Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Is A Trojan Horse!

Willard 'Mitt' Romney may not be a regular American, there are not many in the circles he keeps. Being a regular, run of the mill American entails more than just having been born here, it means being connected to the US enough to actually care for what happens to its citizens. He is an American by birth but that's where his loyalties to America ends. He is the Thurston Howell III on Gilligan's Island that we all grew up frowning at. He is one of an elite class of people, who because of their wealth, is above the class of the regular people that we are. 

In fact, we regular people do not see the elite class Mitt belongs to very often, if at many among us fly to Monaco, the Greek islands or the other exotic places around the world, so we can be in their royal company? We probably get a glimpse of them sometimes, when their limo pulls up on the tarmac and they walk from the car to their waiting private jet, but that's as much as we regular people know of or ever see of this elusive and untamed elite globetrotting class, of which Willard is a card carrying member...that card being a black American Express unlimited credit card. also known as a Centurion card.

Reading the specs of the card as put forth by the issuer, American Express will open a new world to you...the world of the Global Elite...The "Centurion" card is invitation-only after appropriate net worth, credit and spending criteria are met. American Express does not publicly disclose the requirements for getting a card. American Express does, however, describe their Centurion members as "super-affluent high net worth individuals on a continual quest for the best and most exclusive. They own companies and frequently travel; they define success. Exceptionally discerning and style-conscious, Centurion readers are global players who gain truly worldwide access to the inaccessible. They do not compromise and expect only the highest level of personal commitment from those around them: individually tailored service, unlimited financial power, exclusive travel benefits, global access and influence. Centurion is more than just a Card: it’s a global community of the highest earners and spenders on the market. To receive Centurion Magazine, one must be a Centurion Member from American Express: an individual who can afford virtually anything. The card itself is the world’s most exclusive, offered by invitation only and at a high annual fee."

These global elites could be considered the farm owners, with their farm pens being the individual countries that house the livestock and we my friends are indeed... the livestock that they feed off and profit from. How many of us pay $10,000 per night to stay in lofty suites around the globe, or make $10,000 bets with a Mitt tried to do with Rick Perry.

Real Americans care for their fellow countrymen. Real Americans are the people who actually try to care for and help the lesser able among us. Mitt and his elite class of friends are not affected by what happens in America or any other country of their birth for that matter, because they are the filthy rich and powerful who are above feeling the poverty the rest of us in the US and the globe feels. 

Recessions do not touch Mitt 'Thurston' Romney or these other global elites, but simply serve to change their maids and gardeners who serve in their sprawling worldwide mansions. With the 2010 income growth stats reporting 93% going to the top 1% and the conservatives' cutting of programs that aid the poor we can see that the elite class is indeed winning the class warfare, as they have always done, albeit secretly in the past. 

Class warfare is now a familiar dinner table topic discussed in many homes, as the realization among the American people is that the Republican/conservatives are now and have for the longest while been doing the work of the elite class and multinational corporations, making the laws that benefit them against the welfare of the middle class and poorer American people.

Globally throughout the ages,there have traditionally been an elite class and a Royal class above them, that has run the world in everything from business to religion. There are now in the 21st century, multinational corporations joining that upper echelon. There are no American corporations anymore seeking the well being of their workers, there are now only a few American companies left who, when they expand will simply go the way of others before them and join the global marketplace and become multinational corporations themselves. We are on our own!

This is the way of big business and every country has now just become the stores in a global strip-mall in which multinational Corporations shop...or suck the life blood and mineral wealth (oil and minerals) out of. Mitt Romney is the poster child for this new class of 'elites'...they are the multinational bloodsuckers that fire American workers and ship jobs overseas to other countries, where they plunder the countries' riches and live lavish lifestyles above the din of the working class. They, like Sean Hannity actually know lots of people who eat rice and beans too, they are the maids and gardeners on their sprawling mansions.  

The important thing to remember with Mitt's bid for the President's office is that if he is elected, he will be in a position to place some key judges in the Supreme court as there may be at least two vacancies opening within the next four years. He will be able to turn the court into a conservative 'yes man' type of  a kangaroo court which will simply echo the wishes of the corporations who are owned by the elite class. If you think that your 401k puts you into the elite class, then you are mistaken. We are the 'rice and beans' class.

It is imperative that the elite Mitt Romney and his ruling class does not win the White House, as we the 'rice and beans' class will never realize the American Dream at their hands, or at the hands of their puppets...the Republican/Conservative politicians and the Supreme Court. The Citizens United ruling has already opened the door for the global elite class to funnel money into the Presidential elections and effect change that will benefit them globally.

