Friday, December 2, 2016

Dakota 38... The Truth... The Killing (Video)

As we approach December 26th 2016, It is time that we see and learn the truth of December 26th 1862. As in a few days from now, many Native Americans and the brave others who stand with them, will be persecuted in North Dakota while they stand bravely against the building of the Keystone oil pipeline or Dakota access pipeline that passes through Native lands, Native Burial grounds and threatens the very water that sustains the land. 

So we see, that the fight of the Native American still carries on. They fight for their very existence now as they have always done... as their blood was spilt in the 1860's, so it may be spilt again, but they are not alone this time around, as thousands gather to stand with them, and the world watches on. At the time of this posting, there are 2000 veterans gearing up to go there and support their native brothers, and face the police water cannons, rubber bullets and concussion grenades in sub zero temperatures. The battle continues...

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