Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Romney can run, but Romney can't win!!

Mitt Romney can't win... no matter how hard he tries. That's because he is a Mormon running against the Christians. Why should this even matter? It shouldn't but it just goes to show how bad, evil, racist, hateful or all of the above, Republicans/Conservatives really are. Apparently even though he shares the same God delusion with his fellow conservatives, that is not enough to allow him to be included in the race and considered 'Presidential material.'

Apparently there is a new sheriff in town touting the works of none other than Rick Perry. This new protector of the sanctity of Christianity is a whack job by the name of Robert Jeffress.  According to this new and vocal proponent of Christianity and the rabid right...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints commonly known as the Mormon faith, is a cult. Obviously this crazy person does not understand that Christianity was called a cult until the third century. This is his interview.

According to this Jeffress guy, many Christians would rather to stay at home or vote for President Obama, than vote for Mitt Romney. Now there's an idea... The funny thing is that these wonderfully pretentious evangelicals who believe in Jesus only as far as they can throw him, are the first to say that this guy or that guy is not a true child of the lord while they are the ones who are quick to victimize someone and brand him 'unchristian'. They lie and cheat more than the rest of us and are the most racist and hateful group you ever met.

But wait...doesn't Mitt wear magic drawers? How come they are not working for him? With that kind of artillery in his pants I am surprised he did not beat McCain the last time around. Apparently Rick Perry is endwelled by the spirit of God and Mitt Romney isn't, if you believe this shyster. Jeffress says, 'If there is someone in the Oval office making the decision if to go to war or unleash a Nuclear attack, I would rather have someone endwelled by the spirit of God' It is truly mind boggling how the most Faithful among us are bent on war and death.

It is good to see that the 'real' Christians are not afraid to show their true selves, as the racists and haters they are...even when going against one of their own, who shares the delusion of God and religion, because it helps us to see the true evil that lurks in the hearts of these wolves in sheep's clothing. Maybe if Mitt were to put on two pairs of magic drawers...

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