Mitt Romney is a Trojan horse who pretends to feel the anguish of the American people but he is just pretending...he is a Trojan horse who will sell us down the drain of poverty, with the same failed policies that Bush used to get us into this recession in the first place. He is a Trojan horse for the global elites who he rubs shoulders with, who he hobnobs with,  who he snubs us with,  we who he sees when he and his elite friends look back from the tarmac while boarding their private jets...that's who he is. Don't let them win.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Conservatives' War On Children.

If you thought that Conservatives were heartless by waging their war on women, then you are really going to be angry when you realize they are in fact also waging a war on your children. Their actions have very specific consequences and it it quite clear that they are going after the most vulnerable among us; the children. 

To start with, their voter suppression and voter ID laws among other things, are meant to disenfranchise the youth vote as most youth tend to vote Democratic. Many of us have or know a teen who has become of age to exercise their right to vote, a right; the act of true freedom, that conservatives are willing to take away in their bid to defeat President Obama.

Their promises to end the President's Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is yet another vile attempt to prevent the youth from having the health care they need. As we all know Obamacare allows kids to be covered on their parents' insurance until the age of 26, this is a time during which kids are in or just coming out of College, are looking for a job and does not yet have health insurance. 

President Obama is currently making the rounds to campuses trying to get in touch with the youth vote, a vote that is responsible for him winning in the last election. The President had a large ground force that 'rocked the vote',  to the disgust of conservatives who treat the youth; the future of our country as if they are but mindless peons who are just intended to be the fodder in their wars or the uninsured 'freelance' worker, as is the new craze among many large companies...including my own.

It is going to be a crazy ride for kids who are about to see their tuition costs rise with the new interest rate hike due to take effect in a few months if something is not done to stop it. We all know the political football the issue can soon become at the hands of the Conservatives. College loans range from $30,000 to $100,000 of debt after college. The latter for each of my two college kids in my case.

 Bloomberg's BusinessWeek.Com reports..."With Obama drawing attention to the issue, Congress began moving on legislation to prevent the loan rate from rising, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, and House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, promising legislation this week." 

When the Conservatives cut or whittle down on the food stamp programs, school breakfast and lunch programs, they are in fact attacking our children. Their heartless cuts mean that thousands of innocent children go hungry everyday and that in fact has devastating affects on their ability to study. This is something that augers well for Conservatives, who their actions suggest are just interested in growing an army of uneducated youth zombies to work at their  companies or go off as fodder, to fight in their wars. 

The Washington post reports..."The battle over the annual spending bills comes as House Republicans are moving on a separate track to target food stamps, federal employee pensions, tax breaks for illegal immigrants and subsidies under Obama’s health care law in a multifaceted drive to swap cuts to domestic programs for big Pentagon cuts scheduled next year."

We see the Dream Act and the nightmare it has turned out to be for the youth at the hands of the Conservatives who say getting an education is just being a 'snob' as Rick Santorum said...something that was heartily cheered in conservative circles, who have had this view for a long time, with many conservative sources encouraging home schooling as they try to eliminate public schooling in favor of charter schools.

There are thousands of girls that are under the age of what is thought to be sexually active, who are using birth control pills for the simple reason that they have a medical need for the active ingredient in the pill, which is Estrogen. These young women are not using the pill to have unlimited sex as is bandied about by Conservative radio and TV hosts on the airwaves, they really do need the pill to save their lives and have needed and used the Estrogen pill for decades. 

There is a war being waged by the heartless Conservatives...and it is against the best and brightest of is against our children.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Real Romney And Why He Is Running For President.

Mitt Romney is a good man...he is also a rich man, a super rich man. He is a great father, he is a great husband, he was a great missionary and he is a great leader for the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Church. Mitt Romney is a good man...if he didn't send your job overseas that is. I'm sure there are a few people who will not think he is a good man for that very reason.

That said, the question is why is Mitt running for the Presidency? That very answer is what will be the greatest divider of the conservative vote in the coming election. He is not running for the office for any of the reasons of previous Presidents, he is running to bring to fruition a prediction, a pet project, a whim of the founder of the LDS Church. He does not need the Presidency...or want it, I think.

To anyone who believes in God, the only thing bigger than the world and its affairs is...God. When a person has become what we term a member of the one percent, there are not many things that they have not bought, seen or experienced. They have lived in or owned mansions, traveled to all the exotic places that are off-limits to those of us with limited finances. In short, the world becomes a lot smaller that it feels to you and I.

In ones quest to still feel that there is something yet undiscovered and new to this privileged group, as well as to be true to what they religiously believe, they naturally look toward God. This is what I think Romney is thinking about, in his quest for the White House. He has denied in the past that he is trying to fulfill the prophecy, as quoted here in the Salt Lake Tribune,  which makes me believe all the more that this is his real reason...after all, all politicians lie and hide their true reasons, right?

