Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain Denies Sexual Harassment

Why is October 31 2011 a big f***ing deal? Well,  for the kiddies out there it means a great night of Trick or Treating, but for political junkies like myself it has a much darker and sinister appeal this year. Everyone's favorite sideshow candidate for the Republican nomination is trying to duck under rocks or slip into any snake's hole in the ground to avoid the questions fielded by any reporter worth his salt in the media today. That question is "Mr Cain, are you guilty of sexual harassment against those women?'

To counter the already looming avalanche that is certain to tumble his prospects for being the country's 2nd black president, Mr. Cain sent his cigarette smoking, hero cowboy Chief of Staff to do the usual 'bob and weave' on the MSNBC's Daily Rundown with everyone's favorite, Chuck Todd. As expected Mr. Block was as close to being declarative as he could be without actually saying that he was there and saw that nothing happened. Having now had my 2nd look this morning at Mr. Block, the 1st being the 'Cain for President" (now viral) ad, where Mr. Block is smoking and puffing smoke at the camera, I must say he looks completely human...and likable.  He seems to be a soft spoken and honorable man, one wonders what evil things he did in his last life, to be saddled with Herman Cain in this one.

Apparently the Cain Campaign is deflecting all questions to the outfit which he headed during the alleged claims between 1996 to 1999, the National Restaurant Association. One wonders if that will be enough to lay this issue to rest, since the women in question were made to sign agreements that gave them financial 'incentives' to leave albeit under the restriction  of what could be called a 'Gag Order'. Only the future will tell if this 'Gag Order' is airtight, or if Mr. Cain will be forced to resort to 'greasing the wheels' again, to encourage these women to develop some sort of  'forgetful' behavior about the incident.

One can expect Rick Perry--the man waiting in the wings with the most to gain and hoping that the impending nosedive of Herman Cain's campaign  will serve  to reinvigorate his own--to launch a frantic attack and grab at the throat of Cain's now choking campaign and squeeze it for all it's worth. This is going to be a wonderful and eventful Halloween 2011 indeed, with Herman Cain screaming "bring me facts, let me face my accusers" ...while he drowns in an apparent mess of his own making.  Here is how the BBC reports it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pastor Oral Roberts' Gay Grandson Has A Message...

Many do not know who was Oral Roberts but many of us who are old enough do...He put the Evangelic TV Productions on the map, he was truly a great pioneer in this the 1970's. He was a good man, as all people are...some of them just don't know it. Because some don't know it, they are confused about just what to do about the fact that they themselves are Gay, or that there are Gay people living on Earth. They are confused because there are many uninformed Religious opinions about how and why there are Gay people and they are confused about what Religious dogma says about Gay people. Religion says that being Gay is some kind of sin...that is just confused and uninformed on so many levels.

Gay people are people ...plain and simple. Just as you and I...who dress warm in the winter, eat food so we will live another day and love life and those close to us. We do what we think we need to do to be happy, healthy and alive...this is exactly what Gay people want too. They want to be happy, they want to be healthy and they want to live and love as they feel happy doing. That's all...end of story.

Religion is the largest stumbling block to Gay people. Their wish to just live a happy, healthy and normal life, is just what any human being wants for themself...normal life...yes I said that and did not make a is normal to be Gay...or straight. It is not a curse from some idiotic god, it is not a mistake of Nature it is just what some people are, regardless of how, when or why they find themselves being Gay.  Some of us are born Gay, some of us fall in love with being Gay and some of us physically change and become Gay later in life when our Hormones start changing from Testosterone, to become Estrogen...and vice versa. I live in New York City where I have come to know all these people and everyone is a of my friends even did the whole sex change thing...and I love him for who she now is...

One may argue that changing Hormones do not a Gay person make...and we are just instead embracing our  Gay side that was already there...maybe...human beings are so different, so dynamic and so wonderful, that all of the above is true.

I understand the Gay issue from being on the outside and then being thrust headfirst inside's not as big a deal as those who misunderstand it think it is. There is a saying that goes..."Don't just watch...BE" ...they are just being real, being themselves, their loving selves, while those who misunderstand are being something they are really not...and that is being  hateful.

Humans are really not meant to be hateful, but 'The Bible tells us so.'...(that's part of a children's song.) Yes, children are indoctrinated into the hateful part of all religious cults at a time in their lives when they are susceptible to this hateful rhetoric ...when they are defenseless to ward off the hate spewed by the elders of the they grow up to become hateful religious adults...something Pastor Oral Roberts and those preachers (snake oil salesmen) like him have done since religion was invented and women were deemed lesser and unclean...this is why it is so refreshing to see his Grandson son trying to create and grow a movement that changes the thinking of these mentally damaged Evangelists and all other religious people. Hate is a disease of the yes they are mentally damaged.

