Friday, October 7, 2011

Sarah Palin Busted!!

Sarah Palin is Jon Stewart...big time!! He put the screws on Sistah Sarah and her best money making scheme yet, Sarah Pac!! Those who missed Jon's show last night, October 6th can see it at this link...

Stewart masterfully swooped in and around the Palin Predicament we've come to know and love these past few years with the style and precision we have come to expect from Jon, the style that has made him a legend in his own right. He called out Gov. Christie for the attention whore that he is and struck a timely blow at Sarah's narcissism in the same swipe.

He quite rightly pointed out that Sistah Sarah's romp around the country in an election styled wrapped bus was all an elaborate we all knew was just for the purpose of fleecing those poor bastards who are gullible enough to believe a single word uttered by Sarah and her pack of roaming Pastoral nomads...moving between pastures of one pile of money to another.

Stewart pointed out that Sarah's plot to embezzle the public may have been just a rumor...or a victimless crime...until her own daughter, not to be undone, let the cat out of the bag and sold her conniving mother down the river in fine style, just like mummy taught her to, by being oblivious to the world...while being interviewed on Fox News. The apple did not fall far from the tree in this family and Jon seized on the opportunity to show that like her mother, she is as dumb as a rock...with lipstick!!

Stewart said the only way that Sarah's scheme would be dishonorable or shady would be if she knew all along that she would not run for office and just went along to steal her supporters money in the process. When asked if Sistah Sarah knew if she was really running or not, the reply on Fox was "She definitely knows, we've talked about it before, but some things just need to stay in the family" ...Damn, she's good at following mommy's shallow footsteps!

Jon Stewart's smiles after that clip, swooning in the obviously richly deserved credit for busting this 'Thief in lipstick' who wanted to be the 'Chief in lipstick' and could end up being the focus of the court 'Brief in Lipstick'...we can only hope... Bravo Jon Stewart...Bravo!!


  1. So no one knew she's a con woman??? Oh I love it!

  2. BTW Welcome Bee, I added your blog to my blog roll, thank you for stopping by, fellow Trini, great to meet you!!

  3. Palin's come a long way from "Quitter in lipstick" to "Swindler in lipstick".