Sunday, August 15, 2010

America Died Last Night...

Nov 3 2010, 12:01 AM

By Wrson Oells, BNN News...

Yes my friends, it is with a heavy heart indeed, that I report  America as we know it, died last night. There will be a short service for a couple of weeks while the Republican wolves awake their sleeper cells and set out to bring about what they put in motion during Dumbya's  eight Nightmarish years that the Dems under the direction of President Obama, were not able to stop. All the Republican insiders who wish to remain anonymous, that this reporter has spoken to has confirmed my worst fears, the Republican sleeper cells in Government who did their best to reign in the positive affects of Obama's efforts, are now already going to work to restart the Bush policies including Tax Cuts for themselves and their rich friends.

Obviously the less attentive and  mistaken amongst us have been convinced that sane Millionaires who are heavily invested Globally, will choose to take these Tax breaks and foolishly spend it on creating jobs in America. They still do not understand that the reason for business is to put money into the owners' pockets and there are more fertile markets around this shrinking Globe, to reinvest the said money that is gained from the Bush Tax Cuts. According to these many   anonymous sources in the Republican Party, there will be a respectful couple of weeks where the distracted will be allowed to rejoice in the election victory, while they are allowed to be in the delirious condition of feeling hopeful for the mistakenly perceived freedom they thirst...before being crushed and enslaved by Global Corporatism. There is no real freedom as the world is run by Corporations who dictate what they produce for us to eat, live and indeed exist.

Their un-attentive Republican followers are still under the false impression that we live in the sixties and Corporate America, which is now a gaggle of Global Corporatists,  still lives with and has Patriotic intentions toward America. They are ill informed and still do not realize that since the Reagan Revolution against America began, the Ex-American Corporations were enabled to turn American workers into Global Corporation's slaves, with Global masters, by doing what other Calculated leaders have done around the Globe... convincing his unwitting base to stifle new Governments and their ability to protect the populace against Global Corporations and instead yield to Corporate orders and ship jobs overseas, thereby weakening our independence and ability to be self sustaining.  The Reagan slight of hand while destroying America, worked well on the distracted followers who are bombarded with cries of becoming "Socialists, Marxists and Communists" while taught that their predicament is all God's will. It is still working and their followers are taught to look to God for relief from the same people they elected and the policies these people use to fleece America and put Her at the mercy of Global Corporations who are known Foreign entities and hostile countries.

Yes my friends...America died last night...and this is Her Eulogy.

To all voters who love America...don't let this be our future...There is a saying that "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"...Remember the Bush years and the results it brought, Death to millions of innocents around the world, Destruction of America's ability to sustain Herself, making her a beggar around the world...borrowing from our enemies and hostile countries, Forclosures, Bankruptcies, Joblessness and the worst Recession in our children's lifetime...up until now...your vote  will determine if they are put back into office, to revamp this Recession and turn it into a the delight of  Global Corporate powers who are waiting to harness America's ability and talent, for the single purpose of increasing their profits...for the Holy benefit of their Almighty bottom line.

Update...start now, to win in 2012...

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  1. Democracy in America died on December 12, 2000 with the Bush v Gore decision. It was only a matter of time for the rest of the carcass to began to decompose.

  2. "Remember the Bush years and the results it brought, Death to millions of innocents around the world, Destruction of America's ability to sustain Herself, making her a beggar around the world...borrowing from our enemies and hostile countries, Forclosures, Bankruptcies, Joblessness and the worst Recession in our children's lifetime"...

    This says it all Tee, but the right will NEVER believe it is their fault. They are the sheeple, the wolves in sheeps clothing, the Beast. Our country IS DOOMED to repeat the past, so the left better get their act together and FIGHT for the survival of our country!

  3. Oh this started happening long before Bush took office. It started with Raygoon who first slashed government budgets (while giving all in congress a raise). He cut taxes then went on a spending spree (you may remember his star wars initiative). He created the corporate raider mentality that saw the likes of the savings and loan debacle. He busted unions and helped create the dismantling of entire companies, packed up and shipped over seas. He called us greedy. He should have looked in the mirror. He was handled just like the puppet GW was by his corporate masters. The great communicator indeed, but why not he was an actor so this was just another part.

    But with Bush it was different. A guy who couldn't put two sentences together on a good day had to have had help from his Dad (former CIA director). And with the help of Diebold and a right leaning Supreme Court the Contract against America was set in motion.

    Sue - Fight you say? I hate to tell you this but the war is over and we lost. The corporations have won. There is nothing we can do because they don't even make most of their profits in this country anymore. They make most of their money by selling paper over seas, worthless promises to governments dumb enough to buy it. It's a great Ponzi scheme and they haven't put an end to it yet even with "wall street reform".
    And now as we head into the midterm elections watch as the corporations have been given free reign over the airwaves and don't even need to sign their names to it.
    No nothing will change until there is campaign finance reform and that won't happen because it has to go through congress and they like things just the way they are thank you very much.

  4. Dave, I think it really died in the hands of Reagan, he cut the throat of the working man, and the bleeding has been going on since then...

  5. Sue, you said it. We are at the mercy of the sheeple, so we had better be up for the fight!

  6. Demeur, yes I agree, the corporations are the life blood of the world as we need their infrastructure to run the world. The fight is to get us into a position to control the corporations and use them like the tools they are meant to be, not the other way around. So the fight is not over but it continues, for the right reasons of getting that control, not killing the companies as some say we should do.

  7. The Republic has been a zombie for years. It's only a matter of time before it is no longer "one nation."

    If there are places in the country you'd like to visit, do it now, before you need a passport to do it.

  8. JR, I totally agree, I am going to get an RV and start driving around the country, before they put up the walls around each state...hell they seem to like walls...