Pastor Oral Roberts' Grandson is Randy Robert Potts, his Facebook page is ...go like it...

This is his message...
"Young gay kids are still dying. In the words of U2's Bono, "How long to sing this song?" In 1950, gays did not have the Constitutionally-guaranteed right of assembly -- even a gay book club could be legally broken up by police who summarily recorded names in order to publicly shame gay men and women. We've come a slow, long way, and like Dr. King, we can finally see the promised land -- but -- we aren't quite there.
There are STILL gay men and women questioning if they are a decent human being with any reason to live, and most of them come from Evangelical backgrounds. The largest group still opposing gay rights in America are Evangelicals -- convince them to change and we'll change the country. When the first major Evangelical leader publicly embraces gays with open arms, well, that will be the beginning of the end. It's not far off.

This is the time to be speaking out -- as far as I can tell, the iron is hot! I am a grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts who just happened to be born gay; 31 years later I found a way to embrace my big gay heart. I am a writer, hoping to brighten my grandfather’s legacy in terms of the “gay question” – young Evangelicals are currently asking “What should we do with the gays?” when the question should be “What would we do without them?” We are not out to change minds -- we are out to calm fears.

Evangelicals are scared. They hear from their leaders that gays are poisoning society, that their god destroys cities on account of homosexuality, that two men loving each other is disgusting to god. Address this irrational fear head on, and minds will change of their own accord. This is not a fight we're going to win with logic. The only task today is to spread hope. Hope, to young gay kids. Hope, to scared Evangelicals. Hope, to politicians walking the fence.

Spread enough hope and someday we can live the dream Dr. King spoke about 50 years ago --"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."" It's almost here."

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The heroes back home...

The Occupy Wall Street movement is doing for us what we all want to do for ourselves and our it! They are heroes, trying to save us from the greed and destruction that is upon us...those of us who can help in the struggle are stepping up to the challenge in whatever way we can and we are better for it. This is a video of Sgt. Shamar Thomas who like us, have seen the ugly face of battle and stands proud in the face of such adversity, with truth, honor and dignity.

After his showdown with NYPD, Sgt. Shamar Thomas was invited to sit in with Keith Olberman for a bit...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet The Republican Nominee, Herman Koch-Cain!

In the bible, Cain killed his brother Abel...think of how mind bending that must be for a young Herman Cain...that is a lot to measure up to, but our very own Herman Cain fully intends to live up to his namesake. Why do I think he will win? Well, it is easy to read the tea leaves...and the Tea Party...hatred of Mormons will trump hatred of Blacks. 

Why did I reference the Bible story? Well like Cain in the story, if Herman Cain's 999 plan...or as Bachmann put it the 'Devil is in the details' 666 plan, comes to fruition, the poor will surely die in great numbers, while the rich in this country will see their tax rates plummet by some 17%. 

This alone provides the incentive for wealthy billionaires like the Kochs to support him, as they will see their businesses profit from this plan by the Billions of dollars, with the Corporate tax rate being reduced from 35% to 9%. 

This sly 999 plan "would implement a 9 percent flat-tax on personal income and corporate income, along with a 9 percent national sales tax, while scrapping the rest of the tax code (including all of the deductions and all of the taxes on investment income such as capital gains)."

According to economists and also quoted here in this Think Progress article, as Center for American Progress Vice President for Economic Policy Michael Ettlinger put it, the plan “would be the biggest tax shift from the wealthy to the middle-class in the history of taxation, ever, anywhere, and it would bankrupt the country.” In essence, it would have the effect of cutting Federal Revenues in half, while causing more of a financial burden on the poor and the dwindling middle class.

Mr. Cain is no wimp, he understood the battle he would have as a black man walking among people who are not afraid to show that they hate you, so he got the biggest shield he could...that would be the backing of the Koch Brothers. 

He understood that if he was a Christian running against the Mormon front runners, and he had the Kochs on his side, then he had a fighting chance. Even running against the christians, his Koch support would be the deciding factor, as money does indeed talk.

According to Think Progress, Herman Cain held an official position in the Koch-funded group Americans for Prosperity, Dating back to 2005.
Cain’s campaign manager is the former president of Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin chapter.
Cain attended the Koch Brothers’ private biannual meeting in Palm Springs.
Cain traveled to Wisconsin in support of the Koch-funded union-busting bill.
Cain headlined a Koch-funded anti-climate rally in New York.
Cain was a featured speaker at the Koch-funded RightOnline conference...and the list goes on and on.

