Monday, November 29, 2010

Patriotism?...What's That?

Patriotism is a love of and loyalty to one's country. This is something the Corporations are trying to stifle and destroy, by convincing Republicans that they need to be subservient to the Companies and tow the party line. For Decades the Companies via the Republicans have tried to strip the standards and regulations away, that we require them to be subjected to and they are winning. Substandard food products, inhumane and unhealthy working conditions,  environmental pollution, inadequate wages, excessive and greedy practices on Wall St. and attacks on the very fabric of freedom and goodwill that America was built on, is where they have brought us to now. 

It is no secret that the Republican Party has for Decades tried to strengthen the Corporate choke hold on the country, and  break America's backbone in the process. Open your's 2010 and they are winning...The Corrupt Corporations are winning...and the Corrupt Republicans are winning...America is losing. The result of the  Republican way of groveling to, begging of and fanatically kissing the Corporate hand, is what we see now...recession... dismay...poverty...and dark uncertainty for the future, with their recent election the hands of SCOTUS.

To the Corporations, this is just par for the course because they do not belong to America, they are Multinational, they are Global Conglomerates, they are shoppers in a Global Marketplace. They produce their products in foreign countries and pretend that they do not need to adhere to our rules to sell those products here. They are capable of bending those rules or bribing our Politicians and Supreme Court Judges, to help them break those rules. 

Bribery with money? No, bribery with the assurance that if they the Companies get what they want, the Corrupt Politicians and Corrupt Judges will also get theirs in turn. One just has to look to see who in the Supreme Court made the decision that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections, to see their intentions and tactics of appeasing the Corporations at the expense of the Country. Patriotism is truly those circles.

The Companies have savvy accountants who know how to keep the profits offshore in foreign accounts so it is not taxed by any country. What they do not want you to realize is that they do need to be here, they do need to sell their  products here, because America amounts for 25% of the World's GDP, and they thirst for the money generated by us, to buy their products. They are not America...We are!  

If they choose to leave and do no business in this Country, another company willing to pay taxes and follow our regulations and higher standards will replace them, so we should not try to appease them in order to keep their jobs here. We should charge them Tariffs on their Foreign made products, to level the field and cause them to keep the Manufacturing Jobs here, which in turn would mean the profits stay here and are Taxed here. Taxes are an integral part of our being able to run our Society and Pay for our services. So don't do like the Republicans and sell out to the Corporations, fight...fight for America...Patriots.

Let the professional George Carlin explain it to you...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is America Dead?

Kumbaya my ass!!  ...I just wanted to start with that. The verdict is in...It is the general feeling that the President is a house negro. You can put your own meaning to that, but it generally means he will do what he is told by his Master, which in this case is Corporate America. The President is now being thought of as being "Republican Light"...sort of like what light beer is to real beer. How is he a "Republican Light" you ask?

 Well he raised more Corporate money than Hillary Clinton in 2007 when running against her. He also hired Larry Summers, the same guy who is thought to have deregulated Wall St during the Clinton years...and the same guy that Dr. Henry Kissinger said should be given a White House position...This is a snippet of what Wikipedia has to say..."As Treasury Secretary, Summers led the Clinton Administration's opposition to tax cuts proposed by the Republican Congress in 1999. Also during his stint in the Clinton Administration, Summers was successful in pushing for capital gains tax cuts. During the California energy crisis of 2000, then-Treasury Secretary Summers teamed with Alan Greenspan and Enron executive Kenneth Lay to lecture California Governor Gray Davis on the causes of the crisis, explaining that the problem was excessive government regulation. Under the advice of Kenneth Lay, Summers urged Davis to relax California's environmental standards in order to reassure the markets." I recently wrote an article titled America died last night...seem's like it is coming to fruition.

In a kitchen you do not use a butter knife to chop your meats and vegetables, in the same way you cannot expect to put a Priest in the White house and expect him to deal with Wall St with an iron fist. You need a man who can play both sides of the aisle, so he can juggle and keep both Wall st. and Main st. functioning. The President said as much when he suggested that if we wise up and realize that he is a Corporatist in disguise, we must rise up and make him do what we need him to do....and he is willing, but he is waiting until we demand as much of him, with our actions.  He can't go against the Corporations without our demands being his reason to do such an act. He is walking a fine line between Wall st and Main st, because he has no choice, and the argument is that if he does not appease his Corporate Financiers a bit, they threaten to pull out and crash the economy. He has to make Wall st work for Main st, by our instruction.

Now I would like to point out that some want Tax cuts for the wealthy Multi Millionaires, the Billionaires and by extension the Corporations,  in order for them to create jobs. Well they are the ones who have been shipping the jobs away, outsourcing jobs while they receive their tax cuts. The Corporations are also accused of encouraging the immigration problem by offering substandard jobs for little pay, while collecting tax breaks to generate these jobs. It is said that the immigrants are taking jobs that American workers want.

To put it simply, The Corporations are causing many of the problems we face today. The tax cuts they are enjoying and lobbying for are not being used to generate jobs, it is being used to reinvest and generate jobs in foreign countries. They are firing the immigrant workers who do get their status legally changed to work, and replacing that now jobless immigrant with another undocumented worker.

Walmart and other companies will bring products from China costing them 5 cents while the same product produced in America costs 50 cents. The way to stop this is for the Customs practices to change so that the imported Chinese products are charged a Tariff of 45 cents to level the cost factor for the Companies. This way the companies will not hesitate to produce the products right here in America. This is also a way for America to generate some extra cash, and may even help to lessen the tax burden on the American people.

