are just the unthinking pawns that buy the guns. There is really no good reason why they need the guns, I guess the guns are just shiny.

The simple way the gun crowd is convinced is by telling them the 2nd amendment demands it. Obviously the gun crowd mostly have not read and understood the law. The NRA has been the gun lobbyists for the gun manufacturers because there are 3 million members of the NRA and they are willing to spend a little extra dollars as a donation to the NRA when they buy their weapons and ammo.

They call it 'round it up', this is where your bill of  $392 will be 'rounded up' to $400, that $8 donation accounts for some of the millions that the NRA now accumulates and uses to lobby.

The gullible gun buyers are convinced by the NRA that they need assault weapons and 100 round magazines for said guns,  just in case the US Government and that black 'muslim' guy in office or any other democrat in the President's office in the future,  tries to 'take over the country'.

Times have changed since the constitution was written...we now have drones, satellite guided missiles, gun ships...F16 with really big guns and bunker busting bombs...
In other words, these little bands of militia will go up against the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force with their little assault weapons. The militias all over the US are training in wooded areas as we speak...right now. The gun manufacturers are laughing their asses off...all the way to the banks, which incidentally are in the Cayman islands, Switzerland, and other foreign places.

Don't they need to buy RPG's and Tanks as well? How are they going to face the F16 gunships and drones that will be used against them? Real hunters hate the NRA and assault weapons... and are not afraid to call in to radio talk shows to say that.

The assault weapons lovers have made their presence and mentality known over the past few years, coming out to rallies with loaded assault weapons and have become the vociferous and mindless pawns in the biggest legal gun racket the country has ever seen...which is; sell millions of guns and trillions of rounds of ammo to those stupid enough to buy them...shiny.

The talking point that seems to have convinced the masses is that they need the guns for hunting. Well, if you pump 100 bullets into a deer, you won't be able to eat or mount it. DUH!!

The stupidity of the title above is exposed with the idea that guns don't kill people, it's their favorite mantra, so give everyone all the weapons they want, but for the short sighted out there, this surely includes giving Nukes to Iran and North Korea, because only people kill people...not weapons...not such a good idea huh? How about giving weapons to the rebels in Syria, and other places...something their pride and joy President Reagan loved to do. Remember the Iran Contra affair?

The gullible forget one basic fact, guns were made to kill people. Assault weapons are made to kill people...not multiple deer or sheep in a herd or some stupid idea like that. Guns are made to kill people.

The latest shooting in Colorado has all the mindless calling in to radio talk shows, demanding guns for everyone. They are saying that a theater full of gun toting well-intentioned folks would have taken out the shooter.

But riddle me this Batman, when the well-intentioned folks (heroes) shoot back at the assailant from different locations, in a dark theater, with flickering lights, wouldn't the other gun toters think that the shooter has an accomplice? Then everyone would also start shooting at the hero who was shooting at the assailant in the first place, and everyone else would be caught in the crossfire...which will start an even bigger shoot-up with the rest pulling their guns.

The result would have been dozens dead and almost everyone wounded.

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  1. About that deer? They do want to mount it. Oh, they really do.

  2. I strongly disagree, as I have had my CCW license with one in the chamber for 4 years now. Guns are made to protect, hunt, and compete. I see your problem as what people choose to hunt. A gun kills people about as much as a pencil (or keyboard, in this case) makes a bad writer. The last report I seen an estimated 88 of 100 people in the US are gun owners and there are an estimated 300 million civilian weapons in this country, so not many stand your stance. As far as your make believe scenario, mine would be a different read. If the unknown hero pulled a gun they would attract the gun fire, so they would be shot next or when the hero knew they had a shot they could end the choas with a headshot, then holster the weapon as it was before. That's because most gun toking maniacs wear ski masks very few spend the extra 500 for full bullistic head gear. My results are maniac opens fire and kills 2 before unknown hero ends the tragedy.

  3. Hunt? HUNT!? WHAT kind of pussy calls shooting animals with high powered rifles "hunting". While your fucking sitting in a tree stand, just waiting for an animal to walk up and sniff your fucking chemicals you sprayed to attract it. Yea man. You're a real hunter. Or you're just a pussy with a gun, and it makes you feel like a big man. Make your own bow and arrow and actually track animals. Or chase them down with a knife. That's hunting....killing animals with guns makes you a fucking pussy.