Sunday, August 1, 2010

Republicans Try To Increase Recession.

The Republicans are trying to increase the present Bush-made Recession in order to have President Obama fail and for them to take back the White House as a direct result, they are not afraid of the results of the recession on the country or what affect a larger "Double Dip" recession will have on America or the World. This is largely because the Corporate interests that run the Global economy is already behind this tactic. They are purchasing key businesses and contracts around the world and we must understand the idea and practice that what is good for business may not always be good for neither the country and its economy nor the Global economic health.

There are many who think that the Global economy sometimes needs to be pulled down a peg or two every time the Global middle class becomes stronger in order to maintain control of the Global reigns of power. There are many different groups around the world who think this is necessary and they do not hesitate to cooperate with each other at times when the deed needs to be done. When there is too much competition by new players in the world markets, the traditional and long established powers lose control, power and business. So a recession does not affect the big players as much as we think because competition makes them lose more money and Market Share than a recession sometimes does, it is a calculated gamble that they are happy to take. Recessions are a way for them to get cheap contracts for everything, from Countries and businesses that are hard hit by economic woes.

This is how they make their Trillions and keep a strong-arm control on the Planet's resources. Governments and Politicians do not control anything ultimately, they simply do the bidding of the Global, Multinational companies and other interested parties, eg Royalty around the world. The Republican party and its minions are privy to this knowledge and the players who are involved and at this time are trying to have a second, harder thrust in their efforts to expand on the Bush recession, which to their surprise President Obama was able to stabilize. It is a daily occurrence to observe the Conservative Media, on TV, Radio and News print, use their scare tactics to negatively harp on the possible strengthening of the recession and the spending the Government is doing in order to stop it.

How are they trying to achieve a double dip you ask? The simple answer is Economies are houses of cards built on the ears of the consumers. Knowing this, economists usually affect the Stock Market and the economies of the world, by suggesting ups or downs in the markets , economies and stocks, and seeing these effects happen in real time, minutes after the words leave their lips. Knowing this, a large scale cry by the Republican media, is being done in order to scare people to hold on to the vital monies they have that is needed to run our economy and all economies.

They are purposely encouraging people not to spend, and is scaring people into increasing the recession on themselves. The loss of 37 Trillion dollars on the Stock Market did help create the depth to the Bush recession, as alluded to by Alan Greenspan. The Markets are key. Knowing this the Republicans are trying to re-do the Stock Market plummet again, by eroding confidence in the Markets, at home and Globally as the foreign markets are dependent on the American Stock Market.

This is all proven with the simple remembering of then President Bush and his minions, who all called for the American public to go shopping when we needed that economic shot in the American Financial system... "As we work with Congress in the coming year to chart a new course in Iraq and strengthen our military to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we must also work together to achieve important goals for the American people here at home. This work begins with keeping our economy growing. … And I encourage you all to go shopping more."

It is said..."The federal reserve is an evil organization that thrives on death and misery. The ultimate goal of the federal reserve is world domination and population control. All the major wars were started with the help of the federal reserve by using fake actions or blatant inaction. Useful idiots and brainwashed followers have helped the federal reserve look legitimate, but it is really just a gang of super rich criminals that only care about themselves and no-one else."

This from
The consensus from leading experts is that the original stimulus was too small for the magnitude of the crisis. Forty notable economists and historians, including Joseph Stiglitz, Alan Blinder, and Mark Zandi, recently signed their names to statements calling for more government stimulus. “The urgent need is for government to replace the lost purchasing power of the unemployed and their families and to employ other tax-cut and spending programs to boost demand,” they wrote.
Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke — who Boehner has praised in the past — has said that deficit spending is critical in the short-term and that pulling support from the stimulus isn’t the right solution. “At the current moment…the large deficits, as unattractive as they are, are important for supporting economic activity, and they were important also in restoring financial stability,” he said. “And so I think they were justified in that respect, and I would be reluctant to withdraw that support too precipitously in the near term.”
Full article by Faiz Shakir at