So, hail to the new Republican nominee, Christian Herman Koch-Cain!!

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Rush tries to paint the Occupy Wall Street crowd as antisemitic.

Rush Limbaugh may be as conniving and as hateful as they come, but he is outdoing himself more and more. With his usual mindless flair of flinging shit on the wall and seeing what sticks, today on his radio he has sent the first salvo against the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowds. He is secretly laying the undertone for his mindless minions to pick up their marching orders and declare the OWS as antisemitic. Below is a feed courtesy of Media Matters and ...

As an added bonus, I include this little ditty... Rush singing 'I'm a Nazi". This never fails to crack me up!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Romney can run, but Romney can't win!!

Mitt Romney can't win... no matter how hard he tries. That's because he is a Mormon running against the Christians. Why should this even matter? It shouldn't but it just goes to show how bad, evil, racist, hateful or all of the above, Republicans/Conservatives really are. Apparently even though he shares the same God delusion with his fellow conservatives, that is not enough to allow him to be included in the race and considered 'Presidential material.'

Apparently there is a new sheriff in town touting the works of none other than Rick Perry. This new protector of the sanctity of Christianity is a whack job by the name of Robert Jeffress.  According to this new and vocal proponent of Christianity and the rabid right...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints commonly known as the Mormon faith, is a cult. Obviously this crazy person does not understand that Christianity was called a cult until the third century. This is his interview.

According to this Jeffress guy, many Christians would rather to stay at home or vote for President Obama, than vote for Mitt Romney. Now there's an idea... The funny thing is that these wonderfully pretentious evangelicals who believe in Jesus only as far as they can throw him, are the first to say that this guy or that guy is not a true child of the lord while they are the ones who are quick to victimize someone and brand him 'unchristian'. They lie and cheat more than the rest of us and are the most racist and hateful group you ever met.

But wait...doesn't Mitt wear magic drawers? How come they are not working for him? With that kind of artillery in his pants I am surprised he did not beat McCain the last time around. Apparently Rick Perry is endwelled by the spirit of God and Mitt Romney isn't, if you believe this shyster. Jeffress says, 'If there is someone in the Oval office making the decision if to go to war or unleash a Nuclear attack, I would rather have someone endwelled by the spirit of God' It is truly mind boggling how the most Faithful among us are bent on war and death.

It is good to see that the 'real' Christians are not afraid to show their true selves, as the racists and haters they are...even when going against one of their own, who shares the delusion of God and religion, because it helps us to see the true evil that lurks in the hearts of these wolves in sheep's clothing. Maybe if Mitt were to put on two pairs of magic drawers...

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sarah Palin Busted!!

Sarah Palin is Jon Stewart...big time!! He put the screws on Sistah Sarah and her best money making scheme yet, Sarah Pac!! Those who missed Jon's show last night, October 6th can see it at this link...

Stewart masterfully swooped in and around the Palin Predicament we've come to know and love these past few years with the style and precision we have come to expect from Jon, the style that has made him a legend in his own right. He called out Gov. Christie for the attention whore that he is and struck a timely blow at Sarah's narcissism in the same swipe.

He quite rightly pointed out that Sistah Sarah's romp around the country in an election styled wrapped bus was all an elaborate we all knew was just for the purpose of fleecing those poor bastards who are gullible enough to believe a single word uttered by Sarah and her pack of roaming Pastoral nomads...moving between pastures of one pile of money to another.

Stewart pointed out that Sarah's plot to embezzle the public may have been just a rumor...or a victimless crime...until her own daughter, not to be undone, let the cat out of the bag and sold her conniving mother down the river in fine style, just like mummy taught her to, by being oblivious to the world...while being interviewed on Fox News. The apple did not fall far from the tree in this family and Jon seized on the opportunity to show that like her mother, she is as dumb as a rock...with lipstick!!

Stewart said the only way that Sarah's scheme would be dishonorable or shady would be if she knew all along that she would not run for office and just went along to steal her supporters money in the process. When asked if Sistah Sarah knew if she was really running or not, the reply on Fox was "She definitely knows, we've talked about it before, but some things just need to stay in the family" ...Damn, she's good at following mommy's shallow footsteps!

Jon Stewart's smiles after that clip, swooning in the obviously richly deserved credit for busting this 'Thief in lipstick' who wanted to be the 'Chief in lipstick' and could end up being the focus of the court 'Brief in Lipstick'...we can only hope... Bravo Jon Stewart...Bravo!!

Herman Cain Wants Scientific Proof For Being Gay, Well Here It Is...

