Thursday, July 17, 2014

Israel Has Now Become The Pharaoh... (Video)

While many see the rocket attacks by Hamas as the cause behind Israel's recent swift and heavy handed retaliation against Palestine and its people, there are those in other countries who see things much differently. In the video below filmed on 14th July 2014, the United Kingdom's Parliamentarians complain and offer their concerns about Israel's wanton devastation of Gaza and its inhabitants, the targeting of water and other vital resources, the targeting of homes, mosques and the like. 

I have now seen a parallel between the Pharaoh and Moses' Israelites whom he enslaved, tortured and killed indiscriminately, and the modern Israelites who now indiscriminately torture and kill the Palestinian people, including women and children, with their own rocket attacks. Israel has sadly forgotten their own roots. 

One may ask how or in what way does the Israelites torture their Palestinian neighbors, well as you have seen in the video, the evidence is clear that the Parliamentarians now consider that Gaza is the largest outdoor prison anywhere in the world. This opinion is shared by most who realize that there are checkpoints at all points leaving Gaza and many are not allowed to leave, but forced to live in terror and indeed in squalor. This next video is very telling...

When people hear about things from speakers who are considered as 'outsiders' there is naturally a cautionary approach when observing the speaker, after all, the speaker may have their own personal agenda for sometimes bending the truth for their own purposes. Being as this may be, I have included this video from an Israeli General's son who lays it out for all to witness.

I think it is important that whatever decisions Israel makes from here on in, that it be made with their history of being brutally enslaved by the Pharaoh in mind, this should be the lens through which the future must be seen and crafted by Israel, never forget your roots. 

Remember, Israel...with great power comes great responsibility... not to kill everything in sight nor to perpetuate violence, but to preserve life. So far, in encouraging death, you are failing. You cannot have the child, the underdog, the weaker power make the decisions about peace, you must be wise enough to do this. 

You must be wise enough to realize that the opponent is in a corner like a trapped animal, there is nowhere to go and nothing else to do but fight. You have to be the adult and find peaceful solutions, your failure to do that shows your willingness to be unholy and bask in the shame of your act. Don't let your opponent draw you into battle, you are then the pawn. Be wise, be Godlike, it is your rightful demeanor, don't deny it and be the Pharaoh you people hated.

In your own family, you do not encourage one of your sons to kill the other, you help them find solutions. Show character, courage and leadership now, be the adult, as peace demands... do not succumb to failure and the cowardice of taking the easy way out and killing your opponent. Palestine is not your enemy, failure, war and shame is...

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