I leave you with the links below to see the depth of this issue... Corporations, through the Financial system, run the world.!/video/video.php?v=133385373369171&ref=mf,28804,1872229_1872230_1872236,00.html


  1. We all said the stimulus was to small. I think that's all they felt they could get at the time.
    Unfortunately My opinion is that money spent so far has been thrown away for the most part. I wish that wasn't so. Sure it helped School teachers, policemen and such. It was a short term bandied.
    The money is running out and Municipalities are broke once more. There was nothing long term as a result of the money.
    Even the Bank bailouts were the wrong thing to do.
    Banks should have been allowed to fail. What was gained by saving them. Their doing the same things over again. Their not lending,spending or investing. At least for working class Americans their not. Sure their buying up smaller Banks and investing in foreign country's. Not helping us.
    I'll try to be brief here,
    We should have: set up a new bank controlled by the Gov. Lend and spend economics.
    We should have reinstated the CCCs. Get people working and spending. For every dollar spent for that we would get back a dollar and forty seven cents. (A guess)
    The work performed is needed to bring us up to standards.
    There's more but this is getting long. sorry about that.

  2. The irony is the Reich Wingers are projecting their own desire for the country's failure onto liberals. The Right is vested and actively working for the failure of our government, and by extension the peoples own well being.

  3. Multinational companies and other interested parties, eg Royalty around the world.

    A lieutenant colonel I once knew made a stunning statement that went clear over the heads of the other soldiers in the group I was in but I caught it. He essentially said the nation-state is an antiquated entity being outpaced by global ideas, causes, groups, problems, and big business.

    Long story short he said the only way such issues can be faced is through stronger regional and global institutions, which will terrify the all too conspiratorial Teabaggers.

  4. Tim, the Banks are doing exactly what they are allowed to do by the Fed, who controls everything including the Govt. They create the money that the Govt borrows.
    Read this fron RealityZone...

  5. Dave, that is true, because they are the ones who own the Fed and therefore controls the finances of the country, which are the reigns that guide us.
    read this

  6. Teabaggers are going to be the death of us in the story Animal Farm, they are the rabid attack dogs that keep us at bay.

  7. The last time that the country was doing well, we had a Democratic President and a Republican Congress. I'm just saying.

  8. And while Clinton ran up deficits for each of his 8 years in office, the deficits were the lowest when the Republicans controlled Congress.

    Dave said: "The irony is the Reich Wingers..."

    What are you doing with the Nazi comparisons? Looks like a pretty good job to make it justifiable when the conservatives equate Obama with Hitler.

    Completely nonsensical Nazi insults like yours tend to do things like that.

  9. dmarks,
    What makes you think I meant the Third Reich? Can you suppose I may be suggesting a Fourth Reich in the US?

    Like the fascists of last century's Germany, Reich Wingers accuse their politcal adversaries of being Marxist/Commies and other mortal enemies of the state. Reich Wingers instigate and support unprovoked war. Reich Wingers believe in warrentless surveillance of citizens. Reich Wingers imprison without charges or access to counsel. Reich Wingers accuse black presidents of "hating white people". Reich Wingers say Obama was not born in the US and wants to destroy America. Reich Wingers inflame racism, anger and hatred for political opposition. Reich Wingers wear hoods and robes.

    Reich Wingers may not be Nazis, although some surely are, but they are American fascists.

  10. Teeluck, you're absolutely right. That's their plan. It's cynical and ugly, and it's all they have. The scariest part is that enough gullible or plain foolish people might fall for it to make it work.

    Dmarks wrote: "And while Clinton ran up deficits for each of his 8 years in office, the deficits were the lowest when the Republicans controlled Congress."

    No, for the last two or three years of his administation, the deficit went down to zero. The budget balanced. Then, by the time Clinton left office there was a budget SURPLUS of $265 billion.

    Reagan left the biggest deficits since World War II. George H.W. Bush left a somewhat smaller but still huge deficit. George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress ran up more debt than all previous presidents combined -- the biggest in U.S. history.

    DMarks, you're either inexcusably ill informed or you are lying. Unfortunately, both are qualifications for being a conservative Republican these days.