Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Republican Brand Is Dead!

The Republican brand is truly unrecognizable, it is definitely gone...dead. It can never come back. It used to be a party that had meaning to the American people, to the American landscape and to the American future. This party has been changed, undermined from within--allowed to surf the wave of its own greed, arrogance and hatred of anything that is not of its own making.

We can look at the party from many different angles to see what it has become. Through the eyes of God, the Republican Party is not something he will be proud of. God stands for loving thy neighbor, helping the poor, telling the truth, not facilitating stealing, cheating and robbing the American people. The party is now defined by these ugly and evil traits.

A quick look at the Republican Candidates will show how much the party has changed by what they are espousing. They want to repeal 'Obamacare', end Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; resulting in the suffering of your children, their Grandparents and you. They want the economy to fail, so that President  Obama and his presidency will be deemed a failure, even though the economy failing will mean America failing and falling into poverty and destitution...heralding a Great recession much worse that the last.

The Republican Party has now become the party of 'No'. It has become the pawns...Whores... of the Corporations who squeeze the life blood out of the very backbone of America; the middle class. They, being the Corporate whores they have become, now put the well being of the Multinational Companies and Foreign Countries like communist China, ahead of the American people.

They have put the wishes of Oil companies and Chemical companies which pollute our air, water and lands, before the safety and Security of the American people. These companies are poisoning your children on all fronts. The party wants to dismantle the FDA, the EPA and the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. With these agencies gone or rendered toothless, America will simply become the American Republic of China, India or whichever country is the highest bidder. 

The Republican Party's Brand is dead...it can never come back...and President Gingrich and Vice President Trump will see that America and your children's futures die along with it. This coming election, vote with your heart, vote with your head and vote with everything American in you, before they take it all away from you...and your children.

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