Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is Religious Tolerance Destroying The Earth?

The title is a question that has been asked for generations and is being asked in many circles now. Another one is "Are Religions profitable enough to us or should they be removed?"  I am aware that through the ages Religion has been the biggest supporter of the poorest and neediest amongst us, but that has to be weighed against the high incidence of death that it brings with it now and has brought with it in the past.
Religion has always been like a good drug that has good effects and bad affects. On the one hand it cures the ills of Society while on the other hand it causes more deaths on a daily basis than poverty, in fact Religion is gravely responsible for much of the poverty it helps to alleviate around the world. In many countries the restrictions put on the communities by religion are the said rules that prevent certain conditions that are beneficial to the community.

 One major example is the restriction of women to become educated, which in turn keeps the whole community down. I am sure you have all heard the saying ...If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (community or nation) You also have had in the History of the Earth, many millions of deaths by Religious wars, The Inquisition, The Crusades, The era of Christianization, which spanned hundreds of years and by itself took millions of lives. The Holocaust was as much a Religious duty of Hitler in his eyes, as it was an act or attempt of Genocide. The Iraqi war is view by some to be some kind of twisted continuation of the Crusades by modern Evangelists because we had no reason to attack Iraq before first attacking North Korea and other Regimes who are hostile to us.

One has to decide if the good that Religion has done for the Earth as a whole outweighs the destruction it has done. Religion in my opinion is responsible for the Retardation of the Human race in its quest and destiny of becoming a Space-bound species. We do not have to look further than the Middle East region to see the destruction Religion encourages between one Religious group and the next. Hamas bombs Israel today and Israel retaliates tomorrow. The Kurds, The Shiites, The Sunnis are sometimes warring against each other, The Hindus and the Pakistanis wars and the list goes on... Religion can be seen as the most destructive force on Earth, barring Greed which is inexplicably linked and interwoven into the very fabric itself, of Religion.

We do not even have to go that far to see one Religious group's Bigotry against another, we need only take a look in our own back yard, at the newest religious controversy brewing in New York with the proposed plan to build a Muslim institution in the form of a 13 story building that houses a Museum and many other things...including a place of prayer for Muslims, and other Religions. 

I heard an interesting discussion on a radio program by Patt Morrison, where her guests were Firstly, The Acclaimed Author Sam Harris, co-founder & CEO of Project Reason; author of the books,The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation;  his upcoming book out in October, is The Moral, and Secondly her guest the Acclaimed editor at the Daily Beast and internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions; his latest book is Beyond Fundamentalism: Confronting Religious Extremism In the Age of Globalization. There was a female caller to that program who brought to light the opinion that we could entertain the idea of banning the building of All Religious houses...for various reasons. Her charge was that the Methodist Church was refused a permit to build around the  same area.

I would like to also ask the question of how far away from Ground Zero should Religious Buildings be constructed. Now bear in mind there is a Church within 2 blocks and a Mosque within 4 blocks of Ground Zero, so you have to use these existing buildings as the guidelines for your decision. Perhaps a ban should be placed from building Religious houses of worship any where within a 50 block radius from Ground Zero for ALL religious houses, or maybe for that matter on the entire Island of Manhattan. This is of course after the removal of all existing Religious houses of worship within the boundaries of Manhattan.

It is my humble opinion that 9/11 was a product of Global Religious tensions and it was only a matter of time before it occurred in the location and fashion that it was done. As Technology advances so too we will see this reflected in future attacks upon us. The Earth is being overrun by Religion and the Fanaticism it ultimately produces, this has a profound affect on the way our society thinks and acts toward each other, War being the approved and preferred method of engagement, rather than an engagement of minds and ideas.

 Because of these Wars, we are truly paying for the privilege of having  Religion... with our Blood...literally, with dead and wounded people by the Millions. I think animal sacrifices was a better idea, instead of sacrificing  innocent people... who are victims, termed  "collateral damage" and soldiers in Religious wars. You see the craziness of Religion when you realize that Judaism, Islam and Christianity all come from the same source, and they share certain traits found in Hinduism as well.  Obviously there will be many in agreement and many who disagree with my Building  ban on Religion, but we should respect  each other's right to have an opinion. I invite your thoughts to this dialog...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

America Died Last Night...

Nov 3 2010, 12:01 AM

By Wrson Oells, BNN News...

Yes my friends, it is with a heavy heart indeed, that I report  America as we know it, died last night. There will be a short service for a couple of weeks while the Republican wolves awake their sleeper cells and set out to bring about what they put in motion during Dumbya's  eight Nightmarish years that the Dems under the direction of President Obama, were not able to stop. All the Republican insiders who wish to remain anonymous, that this reporter has spoken to has confirmed my worst fears, the Republican sleeper cells in Government who did their best to reign in the positive affects of Obama's efforts, are now already going to work to restart the Bush policies including Tax Cuts for themselves and their rich friends.

Obviously the less attentive and  mistaken amongst us have been convinced that sane Millionaires who are heavily invested Globally, will choose to take these Tax breaks and foolishly spend it on creating jobs in America. They still do not understand that the reason for business is to put money into the owners' pockets and there are more fertile markets around this shrinking Globe, to reinvest the said money that is gained from the Bush Tax Cuts. According to these many   anonymous sources in the Republican Party, there will be a respectful couple of weeks where the distracted will be allowed to rejoice in the election victory, while they are allowed to be in the delirious condition of feeling hopeful for the mistakenly perceived freedom they thirst...before being crushed and enslaved by Global Corporatism. There is no real freedom as the world is run by Corporations who dictate what they produce for us to eat, live and indeed exist.

