Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fox News... Where Dusty Hate-filled Men Go To Wither In Shame...

Megan Kelly made liberals proud yesterday... she made me proud too, when she smacked down what was an obvious continuation of the Republicans' 'War on Women,' perpetrated by none other than one of the dirtiest most hateful and now uncloaked misogynists on television, Lou Dobbs.

For those who don't know him, old Lou is a decrepit fool who just loves to stir up hate and disgust among his Republican zombies who faithfully follow his rhetoric against anything they are told to.

 This hateful man honed his crafty and snakelike skill on CNN where he had a twisted, yet mediocre existence... until they found that their employ of his hatred was not getting them any new viewers, after which they let him go.

Of course there is only one graveyard of and for the failed... that is Fox News, where he was put high on a pedestal of the bodies of immigrants that he has so vehemently fought against during his many years of delusion. He fit Fox News like a hand and glove.

His latest stint in the limelight of hate and deception was a well planned attack on women and their circumstance of being single or married and working, suggesting that both scenarios are leaving them and their children lacking in some way that could be easily remedied with them getting back in their corner like a caged animal... that corner being the tawdry old idea that women belong in the kitchen, barefooted and pregnant... with duct tape on their mouths to keep them quiet. Yes, I think he is the duct tape type.

On yesterday's show, old Lou teamed up with's editor Erick Erickson to defend their earlier misogynistic comments as they continued their war on women. Quite surprisingly, host Megan Kelly seems to have come to her senses briefly and actually took them down to the surprise of everyone, as she has not been seen often if at all, defending women against these dusty old farts whenever they attacked women over the last number of years... remember the aspirin between the legs comment by that other old fart, Congressman Ron Paul... or Paul Ryan's 'rape is rape' defense.

To her credit she showed what an educated woman versed in Law and Journalism and having a love and respect for life,  could do to decrepit haters on their daily rounds... if she chooses to. I was elated to hear this live exchange of ideas and ideals yesterday, though I am wary of her continuing liberal defense of women and wait with bated breath for her next brief escape from under the Fox News rock... maybe they can even finally realize that they lost an election now because they did not even know this on election night.

Her crowning achievement was reminding Erick to "tell that to Barack Obama"..., who was her strongest defense for a woman's success in the face of a misogynistic Republican Party. (8.00 on the video).

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