Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Bombshell News! Single Payer Is Here!!

It is indeed the bombshell news that many have been waiting for but not many expected. America is well on its way to having a single payer system. This news has been long in coming and has only become a certainty due to the Health and Human Services' (HHS) recent decision to enforce the provisions contained in President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

There is a provision called The Medical Loss Ratio that outlines the specific areas where a provider can claim certain 'medical' expenses and also outlines how much of the provider's revenues must be spent in actually providing medical coverage to clients. That amount is between 80 to 85%.

This is a big F**king deal as VP Biden would say. Previously, Medical Providers would claim all sorts of  sales expenses and other unrelated costs as 'medical' expenses,  which would have ultimately cut down on the amount of revenue left over to provide actual coverage to customers, but the HHS has now cracked down on some of these vile and inhumane practices by adopting some strict guidelines that will make sure that the consumers get what we pay for.

This has large Parent Companies who own these 'scalpers'  running scared. This is most certainly a great thing for those of us who in the past had been refused coverage because we did not disclose on our medical forms that we had an itch in our ass at age five, or acne in high school. The Providers are so criminal in their behavior that babies who were deceptively deemed overweight have been refused coverage as well.

I have long said -- in my book Shock and Awe on America-- that the most intelligent way to get what we pay for is to remove the for-profit middle-man health care providers who are really fancy "Billing Companies" standing between the real health care providers (Doctors) and you.

Until now, this claiming of fictitious expenses has been a very effective way to skim Billions in profits off the books and rob the American people...something Republicans have been facilitating for years, insuring that their friends and donors to their election campaigns were handsomely paid for their efforts. It is no secret that Republicans have long advocated for these companies who rip off the American people, hence the all out effort by the Health Care industry and the Republicans to stifle 'Obamacare' and their vehement cry to repeal it when they get elected.

The story is reported here by Forbes.Com

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