His goal is much bigger than the White House, which to him, is incidentally a 'little house on the prairie' that he can demolish and rebuild many times over with elevators for his cars of course. His reason in running for the office is religious in his eyes, in my eyes it is just crazy. 

Having the President's office is just a tool, for him to climb to the top of his Church, to make him a god among the Mormon church that is and possibly to reserve his place in Mormon heaven. After all, why else would a man who straps a dog to the roof of his car, want to help the less fortunate than him. His non-remorseful actions of that incident has shown us what he really thinks of those he considers as lesser...including his own dog.

The office is just a prize to this rich man, but in that same breath, it is also a prize that the LDS church has been rumored to have had its eyes on for more than a century, since 1844 to be exact. The LDS organization is said to have ordained this path, this 'prophesy,' for the Mormon church to fulfill and it now rests in the arms of Mitt to bring to fruition...a fact they too have denied, in the above Salt Lake Tribune article.

We have seen the misconduct of Pedophile priests and the like in religious circles and the LDS  church has itself had a less that stellar record, with its checkered past of the promiscuity of their members having many wives, their view of contemptuously holding the black population as lesser than equals...this leads me to be suspicious of the LDS church and what they deny.

This AI article explains... "Mitt Romney has been groomed for the Presidency. He has been known as the shining star of the Mormon Church and he is thought to be destined to carry out the wishes of the very man who started the Latter Day Church, that being Joseph Smith jr. Smith ran for President in 1844, as an Independent commander in chief of an ‘army of God’ advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government in favor of a Mormon-ruled theocracy. Smith was assassinated before he could realize his dream of becoming President."

"We were taught that America is the Promised Land,”... "The Mormons are the Chosen People. And the time is now for a Mormon leader to usher in the second coming of Christ and install the political Kingdom of God in Washington, D.C."

In the LDS church's view, all other religions and all other churches of Christianity are false or misguided and the only true path to God is the LDS version. This view is a black eye for Catholics, Evangelicals, Anglicans, Baptists and all the other christian denominations (more than 40,000 worldwide), who will now be forced to take a back seat to the LDS nation if this prediction is realized. This will be the 'proof' to the Mormons that the LDS doctrines are the truth and the traditional churches will be stymied in their control of the vast and also the financially lucrative religious market.

There is a secret fight brewing within Christian circles, a modern 'war of the worlds' being stirred among the pews and behind the alters of Christendom. It has been said in those circles that many conservative voters would rather stay home than vote for Mitt Romney.…as this video shows. This video shows that the LDS church is considered a cult in traditional Christian circles and does not embrace true Biblical principles but have in fact made up their own doctrine.

The coming elections will pit traditional religion against the 'new wave' young religion of Mr. Smith Jr. The LDS makes no bones about whose religious doctrine is right; theirs is. Romney's passion and purpose is more to further church doctrine than win the office to help the American people (remember his dog). Romney's motives must and will be questioned in the coming months.

Here's the video:

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Donald Trump Shuts Down Sean Hannity, Nixes Ryan Budget.

Sean Hannity yet again displayed his lack of professionalism and pre show preparation by inviting Donald trump to his radio show on Wednesday April 11 2012 without doing the proper pre-show prep needed for the segment. This resulted in the Donald speaking the truth without Sean being able to cage his comments in a shroud of mystery, confusion and half-truth, as he usually does to his guests. This obviously went unnoticed by his listeners, the majority of whom have been shown to be low information Fox viewers.

The interview went downhill when Hannity asked the Donald what he thought about the Ryan budget plan only to hear the Donald truthfully say that the Ryan plan is just insane. The Donald did attempt to shroud his comment in the guise of it simply being the wrong time to release the plan, while not wholeheartedly putting his support behind the plan. 

Just his reluctance to follow up his comment with full support of the Ryan budget plan shows his true meaning. I have always said that it is not what is shown or said to you that is important, but rather what is hidden from you that holds more value. 

Sean Hannity was definitely caught by surprise and quickly segwayed into letting the Donald do what he really came to do...that is to talk about his growing empire and his new real estate purchases. 

Had Hannity or his staff done something resembling a professional pre-show prep, they would have discovered that Donald Trump had been saying the same thing in public interviews even the day before on CNBC. Incidentally, on that interview with CNBC he also hinted that someone having a hidden Swiss bank account, does suggest a shady deal going on... something he did not want to pursue when asked if Romney's Swiss bank account was an issue.

