Monday, April 16, 2012

The Real Romney And Why He Is Running For President.

Mitt Romney is a good man...he is also a rich man, a super rich man. He is a great father, he is a great husband, he was a great missionary and he is a great leader for the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Church. Mitt Romney is a good man...if he didn't send your job overseas that is. I'm sure there are a few people who will not think he is a good man for that very reason.

That said, the question is why is Mitt running for the Presidency? That very answer is what will be the greatest divider of the conservative vote in the coming election. He is not running for the office for any of the reasons of previous Presidents, he is running to bring to fruition a prediction, a pet project, a whim of the founder of the LDS Church. He does not need the Presidency...or want it, I think.

To anyone who believes in God, the only thing bigger than the world and its affairs is...God. When a person has become what we term a member of the one percent, there are not many things that they have not bought, seen or experienced. They have lived in or owned mansions, traveled to all the exotic places that are off-limits to those of us with limited finances. In short, the world becomes a lot smaller that it feels to you and I.

In ones quest to still feel that there is something yet undiscovered and new to this privileged group, as well as to be true to what they religiously believe, they naturally look toward God. This is what I think Romney is thinking about, in his quest for the White House. He has denied in the past that he is trying to fulfill the prophecy, as quoted here in the Salt Lake Tribune,  which makes me believe all the more that this is his real reason...after all, all politicians lie and hide their true reasons, right?

His goal is much bigger than the White House, which to him, is incidentally a 'little house on the prairie' that he can demolish and rebuild many times over with elevators for his cars of course. His reason in running for the office is religious in his eyes, in my eyes it is just crazy. 

Having the President's office is just a tool, for him to climb to the top of his Church, to make him a god among the Mormon church that is and possibly to reserve his place in Mormon heaven. After all, why else would a man who straps a dog to the roof of his car, want to help the less fortunate than him. His non-remorseful actions of that incident has shown us what he really thinks of those he considers as lesser...including his own dog.

The office is just a prize to this rich man, but in that same breath, it is also a prize that the LDS church has been rumored to have had its eyes on for more than a century, since 1844 to be exact. The LDS organization is said to have ordained this path, this 'prophesy,' for the Mormon church to fulfill and it now rests in the arms of Mitt to bring to fruition...a fact they too have denied, in the above Salt Lake Tribune article.

We have seen the misconduct of Pedophile priests and the like in religious circles and the LDS  church has itself had a less that stellar record, with its checkered past of the promiscuity of their members having many wives, their view of contemptuously holding the black population as lesser than equals...this leads me to be suspicious of the LDS church and what they deny.

This AI article explains... "Mitt Romney has been groomed for the Presidency. He has been known as the shining star of the Mormon Church and he is thought to be destined to carry out the wishes of the very man who started the Latter Day Church, that being Joseph Smith jr. Smith ran for President in 1844, as an Independent commander in chief of an ‘army of God’ advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government in favor of a Mormon-ruled theocracy. Smith was assassinated before he could realize his dream of becoming President."

"We were taught that America is the Promised Land,”... "The Mormons are the Chosen People. And the time is now for a Mormon leader to usher in the second coming of Christ and install the political Kingdom of God in Washington, D.C."

In the LDS church's view, all other religions and all other churches of Christianity are false or misguided and the only true path to God is the LDS version. This view is a black eye for Catholics, Evangelicals, Anglicans, Baptists and all the other christian denominations (more than 40,000 worldwide), who will now be forced to take a back seat to the LDS nation if this prediction is realized. This will be the 'proof' to the Mormons that the LDS doctrines are the truth and the traditional churches will be stymied in their control of the vast and also the financially lucrative religious market.

There is a secret fight brewing within Christian circles, a modern 'war of the worlds' being stirred among the pews and behind the alters of Christendom. It has been said in those circles that many conservative voters would rather stay home than vote for Mitt Romney.…as this video shows. This video shows that the LDS church is considered a cult in traditional Christian circles and does not embrace true Biblical principles but have in fact made up their own doctrine.

The coming elections will pit traditional religion against the 'new wave' young religion of Mr. Smith Jr. The LDS makes no bones about whose religious doctrine is right; theirs is. Romney's passion and purpose is more to further church doctrine than win the office to help the American people (remember his dog). Romney's motives must and will be questioned in the coming months.

Here's the video:

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  1. Good one, T.

    Fits like a glove. And the citizens of this once-proud nation surely deserve this joker if they keep up the ignorance opera in which we seem to be constantly engaged.

    And I hear he wears one all the time under his magic underwear.

    Love ya,