Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Republican Brand Is Dead!

The Republican brand is truly unrecognizable, it is definitely gone...dead. It can never come back. It used to be a party that had meaning to the American people, to the American landscape and to the American future. This party has been changed, undermined from within--allowed to surf the wave of its own greed, arrogance and hatred of anything that is not of its own making.

We can look at the party from many different angles to see what it has become. Through the eyes of God, the Republican Party is not something he will be proud of. God stands for loving thy neighbor, helping the poor, telling the truth, not facilitating stealing, cheating and robbing the American people. The party is now defined by these ugly and evil traits.

A quick look at the Republican Candidates will show how much the party has changed by what they are espousing. They want to repeal 'Obamacare', end Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; resulting in the suffering of your children, their Grandparents and you. They want the economy to fail, so that President  Obama and his presidency will be deemed a failure, even though the economy failing will mean America failing and falling into poverty and destitution...heralding a Great recession much worse that the last.

The Republican Party has now become the party of 'No'. It has become the pawns...Whores... of the Corporations who squeeze the life blood out of the very backbone of America; the middle class. They, being the Corporate whores they have become, now put the well being of the Multinational Companies and Foreign Countries like communist China, ahead of the American people.

They have put the wishes of Oil companies and Chemical companies which pollute our air, water and lands, before the safety and Security of the American people. These companies are poisoning your children on all fronts. The party wants to dismantle the FDA, the EPA and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. With these agencies gone or rendered toothless, America will simply become the American Republic of China, India or whichever country is the highest bidder. 

The Republican Party's Brand is dead...it can never come back...and President Gingrich and Vice President Trump will see that America and your children's futures die along with it. This coming election, vote with your heart, vote with your head and vote with everything American in you, before they take it all away from you...and your children.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Bombshell News! Single Payer Is Here!!

It is indeed the bombshell news that many have been waiting for but not many expected. America is well on its way to having a single payer system. This news has been long in coming and has only become a certainty due to the Health and Human Services' (HHS) recent decision to enforce the provisions contained in President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

There is a provision called The Medical Loss Ratio that outlines the specific areas where a provider can claim certain 'medical' expenses and also outlines how much of the provider's revenues must be spent in actually providing medical coverage to clients. That amount is between 80 to 85%.

This is a big F**king deal as VP Biden would say. Previously, Medical Providers would claim all sorts of  sales expenses and other unrelated costs as 'medical' expenses,  which would have ultimately cut down on the amount of revenue left over to provide actual coverage to customers, but the HHS has now cracked down on some of these vile and inhumane practices by adopting some strict guidelines that will make sure that the consumers get what we pay for.

This has large Parent Companies who own these 'scalpers'  running scared. This is most certainly a great thing for those of us who in the past had been refused coverage because we did not disclose on our medical forms that we had an itch in our ass at age five, or acne in high school. The Providers are so criminal in their behavior that babies who were deceptively deemed overweight have been refused coverage as well.

I have long said -- in my book Shock and Awe on America-- that the most intelligent way to get what we pay for is to remove the for-profit middle-man health care providers who are really fancy "Billing Companies" standing between the real health care providers (Doctors) and you.

Until now, this claiming of fictitious expenses has been a very effective way to skim Billions in profits off the books and rob the American people...something Republicans have been facilitating for years, insuring that their friends and donors to their election campaigns were handsomely paid for their efforts. It is no secret that Republicans have long advocated for these companies who rip off the American people, hence the all out effort by the Health Care industry and the Republicans to stifle 'Obamacare' and their vehement cry to repeal it when they get elected.

The story is reported here by Forbes.Com

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

George Bush and Tony Blair Found Guilty Of War Crimes

George W. Bush and Tony Blair were both found guilty of War Crimes, in a Malaysian War Crimes Tribunal. The Kuala Lampur War Crimes Tribunal, as reported here by Ottawacitizen.com, issued a statement in which they said…’The Tribunal deliberated over the case and decided unanimously that the first accused George Bush and second accused Blair have been found guilty of crimes against peace”
This comes after two years of investigation in which it was found… “The evidence showed that the drums of wars were being beaten long before the invasion. The accused in their own memoirs have admitted their own intention to invade Iraq regardless of international law”

The war crimes tribunal was initiated by Former Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad, who is a fierce critic of the Iraq War. The hearings took place over a period of four days and the guilty decision was a unanimous one. The seven member panel was chaired by former Malaysian Court Judge Abdul Kadir Sulaiman. The panel also consisted of five judges who, apart from their Judicial backgrounds, also have academically recognized backgrounds.  The prosecution team was headed by two prominent legal personalities with strong professional legal credentials: Gurdeal Singh Nijar and Francis Boyle.

Bush’s and Blair’s names should now be entered in a register for war criminals. The Tribunal will also pursue their being tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC).  The Kuala Lampur Tribunal is being hailed in many quarters as being a champion for the cause by it’s great courage in standing up to powerful Western interests who have downplayed the crimes of Bush and Blair by not prosecuting them in their respective countries.

Although the guilty finding of the court has no official International teeth thus far, it does set the stage for more trials for at least seven more of their cohorts including Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Political Science and International Affairs lecturer at the Midlands State University Dr Mark Chingono is quoted by The Africanlegalbrief.com…”This verdict sets good precedence as it gives moral high ground to the third world countries and it somehow restrains these powerful countries not to invade other countries in future.”
“The challenge we have is that in international politics, what matters is power and at the moment those countries hold so much power and the question now is can we be able to bring them before a fair court”

Aljazeera.com reports…The Kuala Lampur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) added two “Orders” to its verdict that had been adopted in accordance with the charter of the KLWCC that controlled the operating framework of the tribunal: 1) Report the findings of guilt of the two accused former heads of state to the International Criminal Court in The Hague; and 2) Enter the names of Bush and Blair in the Register of War Criminals maintained by the KLWCC.

The tribunal also added several recommendations to its verdict: 1) Report findings in accord with Part VI (calling for future accountability) of the Nuremberg Judgment of 1945 addressing crimes of surviving political and military leaders of Nazi Germany; 2) File reports of genocide and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague; 3) Approach the UN General Assembly to pass a resolution demanding that the United States end its occupation of Iraq; 4) Communicate the findings of the tribunal to all members of the Rome Statute (which governs the International Criminal Court) and to all states asserting Universal Jurisdiction that allows for the prosecution of international crimes in national courts; and 5) Urge the UN Security Council to take responsibility to ensure that full sovereign rights are vested in the people of Iraq and that the independence of its government be protected by a UN peacekeeping force.”

This is the start of hopefully a long and rigorous pursuit of justice on behalf of the more than 100,000 innocent Iraqi lives lost, the thousands of American Soldiers killed in Iraq, the more than one million Iraqis who were displaced and lost everything they had, the tens of thousands of Iraqi children who lost everything they had...including their families-- the tens of thousands of Iraqi children who will suffer and die because of their new situations of being homeless, children who will now be raped, sold into slavery, be forced to live on the streets--  the tens of thousands of wounded American Soldiers and also the tens of thousands of them now suffering with PTSD, by this trumped up lie called the ‘war on terror’

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