Hannity tried to cover up the obvious slip on his website by completely omitting the shoddy question and answer segment and instead went straight to the Donald's real estate comment as shown here... "The great Donald Trump joined Sean to share his thoughts on the future of the economy. "I didn't think President Obama was willing to go as far as he did [in blaming President Bush]," began Trump, ...( This is where the Ryan Question is asked and omitted ) ..."The Republicans are going to have to get very smart, very fast.“ "I listen to you,” offered Hannity, “You’ve said to buy real estate and I’m doing that and not putting a dollar in the stock market.” “The greatest thing you can own is real estate,” agreed Trump, “I just bought Doral Country Club, if we have nearly $21 trillion in debt, the best thing you can own is real estate.”

I almost choked from laughing when I heard the interview!!

Remember, it is what they hide from you that deserves some notice to get who they really are...

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Friday, April 6, 2012

In God's Eyes, What Republicans Are Doing Is Evil...

It is a good idea to use a measuring stick when we look at anything in life. How would we know how high or low a level something is or how good or bad something or someone is if we don’t compare it to something safe and stable? Well, when it comes to life, we can use God’s eyes to compare or test stuff…and people, to make sure it or they measure up to a standard that is acceptable in modern times, to what we should come to accept from our leaders, from the Companies who employ us and use the Earth’s resources for some type of profit…and even the friends who take us down that long road and leave us there. We have to use God’s eyes, to measure our values.

I write this to compare some of the things that are happening in real time, right now in America, things that we can see. I first look at the Companies that are raping, pillaging and plundering our Earth’s precious and finite resources for the purpose of profit at the expense of the Earth, the environment and the biological ecosystem, flora and fauna that depend on the areas affected, for their very survival. Companies like BP and Exxon Mobil…Chemical companies, Mining companies and companies that use destructive practices like Fracking to get products to sell on the energy markets immediately come to mind. These companies can be called the Merchants of Death, as these companies could use safer more humane ways to get their products without all the wanton waste and destruction…In God’s eyes, that is Evil. 

Next I look at the leaders and in particular the politicians who support these companies and take actions that support these companies against the American people…people who voted for them and who should be their main focus. For the last 60 years or more, it has become commonplace for the Republicans to support these companies, making the companies’ strong-armed ‘will’ felt…like a “cat o’ nine tails” on the backs of the people who work for them and the people who buy their products. We consume their products at the expense of our environment and our children’s futures, as we do not leave a healthy planet for our children to inherit. In God’s eyes…that is evil.

We have seen over the years and indeed more so in recent times, a revamped push by the Republicans to attack and oppress the poor and working class at the behest of the companies in an apparent attempt to squeeze every last drop of blood, sweat and tears from a public that is already reeling from the devastating effects of a Republican recession, caused by the mismanagement of the economy by Republicans and their misguided policies. In Gods eyes…that is evil.

I do not want to convert anyone to one religion or another, I simply want to use the idea of good versus evil to shine a light on all these terrible policies and practices that are thrust upon us by Companies and Politicians… corrupt Republican politicians, whose marriage to these companies and their practices are just unacceptable and downright…evil. 

When men take a stand on policy and ideology that are destructive to the public, we have to look at their actions and the effects of those actions to determine who these men really are inside…are they seeking the interests of the people, the good of the people, or they trying by their actions, to harm the people…the public…you and I…our children?

 When politicians use policies that take away human rights, the rights to proper healthcare, the rights to decent, safe standards and conditions at work, the right to have a living wage that is reflective of the high cost of living, we can see the inside of these men…and in the eyes of God, that is evil. 

You constantly see them attack us in other areas, like the Banking sector, the Health insurance industry, the Military industrial Complex that uses our kids as fodder sent to die in their wars, the apparent ‘War on Women’, their attack on Teachers and our children’s education…  Yes indeed, the Republicans are on the attack, undermining America from within. Don’t be fooled by their words…See them by their actions. In God’s eyes, that is evil.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sarah Palin Disappoints ...

Sarah Palin was as much a disappointment as many of her detractors hoped and said she would be. For most of her time on the Today Show she was quite the run of the mill anchor...until the subject of the movie Game Change was brought up.

She said that she had not seen the movie, nor would she 'waste' her time to see the movie; a movie of 'lies' she said, but thought Julianne Moore was not good, which unless she is psychic, means she lied again and has seen the movie.

This was a comment that was not missed on 'Morning Joe' and the cast of that show had their laughs with the comment, kicking it around like a soccer ball. 

The Wall Street Journal graciously puts it like this...'
Matt asks her what she thought of Julianne Moore playing her in the recent HBO movie "Game Change."
Palin gives the thumbs down.
Palin says that she didn't watch "Game Change" ("I wouldn't waste my time seeing the movie") but she adds "I do have to admit that Tina Fey has been pretty funny."

As expected, Sarah did not surprise us with her lies about the movie and this put her back in the same box of idiocy she so desperately tries to climb out of. What a shame, I was hoping she would stick with the truth.

Here is the Link to the video clip...

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