Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Is Why These Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Dangerous and Unsuitable For The Office.

This is by far the worst Republican lineup I have ever seen. I say this not because I think they are bad people...just stupid people. This group of misfits are proving themselves unfit to run the country with every new 'gaffe' they spout when they open their mouths. If ever I had a clear-speaking, intelligent Republican as President (God forbid!)...I don't think that would be half bad. Obviously their--The Republican President's-- policies would be of great concern but that is a fight worth having, but this current batch of Republican misfits just make my head explode.

The latest 'gaffe' was made by none other than rising star turner falling star, Rick Perry. The Newser.com reports on the 'gaffe' ..."Rick Perry said this today at the end of a speech in New Hampshire: "Those of you that will be 21 by November the 12th, I ask for your support and your vote." It's one short sentence with two glaring factual errors: The legal voting age is 18, and Election Day is Nov. 6" 

This comes hard and fast on the heels of Rick's earlier 'gaffe' eloquently described by Christopher Hitchens in Slate.com ..."This was mainly an effect of the candidate’s own non-talent for ingratiation; miserably seeking protection in the aw-shucks tone and failing—entirely failing—to grasp that “oops” in any accent sounds bad enough (just as well that Rick Perry wasn’t running in a heterosexual pride contest) but that in the tones of Texas (“Ee-yoops”) it more resembles the last-ditch whine of a luckless peon for mercy. I don’t see how it could have been any worse. Failure at this level—failure to recall your own self-administered briefing, plus a free tour for the public of all your least reassuring personal tics—is defeat on a scale that disqualifies the candidate from being in a debate in the very first place. "

Other front runners have had their own shot at the gaffe hit parade and it is having the effect of making many republicans run for cover, in fact many are now angry enough to voice their disappointment and dismay in the public arena. Michael D. Shear of the New York Times writes...“It is an ‘Animal House.’ It’s a food fight,” said Kenneth Duberstein, a chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan. “Honestly, the Republican debates have become a reality show. People have to be perceived as being capable of governing this country, of being the leader of the free world.”

"Even before his “oops” moment in one of the debates last week, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas stumbled his way through an answer about Pakistan and nuclear weapons. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has offered a series of historical goofs. And after mistakenly saying China does not have nuclear weapons, Herman Cain on Monday painfully gave an answer to a question about Libya in which he all but acknowledged having little grasp of the military actions that took place there."

The man who has been chastised and repudiated for lying-- Newt Gingrich--now flip flops on the issue of immigration and has to beat the old GOP drum every chance he gets to disclaim his previous debate comment, by now saying he does not favor 'Amnesty' for immigrants as he tries to swing his campaign from one with an arguably National bent, to one with a local, unforgiving Republican/Tea Party/Birther/Neo Con flavor... because he realized that he has to first win the Nomination before he can flip flop on that issue...which he will undoubtedly do if he becomes the candidate. 

I remember his ad with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi... he is backing away from that as well... he is by far the biggest liar so far I think. As Lawrence O'Donnell said on his show on Nov 29th, Newt getting a blow job by someone  else's wife  in the driveway, while his kids walked by the car was not very smart either...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grover Norquist...Saboteur, Anti-American, Traitor.

Yes, he is guilty in the forum of public opinion, as a saboteur to the economy, a traitor and Anti-American. He knew what he was doing when he made the pledge and those who signed it knew what they were doing when they put their name on that pledge. They swore an oath to sabotage the country by never allowing taxes to be raised even if it meant the country could die as a result. They knew all too well that every country's Government operates with the finances and revenue collected, they knew that the revenue is used to pay for the Police, Fire, Medical, Educational and many other services needed to run a great country like ours.

Actions speak louder than words and the results of those actions are what we have to focus on, to know what was the reason for the said actions, of having and signing that retched pledge. Those who signed Grover's pledge are all bought and paid for, they are corrupt and their actions prove that. They knew the results of the pledge would cause among other things, the weakening and failing of the economy to a certain extent, so why did they do it?

That reason is the simplest of all, they are rich and so high up on the economic ladder, that the results of their actions of strangling the economy would not reach or affect them in a negative way. They have enough money and wealth to weather the downturn in the economy which they purposely caused, in their foul attempt to weaken the middle class...as they have done time and time again, knowing that a country as large as ours cannot survive without a healthy middle class.

Many have said that there is a class warfare being fought over the past 70 years; a war that has already been won in most cases...by the rich and the Corporations. The middle class has been defeated many times over and are just not ready to step into the coffin just yet. The relentless attacks against the middle class just keeps getting stronger and stronger as a result.

Anyone who supported and still supports that pledge now is mistaken, if they think the American people will take this assault sitting down. The Occupy movement is proof that the Country will rise up and defeat this injustice that festers like a sore on the backside of our Great Nation. These greedy and selfish saboteurs will not strangle this economy with their Treasonous plans and pledges. We must not be defeated, we must stand up to their veiled Fascism by voting against everyone of them...whose name is on that pledge.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich's Nasty Record.