Whereas many people have not researched this particular subject, I have...for the past three years, so here are my findings, for those who have not read the chapter 'Evolution' in my book 'Shock and Awe on America' which discusses this very topic...
Some feel that this article is very powerful...too powerful...and may be misunderstood by many, I understand that... but this discussion is happening in many circles right now and I refuse to have the "Rabid Religious Right" look down on us as being the scientific and the un-religious wrong. Many feel that although something wrong was done to them, causing them to be a different person than they would or may have been otherwise, they are still a beautiful, equal and perfect person regardless, they would just prefer that the cause, which is in this case toxic and poisonous substances, should not become the norm for future generations to be affected by.

We all have children we care about...and want grandchildren who are also unaffected by these toxins. Whoever they grow up to be is beautiful, there are no regrets... period! This is why there is a passionate push to eradicate these toxic and poisonous chemicals from our bodies. I know many people are homophobic and neither this article nor the science behind it is, but... this is not one of those tough issues that can or should be swept under the rug with the hope that no one will notice or be offended. I assure you I am not one of the religious all my readers know.

There are two chemicals/chemical groups of concern. The first is the chemical Bisphenol A or BPA, and the second is a group called Phthalates. Both BPA and Phthalates are Endocrine disrupters, they disrupt the human endocrine system and this is a problem...especially when it disrupts the human embryo who is changing to a boy or girl fetus at seven weeks old.

The short story is this, these chemicals prevent the human embryo from using the hormone Testosterone to assist in a complete change to a boy, as a result the embryo sometimes changes to a girl fetus at a ratio of approximately 3 to 1, that is there are 3 girls born to every 1 boy, instead of the 2 to 2 ratio you would normally expect... but alas, there are many problems when this change process is disturbed. Firstly, not all
human embryos have a complete change physically and mentally to a girl or boy when the process is disrupted.

The disruption of the process can result in physical and mental changes which would not have previously happened, these changes can vary dramatically, sometimes resulting in a fetus having a boy's body with a girl's mental wiring and vice versa. Other changes can result in a boy with a girl's genitals and vice versa. These changes are so varied it is impossible to guess how many changes these babies are born with and of
course changes are not a bad thing.

Many would just prefer that people willingly choose to become who they want to be in their future, rather than having a particular circumstance being thrust upon them. The general feeling is that the Homophobic, hateful people make it so difficult to be a gay person that some wish they were not born that way, not because the Homophobes are right, but because life is hard enough without these idiots trying to make it harder with
their hateful religious ways.

Because the brain controls the production of certain hormones, there is room in this scenario for the babies or even adults to have the delayed differing variations of hormones or hormone production stemming from this endocrine disruption, as the cells' DNA becomes damaged during the disruption. 

A male adult may have his Testosterone level change to Estrogen at a much earlier or younger age and at a faster rate than is normal, because of the disruption, resulting in a seemingly straight man becoming or preferring to have sexual preferences to other men, after first being married and having kids. We all remember New Jersey's Gov. Mc Greevey. The possibilities are endless and this can also apply to women.

You can be assured of the accuracy of the science by following the money, this endocrine disrupting effect from these chemicals caused Walmart to remove thousands or possibly millions of Baby Bottles from their shelves, thereby losing millions of dollars... why would they do that? Follow the money ...

Please feel free to question these findings and conduct some of your own research.
You can download the first half of my book which contains the evolution chapter here
for free...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Election Fraud and The Diebold Voting Machine!

The Argonne National Lab, which is run by the US Dept of Energy, has done what we have all seen before, years ago...their Vulnerability Assessment Team, has hacked into a Diebold Voting machine, this model being the Diebold Accuvote Touchscreen voting machine.

This feat was done with a chip that cost about $11. What is troubling is the fact that it can be done by anyone with a basic 8th grade understanding of science. What is even more troubling than that is the fact that the hacking can be done by remote control from as far off as half mile away!!

The experts at VAT have even been able to manipulate the paper trail that is printed by the machine so that no one will be the wiser that the vote has been changed. The shocking fact is that the hackers do not need to know or even manipulate the voting machine's software. The $11 chip is simply inserted into the machine and it is ready to be hacked...adding a $15 radio frequency remote control device now gives the hacker the convenience of doing the job from up to half a mile away.

This is the video that shows this will blow your mind!!! ...

This is disturbing on so many levels, it leaves me wondering if this technology can be used to remotely hack into more sensitive systems that could affect our Electrical Grid, our Traffic control systems, our water systems including our Dams etc. In this new era of hacking and terrorism, when we don't even have to manipulate software...I think we are really in new and unexplored territory.

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