Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ode To Billy (The Kid)

I am the hunted, I am the one,
Living every day, under the gun
Another day in the shadows,
Another night on the run.
But they won't catch me now,
'Cause I'm second to none.

My deeds, they haunt me,
From daylight, 'til I rest my head,
If I don't find some refuge soon,
One day I know, I'll end up dead.

The wind at my back, it follows me,
The long and winding road ahead,
The riders, they come, out to get me,
They wanna hang me,
They'll make me dead.

The roadside flowers, they wish me well,
If we'll meet again, they cannot tell,
But at least they knew me,
As I lived my last,
At least they knew me, but that was the past.

The journey ends, when I get to boot hill,
I had to get paid, for all those I'd killed.
The Sheriff laughs, he got his man,
Six feet under his boot I can...
No longer run,
No longer hide,
Under boot hill now, forever I reside.

You will see me again, this curse I will say,
We shall all meet here, on our long last day.
With our guns in our hands, and our horses all tied,
Death comes for us, for we've lived and we've died.

You will see me again, I'm Billy, I say,
You will see me again, on your very last day.
Boot hill is our home, one we didn't want ever,
Our last breath now gone, We will see the light never.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump's Killing Fields, Global Terror And Blood On His Hands. (Audio)

President Trump has signed and reactivated what is commonly known as The Mexico City Policy. This is a policy that is not known to the larger sector of the US population, but it is important enough to have been already signed into law.

This policy is also known as The Global Gag rule and affects millions of women and children around the world. It affects Health care providers around the world and essentially prevents them from providing healthcare services to women globally, resulting in more deaths than if left unactivated.

This is the new war on women in 2017, which takes it to a global level, as was also done by previous Republican presidents. Make no mistake, this is global terror inflicted on defenseless women and children.

"You’re silencing the doctors and nurses in the consultation room, you’re affecting the practice of medicine and the free speech of medical professionals," says Girard. "Either they take U.S. money and stop providing comprehensive care for women, or they’re going to take U.S. funding and possibly forgo other sources of funding."

WNYC's Brian Lehrer digs into this policy with Francoise Girard, President of The International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC). Click on this link to listen to the 36 minute show... WNYC's Brian Lehrer show audio.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Dakota 38... The Truth... The Killing (Video)

As we approach December 26th 2016, It is time that we see and learn the truth of December 26th 1862. As in a few days from now, many Native Americans and the brave others who stand with them, will be persecuted in North Dakota while they stand bravely against the building of the Keystone oil pipeline or Dakota access pipeline that passes through Native lands, Native Burial grounds and threatens the very water that sustains the land. 

So we see, that the fight of the Native American still carries on. They fight for their very existence now as they have always done... as their blood was spilt in the 1860's, so it may be spilt again, but they are not alone this time around, as thousands gather to stand with them, and the world watches on. At the time of this posting, there are 2000 veterans gearing up to go there and support their native brothers, and face the police water cannons, rubber bullets and concussion grenades in sub zero temperatures. The battle continues...

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Putin Shuts All Trump's Businesses In Russia And Across Europe.

That is the headline that would shock the world, but it will never happen because a President Trump will fold like a cheap suit and give America away to Putin on a silver platter.

Donald Trump has the most wealth of any past presidential candidate invested in Europe, and Putin controls Europe. This makes Trump the highest security risk ever presented or personally faced by a sitting president.

It is no secret that Putin has threatened European countries in the past and he holds too much power by way of his supply lines of fossil fuels.

From Wikipedia...'The Russian Federation supplies a significant volume of fossil fuels and is the largest exporter of oil and natural gas to the European Union. In 2007, the European Union imported from Russia 185 million tonnes of crude oil, which accounted for 32.6% of total oil import, and 100.7 million tonnes of oil equivalent of natural gas, which accounted 38.7% of total gas import.[1]...'