Does it surprise anyone that Newt Gingrich is now the front runner for becoming the Republican Nominee? Well...not really, it does not surprise most people. This startling rise in the polls says a lot about the Republican Party and the base who apparently is ready to overlook all that Newt has done in the past and are willing to push him all the way to the top of the candidates' list. He is being referred to now as the new flavor of the week  for the party, but I would hasten to remind everyone of the real Newt and what his record is.

First he was outed today by Bloomberg.com as being the Lobbyist who was paid up to 1.8 million dollars to "smooth the way" with the loudest Republicans who wanted to disband Freddie Mac. Apparently Newt had enough sway with those Republicans  who were threatening, to be worth the 1.8 million dollar price tag. Seeing that Freddie Mac is still around, suggests that Newt earned his money in fine style and was able to bribe fellow Republicans with his words of wisdom...or whatever else they required. Newt insists he only got $300,000 to be a historian to Freddie Mac...a fat lie that former Freddie Mac officials say is preposterous.

Our good friend Barney Frank has no problem calling Newt the "LL" guy, to MSNBC's Martin Bashir. Barney says Newt is a Lobbyist and a Liar. Barney reminded us that Newt had been reprimanded for lying and  added..."He was clearly there as a lobbyist and slipped and acknowledged that you don’t enhance your academic credentials by serving as Speaker, you enhance your value as a lobbyist"  

Alternet.org reminded us all the way back in April of 2000 that Newt will stoop to any depth to get his message across. Norman Solomon of Alternet.org writes... "Here's what Gingrich said three days before last November's election -- in response to an Associated Press reporter who asked him how the campaign was going: "Slightly more moving our way. I think that the mother killing the two children in South Carolina vividly reminds every American how sick the society is getting and how much we need to change things." Gingrich concluded, "The only way you get change is to vote Republican."

Newt has had a disastrous stint as Speaker of the house as shown here by Steve Kornacki of Salon.com..."his eagerness to force a government shutdown over a GOP plan to slash Medicare spending gave President Clinton and Democrats a winning issue in 1996, when nearly 20 Republican incumbents lost their seats and the GOP barely held the House. Shortly after that, Gingrich held off an attempted coup from a band of frustrated but incompetent House Republicans. Then he made things worse for his party by leading an impeachment drive against Clinton in 1998 (even, as we later learned, while engaging in an extramarital affair himself), which backfired and led to shocking Democratic gains in that year’s midterms."

The final nail in the coffin comes from none other than Jack Abramoff who accuses Newt of Corruption...no one can say he doesn't know about being Corrupt or knowing who is corrupt, as he was himself prosecuted for "influence peddling"  Abramoff was on an interview with David Gregory of "Meet the Press"  Maggie Haberman of Politico reported on the interview, this is part of her story..."When Gregory pressed on the "corruption" language and noted it's "a heavy charge," Abramoff stayed with it, saying, "Yes it is. It is corruption. At the end of the day, I say in the book, I believe now, although I didn't believe then unfortunatley, that any provision of favor or any provision of anything to members of Congress and their staff is bribery. And any cashing in on it by them coming out later is corruption."

So my friends, please be aware of "The Newtster" , to Republicans I say...vote OBAMA 2012!!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ped(ophile) State, Not Penn State...anymore.

It is sad, but true. The men who were involved in one of the most horrible crimes against children, have also destroyed the very good name of the once proud Penn State. This is a crime that can never be erased. In their narrow minded attempt to cover up the sordid actions of a crazed child rapist, the University officials responsible for leaving this madman free to do his evil deeds have permanently thrown a veil of shame over the very spectacular institution that is ...was, Penn State. It will never be the same.
What made this shameful event all the more horrid is the fact that it could have been avoided. It ruined the lives of many innocent boys, at least eight boys, boys who are now young men, fractured and frightened young men, confused and surely angry young men. Their future is not at all clear and now that their lives and this scandal is about to be blown wide open, things will never be the same. They do not deserve this.

The shameful thing is that the University officials loved their cushy jobs and the fame and fortune that came with being at the top of a prestigious University. They became greedy and selfish...and they were determined to keep any and all threats to their lifestyle hidden, even if it was a criminal, committing crimes that were so horrible that even they would be ashamed of their actions... and they were even prepared to remove whatever they could not keep hidden, which begs the question, what happened to the DA that went missing years ago?

"Why didn't someone stop alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky years ago?
One possible answer died with Ray Gricar, though even that phrase -- died with Ray Gricar -- makes an assumption. Is Ray Gricar dead? Officially he is, yes. He was declared dead in July of this year, but his body wasn't found, not in April 2005 when the Centre County (Pa.) district attorney disappeared after driving away from his home near State College. And not now. Not ever.

Ray Gricar, the man who declined to prosecute Sandusky in 1998 -- after setting up a sting that resulted in Sandusky making something close to a confession -- hasn't been seen since vanishing in 2005. Dead or alive. He's just ... gone." ...writes Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports.