What happens when a drug pusher is arrested? There is a vacuum created and like it or not,  the pusher is soon replaced by another ambitious Free Market Capitalist. So...the answer is simple, take away the tax cuts for the rich because they are not using it to create jobs, this will save Billions... then start charging Tariffs on the imported products, which will leveling the playing field and the jobs will come back to America. If the Companies choose to leave, there will be another Ambitious Free Market Capitalist Company waiting to fill that vacuum and produce the same products and jobs here in America...with or without Tax Cuts.

This will in turn solve the Immigration problem, because we will now have 50 to 100 million jobs available as a result...for example, a Car Manufacturer needs dozens of other industries to make parts and supplies to support it. That means thousands of jobs just in that one Product. Think of this happening on a massive, Country-wide scale...This would create the need for both the unemployed Americans and all the immigrants to fill those jobs.

 As a side note, when we produce these millions of jobs, we will also have a greater need for more Teachers, Nurses, Doctors and a whole Technology system, and a much larger Transportation and Logistics system to sustain the growth we will experience, that translates to thousands more skilled jobs and millions more to support those jobs, which will again bring America to the top of the Global Food Chain and use up all of our unemployed. The ripple effect will hit the Agriculture belt like a Hurricane and we will again produce more foods and revitalize our Farming Industry.  The failing infrastructure will then need to be rebuilt, thus adding more jobs.

The Problem started with the Corporations...and we should start there, to bring our country back...back to where the people have a voice and our children have a future. Just in case you think the Corporations are our best this video...

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Stop The Bullying !!!

This article was placed here by the Author of the newly released book titled "Shock and Awe on America" which can be bought in print or for Kindle at
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

American 60% Non-Voters Just Don't Give A Rats Ass?...Apparently So...

                                                                                                                                                         The NEW numbers are in, and according to the United States Election Project, There was an average of 218 Million eligible voters, out of whom an average of 40 % voted... which amounts to around 88 Million voters. This average number, if taken to mean a 50/50 split for each party, suggests that a mere average of about 44 Million voters, in effect made this election a victory for the Republican Party...a mere 20% of all eligible voters... a mere 20% steered the Country down this rabbit hole.

For those who are interested, the US Population is 308 Million people, which means that this 20% of eligible voters who were allowed to elect a Republican majority in the House is actually 14.2% of the US population....14.2%....a minuscule 14.2% of the US Population elected the House Majority...

I HAVE TO SAY...14.2% IS NOT A SHELLACKING BY ANY MEANS!! Because it means more than 85% DID NOT VOTE FOR THEM!!

The numbers further suggest that we have to "Thank" for this Republican victory...the remaining 60% of non-voters...the 130 million who did not vote. Of course "Thank" is not exactly the word this author wishes to use, but for want of a better word... we will go with "Thank." Apparently most of these non-voters thought it was not worth their time to be Patriotic and do their duty...and vote, to keep this ship upright, so they let 20% win part of the Elections and Control of the House. That is indeed a shame and I might add...they need to keep quiet when they feel the strain of unemployment and hopelessness that we know will soon come, at the hands of the Republicans... because they caused this by not voting.

We now have a very rocky road to traverse in the coming future with the Republican hands itching to grab the reins of power. We all know of the purely crazy intentions the Republicans have, of trying to repeal Health Care so that our Seniors and our kids will be rendered helpless and uninsured, due to preexisting conditions or being over 21yrs old in the case of the kids. We also know of their intentions to Sabotage and bring the efforts of the Recovery to a halt so that the President will be seen to fail in his attempt to bring the Country back from the brink of disaster... causing them to win the 2012 elections.

The sad thing is that the same 20% of voters who voted for the Republicans are going to have their Seniors and kids affected as well by the Whacky Republican ideas. They did in fact vote against themselves and their Families' interests, being none the wiser to this.

This is all part of a further attempt by Republicans to appease their Corporate masters who call the tune for the Republicans to follow. The Republicans' twisted plans can be thought of in terms of a broken down Taxi Cab in need of repairs. The mechanic wants $100 to repair the car, but in an attempt save money, the Republican owner tells the mechanic that he will not pay for repairs but will instead pay $20 storage fees per month to keep the car in the garage. The owner in the meantime loses $1000 per month, by the Taxi not being able to work and bring in an income, plus he has to find other means of transport which costs him money as well. In five months, of course, he also loses the $100 he is trying to save, with his short-sighted ideas. For further explanation...the Country is the Taxi Cab.

20% of voters for Republicans means 80% DID NOT vote for them...85% of the population...85% of The American People DID NOT vote for them...REMEMBER THAT WHEN THEY TRY TO DISTRACT YOU WITH THEIR LIES...AND THEIR SPIN OF THE TRUTH !!!


At the end of the day though, I remind you we are still one people, one country, 100% of 308 America... so please be civil to each other.

One piece of advice...when anyone presents their theories and ideas...just ask them to explain HOW that plan would work...throwing around talking points is fine, if you can't back it up with remember to ask WHY...let them explain their theories. Most do not have a clue about the ideas and talking points they offer.

This article was written by the Author of the newly released book titled "Shock and Awe on America" which can be bought in print or for Kindle at
Or can be read in part or downloaded in different E-book formats at
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