'In 2007, 38.7% of the European Union's natural gas total imports and 24.3% of consumed natural gas originated from Russia.[1][5] As of 2009, Russian natural gas was delivered to Europe through 12 pipelines, of which three were direct pipelines (to Finland, Estonia and Latvia), four through Belarus (to Lithuania and Poland) and five through Ukraine (to Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland).[5] In 2011, an additional pipeline, Nord Stream (directly to Germany through the Baltic Sea), opened.[6]'

'The largest importers of Russian gas in the European Union are Germany and Italy, accounting together for almost half of the EU gas imports from Russia. Other larger Russian gas importers (over 5 billion cubic meter per year) in the European Union are France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.[7][8] The largest non-EU importers of Russian natural gas are Ukraine, Turkey and Belarus.[7]'

Trump could have billions invested across Europe and there is no way to stop the Russian strongman Putin from financially ruining Trump, so naturally Trump will succumb to Putin's threat to bankrupt him,  and will become Putin's puppet in the White house, as Hillary predicted. Trump does not have the will to refuse Putin. 

Trump does not have the resources to go up against a country... Putin has the power of Russia behind him, while Trump is just a businessman. Trump cannot use the power of the White house to wage war against Russia for personal business.

If behind closed doors, Putin orders the European union members to shutter Trump businesses, those countries are helpless to resist such orders as Trumps businesses are not important to the running or existence of these countries. Trump is just one of millions of businesses in Europe so no one will care if he goes out of business.

This is the greatest threat to America and the White House now, as we have never had a President who has so much wealth to lose and is such an easy target to blackmail...

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Colombia's Price Of War, Colombia's Price For Peace

Colombia is facing a difficult decision right now...

From the New York Times... 'A narrow margin divided the yes-or-no vote, with 50.2 percent of Colombians rejecting the peace deal and 49.8 percent voting in favor, the government said....  And it left the future of rebels who had planned to rejoin Colombia as civilians — indeed, the future of the war itself, which both sides had declared over — unknown.

Mr. Santos, who appeared humbled by the vote on television on Sunday, said the cease-fire that his government had signed with the FARC would remain in effect. He added that he would soon “convene all political groups,” especially those against the deal, “to open spaces for dialogue and determine how we will go ahead.”

Rodrigo Londoño, the FARC leader, who was preparing to return to Colombia after four years of negotiations in Havana, said he, too, was not interested in more war. “The FARC reiterates its disposition to use only words as a weapon to build toward the future,” he said in a statement. “With today’s result, we know that our challenge as a political party is even greater and requires more effort to build a stable and lasting peace.

The question voters were asked was simple: “Do you support the final agreement to end the conflict and construct a stable and enduring peace?” But it was one that had divided this country for generations, as successive governments fought what seemed to be a war without an end and the Marxist FARC rebels dug into the forest for a hopeless insurgency.

To many Colombians who had endured years of kidnappings and killings by the rebels, the agreement was too lenient. It would have allowed most rank-and-file fighters to start lives as normal citizens, and rebel leaders to receive reduced sentences for war crimes.

“There’s no justice in this accord,” said Roosevelt Pulgarin, 32, a music teacher who cast his ballot against the agreement on a rainy day at an elementary school in Bogotá, the capital. “If ‘no’ wins, we won’t have peace, but at least we won’t give the country away to the guerrillas. '

This feeling of betrayal and the need for revenge and justice is echoed in the resounding but close victory of the 'No' vote.

Unfortunately for all Colombians, while the price for peace is not as horrible as the price of war, it is a bitter pill indeed. It is the only cure for what ails Colombia and it is a difficult price to pay but it is the best remedy for this 52 year curse. 

The cry for justice alone, cannot cure the pain or right the wrongs... The price for peace lies in the giving up of the blood lust for revenge and for a justice that can not make up for the blood spilled in the last 52 years. 

Giving up the hatred and the need for revenge, giving in to the need for peace and progress, accepting the country's need to move on without retribution on either side, is the only way forward.

There are many on both sides who have lost loved ones, the taking of more lives and prolonging the bitterness is not what Colombia needs. There are many who can't bring themselves to forgive the other side... and no one has to. 

All anyone has to do is lay down their arms and lay down the rhetoric of war, walk away from the rational idea of avenging their dead. That is the price of peace... just giving up on the hate, the rage, the anger. 

