Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Right Wing Still Misunderstands Terrorism And Religion.

While the right wingers are distracted from the real issue of terrorism and religious idealism, the race is being won by the terrorists we ourselves produce,  who want to and surely will, do us harm in the future... if the right wingers have their way.

Firstly we have to ask, how are the right wingers wrong, and if so, then what is the correct way to address the terrorism issue? 

Well, first thing that may surprise right wingers is the fact that terrorists may change their minds and vice versa, good people may decide to become terrorists. 

The right wing is concerned that Syrian refugees, Mexicans, and all Muslims around the world need to be stopped from entering the US because they are potentially terrorists, this is just a strawman argument. It has teeth, just not sharp ones. Compared to the two potential terrorists that sneak into the US, we create a thousand potential ones, in our backyard.

The bigger picture is for decades we have been creating our own terrorists without any help from the Muslim community, they are made in our prisons and in our streets. We have the largest prison population this side of the Milky Way. Not all terrorists manufactured in the US prison system are brown and Middle Eastern in nature.... they are blacks and whites.

Many of our home grown terrorists are white and come from a non Middle Eastern background, while others are black and come from the inner cities where there is little hope of ever having a meaningful life, and once you have been dragged through the Justice system, which just takes kids who have their lives ahead of them, chew them up and spit them out without any hope of them being able to pick up and move on... we create potential terrorists by the thousands. 

We make this happen in larger numbers than the number of terrorists that can migrate here.

When would-be terrorists see a nation that will nurture their children and do our best to educate, love and protect them, that alone can change one's mind for the better and thereby help someone to not go off the deep end and perform terroristic acts. 

The San Bernardino shooters left their child here, with the Grandmother, to become a meaningful and productive part of a great society... the same society they had rebelled against, for their own reasons. Their parental love and best wishes for their child was bigger than whatever reason fooled them into taking their lives down that darkened path.

Like many other criminal organizations, once you join you are not allowed to leave, it may have been the same for these parents. After they got to the US and started a family, they realized their mistake, but could not stop the terroristic plan because usually, the group will kill all your family, so in effect, they had just given their lives to save their child and family members here and abroad.

When a kid who did a stupid thing is thrown to the wolves in a terrible prison system, there is little hope for him or her to come back into society without hate and anger coarsing through their veins... this is the easiest way to create home grown terrorists, who become gangbangers, school or workplace shooters and religious idealists with a special propensity to act out against society in general... and Planned Parenthood offices. 

American history is littered with groups and incidents that fall within the confines of terrorism, from the early 1900's to San Bernardino and the Planned Parenthood shootings recently.

Our politicians are not stupid even though they pretend they are, by adopting the worst and most heinous policies, which are not geared toward Nation Building, but instead is geared toward tearing down all the programs that are needed to help impoverished individuals receive Federal help to turn their lives around... even defenseless children are made to suffer with the cutting of school feeding programs by the right wing politicians.

Those who raise the argument that Federal dollars are not for use in Nation Building are absolutely wrong, this is the best use of our tax dollars. Revitalizing our communities will make us a stronger country, a safer country.

Anyone can decide to become a terrorist, for whatever reasons they choose, so by prohibiting one religious group, the Muslims, from traveling to America, the right wing is still not addressing the issue. We simply have to have a more intelligent discussion and approach to terrorism. Home grown terrorism can result in larger numbers than immigrant terrorists sneaking in.

It is no secret that people become radicalized in our prisons and our impoverished communities at a much higher rate than any amount of terrorists that will sneak in within the crowds of refugees. Anyone can decide to become a terrorist, so it is impossible to see a terrorist from the outside, and we can't read their minds. We have many terrorist events in the US that are not committed by those of Middle Eastern descent.... and they are not brown in color either. 

We have even had some that are not religious in their terroristic acts, such as Tim McVeigh's bombing of a Federal Building.

I think if we take proper care of our prisoners and make sure they have a productive life to return to, we will face one million less terrorists, and the few dozen that we do otherwise encounter, will seem a whole lot less scary to right wingers.

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