This scandal has dragged down many men, some or maybe all, deserving of the loss of all that they have spent their lives building.  They have betrayed the students who looked up to them, who put their trust and indeed their admiration in these men, men who were role models to some...and gods to others. The man among those men, who has possibly lost the most is Joe Paterno, the famed Coach who brought Penn to the top of the list; a list, the prestige of which men would fight for...die for...and cover up the tracks of a rapist for.

What is equally disturbing is the fact that the students have totally missed the real victims of this whole affair...the children. There have been massive riots and protests, all for Coach Paterno...none for the victims of rape, the victims who were said to have been pimped out to high riding donors. Sadly someone must tell these misguided students, that they should stop the protests for their disgraced and disgraceful Coach and his cohorts and must instead gather their honor and mourn the loss of the innocence...of the child victims; of the children.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Republican Party Of Death!!

Yes, though they walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, they shall fear no Evil...but evil will do well to fear them!! The party on 'No', is the party of 'life at conception' and is really the party of Death. It is my opinion that the Republicans can not be judged by their words but must be judged by their actions. This is the party where good ideas and intentions go to die.

It is simple to tell who they are by their policies and what they fight for. Jobs are the first to die at the hands of these 'No Taxes' Grover Norquist zombies... people who put party before Country. To them, it doesn't matter what you lose in the process by starving the economy of the Tax revenues it needs, as long as the fictitious 'Job Creators' are allowed to keep their taxes while reducing the safety conditions and benefits of their workers, as it costs more money to do otherwise.

Next to die at the hands of the party of Death is the elderly, who are made to deal with dwindling health care and more or higher costs for all their care needs. The party fights hard to repeal the Obama healthcare plan because it will help more people to get better healthcare and it helps provide health insurance for kids up to the age of 26yrs old, through their parents' health plan. That is something that goes against their agenda of Privatizing more and more of the profits that can be realized by raising private health insurance costs.

The Death party is famous for loving wars and the death and carnage it brings. They have built the Military industrial complex, something we had been warned against doing by none other than Dwight D. Eisenhower, here is the transcript of the speech. http://www.h-net.org/~hst306/documents/indust.html

The party of Death was outed by Representative Alan Grayson who explained why under the Republican health plan, if you got sick, you should Die Quickly! Here is that video. They are now launching an all out assault on women and their right to choose an abortion or not. They are now trying to change the laws to read that life at conception will be the new law and that could mean all sorts of bad things for women and their health. Here is their plan, the Life at Conception act. http://www.prolifealliance.com/life%20at%20conception%20act.htm

The Republican Death party is also trying to remove or otherwise disband the powers of the EPA and FDA, in an all out effort to allow Companies to put or leave poisonous things in our foodstuffs that they are required to remove right now, it obviously costs more to produce safer products. Less regulations will allow them to import items that have not conformed to US safety standards, I remind you of lead contained in painted toys imported a while back from China. I'm sure that you also remember millions of baby bottles being removed from the shelves of Walmart because they contained dangerous chemicals...something I'm sure costed the company millions of dollars.

Lesser regulations in the field would result in more unsafe practices in the Oil industry, the Chemical industry and the Nuclear industry, all of which would result in increased risk to life and limb, in these industries. This could mean the Chemical companies would have a more free hand in using chemicals that are dangerous to humans and the environment.

Of the 90,000 chemicals that have been invented and are in use over the past 100 years only, only 15% have been tested for human use, and then this is done with testing to determine the effects on adults. http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/doczone/2008/disappearingmale/chemicals.html

Our babies and young children are not even addressed concerning what adverse effects these chemicals will have on them. One wonders why there are increasing amounts of strange and new diseases children have been developing over the last 40 years. I think these untested chemicals must play some role in the afflictions of our kids.

So, this is just a small peek into the Republican Party of Death...Beware...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Third Woman And A Witness Accuses Cain…Well Duhh!!!

A third woman has come out accusing Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior. We all knew that would happen didn’t we? These acts usually come in groups, getting easier to perform as the years go by and the success rate rises. The Huffington Post runs this story “The ex-staffer, a woman who worked for Cain at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, told the Associated Press that GOP candidate displayed aggressive and unsolicited behavior, including suggestive remarks and inappropriate gestures. She claimed that he even invited her back to his apartment.”

This story comes hard on the heels of a prediction I made in one of my previous articles in which I predicted that Rick Perry would jump on the failing Cain Republican run, by squeezing the throat of the already choking campaign. In this case Perry has sent one (allegedly) of his indirect campaign staff to do the job…the gentleman is saying he was a witness to inappropriate actions carried out by Cain on one of his accusers. This story was broken on CNN this afternoon -11/02/11 – and is already engulfing the web in the flames of an exploding Cain campaign.

This is how The National Journal.com post put it:
Chris Wilson, a Republican pollster and former employee of the National Restaurant Association, said he witnessed GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain sexually harass a co-worker.
“Everybody was aware of it,” Wilson said in an interview on Oklahoma City’s KTOK radio.
The alleged incident took place in a restaurant in Crystal City, Va., in plain sight. Wilson told POLITICO “it was very uncomfortable.” It is important to note Wilson’s current position: He is a pollster for a SuperPAC that supports Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a clear rival of Cain’s in the race to the White House.”