Thursday, January 15, 2015

Republicans Scoff At France... They Prefer Freedom Fries.

Well, the official rebuke of France in 2003 by Republicans, after the French declined to support the uninformed invasion of Iraq, proved that Republicans were not interested in what France thinks. This was further substantiated when the Republican nation...delirious as it is, voted with popular voice to opt for 'Freedom Fries' as the new verbiage, instead of 'French Fries.'

From Wikipedia...'Following the September 11 attacks by Al-Qaeda and the declaration of a "War on Terror" by President George W. Bush, an invasion of Iraq was proposed. During the United Nations Security Council deliberationsFrench Minister of Foreign Affairs Dominique de Villepin made it clear France would not support, nor participate in the invasion.[1] This caused some Americans to accuse France of betrayal, reigniting prior anti-French sentiment in the United States.[2]'

Furthermore... 'Renaming was initiated in February 2003 by Beaufort, North Carolina "Cubbie's" restaurant owner Neal Rowland, who said he was motivated by similar actions against Germanyin World War I, when sauerkraut was called "liberty cabbage", and frankfurters were renamed "hot dogs".[3][4] In an interview about the name change, Rowland commented "since the French are backing down [from the war], French fries and French everything needs to be banned".[5] In March 2007, Rowland obtained a trademark registration for the term "freedom fries".[6]'

Then...'On March 11, 2003 Republican U.S. Representatives Bob Ney and Walter B. Jones directed the three House cafeterias to change all references to French fries and French toast on menus, and replace them with Freedom fries and Freedom toast, respectively. Jones chose to follow Cubbie's example by circulating a letter to his colleagues advocating their renaming because, he said, "the French were 'sitting on the sidelines.'

It is blatantly obvious that the vehement concern that the Republican politicians exhibit for France's misfortunes at the hands of extremists, is simply an opportunity for the Republicans to dump on the 'Black man in the white house'.. something that they will use any chance to do. 

It is no secret that the right wingers pretend to be overwhelmingly broken hearted and supremely appalled at the fact that the 'Black man in the White House' chose not to send a higher up to the recent march in France, which was attended by the who's who in the world of international leaders.

I think they really don't care what happens to the French as much as they pretend to, but they do care that they do not miss an opportunity to make President Obama look as if he has dropped the ball. I think they should really focus on the crimes visited upon France and at the very least bring themselves to have some caring and heartfilled concern for our neighbors, as their good book suggests.

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