Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Third Woman And A Witness Accuses Cain…Well Duhh!!!

A third woman has come out accusing Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior. We all knew that would happen didn’t we? These acts usually come in groups, getting easier to perform as the years go by and the success rate rises. The Huffington Post runs this story “The ex-staffer, a woman who worked for Cain at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, told the Associated Press that GOP candidate displayed aggressive and unsolicited behavior, including suggestive remarks and inappropriate gestures. She claimed that he even invited her back to his apartment.”

This story comes hard on the heels of a prediction I made in one of my previous articles in which I predicted that Rick Perry would jump on the failing Cain Republican run, by squeezing the throat of the already choking campaign. In this case Perry has sent one (allegedly) of his indirect campaign staff to do the job…the gentleman is saying he was a witness to inappropriate actions carried out by Cain on one of his accusers. This story was broken on CNN this afternoon -11/02/11 – and is already engulfing the web in the flames of an exploding Cain campaign.

This is how The National post put it:
Chris Wilson, a Republican pollster and former employee of the National Restaurant Association, said he witnessed GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain sexually harass a co-worker.
“Everybody was aware of it,” Wilson said in an interview on Oklahoma City’s KTOK radio.
The alleged incident took place in a restaurant in Crystal City, Va., in plain sight. Wilson told POLITICO “it was very uncomfortable.” It is important to note Wilson’s current position: He is a pollster for a SuperPAC that supports Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a clear rival of Cain’s in the race to the White House.”

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