Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ped(ophile) State, Not Penn State...anymore.

It is sad, but true. The men who were involved in one of the most horrible crimes against children, have also destroyed the very good name of the once proud Penn State. This is a crime that can never be erased. In their narrow minded attempt to cover up the sordid actions of a crazed child rapist, the University officials responsible for leaving this madman free to do his evil deeds have permanently thrown a veil of shame over the very spectacular institution that is ...was, Penn State. It will never be the same.
What made this shameful event all the more horrid is the fact that it could have been avoided. It ruined the lives of many innocent boys, at least eight boys, boys who are now young men, fractured and frightened young men, confused and surely angry young men. Their future is not at all clear and now that their lives and this scandal is about to be blown wide open, things will never be the same. They do not deserve this.

The shameful thing is that the University officials loved their cushy jobs and the fame and fortune that came with being at the top of a prestigious University. They became greedy and selfish...and they were determined to keep any and all threats to their lifestyle hidden, even if it was a criminal, committing crimes that were so horrible that even they would be ashamed of their actions... and they were even prepared to remove whatever they could not keep hidden, which begs the question, what happened to the DA that went missing years ago?

"Why didn't someone stop alleged pedophile Jerry Sandusky years ago?
One possible answer died with Ray Gricar, though even that phrase -- died with Ray Gricar -- makes an assumption. Is Ray Gricar dead? Officially he is, yes. He was declared dead in July of this year, but his body wasn't found, not in April 2005 when the Centre County (Pa.) district attorney disappeared after driving away from his home near State College. And not now. Not ever.

Ray Gricar, the man who declined to prosecute Sandusky in 1998 -- after setting up a sting that resulted in Sandusky making something close to a confession -- hasn't been seen since vanishing in 2005. Dead or alive. He's just ... gone." ...writes Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports.

This scandal has dragged down many men, some or maybe all, deserving of the loss of all that they have spent their lives building.  They have betrayed the students who looked up to them, who put their trust and indeed their admiration in these men, men who were role models to some...and gods to others. The man among those men, who has possibly lost the most is Joe Paterno, the famed Coach who brought Penn to the top of the list; a list, the prestige of which men would fight for...die for...and cover up the tracks of a rapist for.

What is equally disturbing is the fact that the students have totally missed the real victims of this whole affair...the children. There have been massive riots and protests, all for Coach Paterno...none for the victims of rape, the victims who were said to have been pimped out to high riding donors. Sadly someone must tell these misguided students, that they should stop the protests for their disgraced and disgraceful Coach and his cohorts and must instead gather their honor and mourn the loss of the innocence...of the child victims; of the children.

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