Their un-attentive Republican followers are still under the false impression that we live in the sixties and Corporate America, which is now a gaggle of Global Corporatists,  still lives with and has Patriotic intentions toward America. They are ill informed and still do not realize that since the Reagan Revolution against America began, the Ex-American Corporations were enabled to turn American workers into Global Corporation's slaves, with Global masters, by doing what other Calculated leaders have done around the Globe... convincing his unwitting base to stifle new Governments and their ability to protect the populace against Global Corporations and instead yield to Corporate orders and ship jobs overseas, thereby weakening our independence and ability to be self sustaining.  The Reagan slight of hand while destroying America, worked well on the distracted followers who are bombarded with cries of becoming "Socialists, Marxists and Communists" while taught that their predicament is all God's will. It is still working and their followers are taught to look to God for relief from the same people they elected and the policies these people use to fleece America and put Her at the mercy of Global Corporations who are known Foreign entities and hostile countries.

Yes my friends...America died last night...and this is Her Eulogy.

To all voters who love America...don't let this be our future...There is a saying that "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"...Remember the Bush years and the results it brought, Death to millions of innocents around the world, Destruction of America's ability to sustain Herself, making her a beggar around the world...borrowing from our enemies and hostile countries, Forclosures, Bankruptcies, Joblessness and the worst Recession in our children's lifetime...up until now...your vote  will determine if they are put back into office, to revamp this Recession and turn it into a the delight of  Global Corporate powers who are waiting to harness America's ability and talent, for the single purpose of increasing their profits...for the Holy benefit of their Almighty bottom line.

Update...start now, to win in 2012...

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Republicans Try To Increase Recession.

The Republicans are trying to increase the present Bush-made Recession in order to have President Obama fail and for them to take back the White House as a direct result, they are not afraid of the results of the recession on the country or what affect a larger "Double Dip" recession will have on America or the World. This is largely because the Corporate interests that run the Global economy is already behind this tactic. They are purchasing key businesses and contracts around the world and we must understand the idea and practice that what is good for business may not always be good for neither the country and its economy nor the Global economic health.

There are many who think that the Global economy sometimes needs to be pulled down a peg or two every time the Global middle class becomes stronger in order to maintain control of the Global reigns of power. There are many different groups around the world who think this is necessary and they do not hesitate to cooperate with each other at times when the deed needs to be done. When there is too much competition by new players in the world markets, the traditional and long established powers lose control, power and business. So a recession does not affect the big players as much as we think because competition makes them lose more money and Market Share than a recession sometimes does, it is a calculated gamble that they are happy to take. Recessions are a way for them to get cheap contracts for everything, from Countries and businesses that are hard hit by economic woes.

This is how they make their Trillions and keep a strong-arm control on the Planet's resources. Governments and Politicians do not control anything ultimately, they simply do the bidding of the Global, Multinational companies and other interested parties, eg Royalty around the world. The Republican party and its minions are privy to this knowledge and the players who are involved and at this time are trying to have a second, harder thrust in their efforts to expand on the Bush recession, which to their surprise President Obama was able to stabilize. It is a daily occurrence to observe the Conservative Media, on TV, Radio and News print, use their scare tactics to negatively harp on the possible strengthening of the recession and the spending the Government is doing in order to stop it.

How are they trying to achieve a double dip you ask? The simple answer is Economies are houses of cards built on the ears of the consumers. Knowing this, economists usually affect the Stock Market and the economies of the world, by suggesting ups or downs in the markets , economies and stocks, and seeing these effects happen in real time, minutes after the words leave their lips. Knowing this, a large scale cry by the Republican media, is being done in order to scare people to hold on to the vital monies they have that is needed to run our economy and all economies.

They are purposely encouraging people not to spend, and is scaring people into increasing the recession on themselves. The loss of 37 Trillion dollars on the Stock Market did help create the depth to the Bush recession, as alluded to by Alan Greenspan. The Markets are key. Knowing this the Republicans are trying to re-do the Stock Market plummet again, by eroding confidence in the Markets, at home and Globally as the foreign markets are dependent on the American Stock Market.

This is all proven with the simple remembering of then President Bush and his minions, who all called for the American public to go shopping when we needed that economic shot in the American Financial system... "As we work with Congress in the coming year to chart a new course in Iraq and strengthen our military to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we must also work together to achieve important goals for the American people here at home. This work begins with keeping our economy growing. … And I encourage you all to go shopping more."

It is said..."The federal reserve is an evil organization that thrives on death and misery. The ultimate goal of the federal reserve is world domination and population control. All the major wars were started with the help of the federal reserve by using fake actions or blatant inaction. Useful idiots and brainwashed followers have helped the federal reserve look legitimate, but it is really just a gang of super rich criminals that only care about themselves and no-one else."

This from
The consensus from leading experts is that the original stimulus was too small for the magnitude of the crisis. Forty notable economists and historians, including Joseph Stiglitz, Alan Blinder, and Mark Zandi, recently signed their names to statements calling for more government stimulus. “The urgent need is for government to replace the lost purchasing power of the unemployed and their families and to employ other tax-cut and spending programs to boost demand,” they wrote.
Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke — who Boehner has praised in the past — has said that deficit spending is critical in the short-term and that pulling support from the stimulus isn’t the right solution. “At the current moment…the large deficits, as unattractive as they are, are important for supporting economic activity, and they were important also in restoring financial stability,” he said. “And so I think they were justified in that respect, and I would be reluctant to withdraw that support too precipitously in the near term.”
Full article by Faiz Shakir at

I leave you with the links below to see the depth of this issue... Corporations, through the Financial system, run the world.!/video/video.php?v=133385373369171&ref=mf,28804,1872229_1872230_1872236,00.html