Turning away from war and embracing peace is the bitter pill that is needed now. Sometimes the simple decision is the most difficult to put in motion and carry out. 

Centuries ago, when the battle was over, both sides went home and nursed their wounds, they embraced those on their side who were left, those who lived, and they rebuilt their lives. 

That is the price of peace now for Colombia. Just give up the need for justice, there is no justice during war, neither is there justice after war... there never was and there never will be for those who have lost friends, family and countrymen. 

Both sides need to give up and just move on to a peaceful tomorrow. This is the price of peace.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Vs Clinton First Presidential Debate 2016 Full Video

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Standardized Testing Is Great But Parents Don't Get It.

What do parents not get? Their job is to prepare their kids for school. When they send the kids to school, the children will pay attention to what is being taught, absorb the lessons like a sponge and they will progress at a higher level and a much faster pace.

I can write about this because I have seen the success kids can have, from the inside. Parents don't have to sit and help their kids with homework, you simply have to prepare the child to want to do it, to want to do the hard work to get ahead. Parents are not the ones in class, so how can you do the homework? I did not have to help my kids with homework. 

It is easy to do if you understand what needs to be done. Children are distracted from all sides with issues that they sometimes do not understand in the world, and the parent has to realize this and steady the child, by talking to them and explaining things on their level. This helps to keep the children calm and steady as they face the challenges of getting a good education.

The earlier you start to inspire your child it will greatly improve their trajectory. They can get into advanced classes and programs given at their schools. Essentially you want to get them in an advanced program by grade school, sometime before middle school.

It may be something as simple as showing them expensive things like nice cars and houses and letting them know that they are capable of getting these things with a good education and a good job. It is not that we are trying to make the child grow up to be materialistic, it is a parent's trick to inspire their child... like Santa Clause being real.  Children will believe you, so make the fantasy and the stories grand.

As they get older, they understand more and you introduce them to the idea of doing good things and having pride in themselves, you teach them that they can become great leaders and that everyone will appreciate their leadership qualities. You impress upon them how far they can get by being a strong leader, and you always remind them of how proud you are of them, re-enforcing that they have your support. 

I taught my kids that there is no word called 'best' in their vocabulary. Instead they should focus on the word 'better' and use that to propel themselves forward. So if they came home with a 90 on their test or grade B in something, then they will build on that tomorrow and better that grade. In short, best means something final, the end on their effort, while bettering that grade is what they want to work on each day. So they are always climbing upward.

Be prepared to give the child an extra boost by paying for extra lessons, I did... so they can use that boost to get into the advanced classes. The advanced classes get a better deal, they go from middle school to the best high schools. At these better high schools, they get to compete for scholarships given by companies who will pay for their collage costs and give them a great job when the kids graduate.

It is the difference between a starting salary of under $50k, and one over that amount. I have seen kids who start with $100k salaries... so the sky is the limit if you as the parent get inside their heads at an early age.

The new fad is parents are using all sorts of excuses to prevent their kids from taking standardized testing, thinking they are doing something good for their kids when it is really the opposite. Children who are not allowed to prepare for and do the tests, are being held back academically, and they will suffer those consequences later on.

Both my kids went to public school in Queens NY,  from PS 100, to PS 124, Then to MS226 and then on to Stuyvesant High School. So they stayed in the public school system from start to finish, the point being the schools and the teaching curriculum is fine, the secret is the child and what the parent puts in their heads to prepare them for learning in school. When children are inspired then you don't have to do much, just a little guidance and inspiration along the way... I did this.

All this talk about charter schools and vouchers is just garbage. In my opinion it does not matter if you put your child in the newest or best rated school.  If your child does not want to pay attention in class and learn, and absorb the work being taught... nothing will happen. You as the parent have to inspire your child at the earliest opportunity, when you can still mold their little minds, and just hold their hands and guide them along the way.

Don't distract your child with anything outside of study and play. To do so may be your and their undoing. Whether its common core or something else, testing is great to identify the areas that kids are weaker in, and then you as the parent finds solutions, like extra lessons... don't find excuses, to stop their testing. I have written on this subject before.

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