Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Don't Tread On My Nonreligious Liberties Please.

So apparently the majority of the citizens in the US are religious, comprising of many different faiths. Most of them are Christians, who unknowingly are treading on my rights and liberties by subjecting me and others to their religious biases, public religious practices and religiously based laws.

Christians are up in arms with the recent decisions of the SCOTUS and are hell bent on fighting some of these decisions even though some earlier decisions were alright by them... even the one in 2000, when SCOTUS gave Bush the win to beat Gore for the Presidency. I also remember the decisions of Citizens United v FEC and Hobby Lobby both of which were just great for conservatives whether they were Christians or not, but I think most conservatives are Christians as well.

Of particular concern to Christians right now is the decision by SCOTUS, to make same sex marriage legal in all 50 states of the US. Many conservatives are vehement in their opposition based on their religious understanding. 

The field of 2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls are voicing their opinions as well. Mike Huckabee said 'As president, I will never bow down to the false gods of judicial supremacy.

Ted Cruz had his own ideas to solve the issue..."This week in response to both of these decisions, I have called for another constitutional amendment — this one that would make members of the Supreme Court subject to periodic judicial retention elections," the other candidates were equally colorful in their opinions.

Many laws are made with the minority interest at heart, as the majority are usually the ones putting unbridled blame or stress on said minority. In this instance I believe the nonreligious in America are in the minority and thus deserve the benefit of having their liberties regarded with equal or more urgency. 

Our nonreligious liberties and freedoms are being infringed upon with each religiously biased law passed, as it makes us adhere to religiously dictated dogmas or opinions.

Contrary to popular belief. this United States is not a 'Christian' nation, nor was it ever so.

The nonreligious citizens are bombarded by the delirium of religion in numerous ways. When the majority religious population strive to get their ways or their laws imposed on a whole state or the country, they are violating the wishes and freedoms of the minority nonreligious population. 

The religious right's attempts to have prayers said in schools, their attempts to define marriage between only a man and a woman, their attempts to ban abortions, their attempts to replace the teaching of science with the teaching of Creationism, their attempts to make contraception illegal or to have religious restrictions placed on who can and can't have contraceptives through certain workplaces, their attempts to have businesses discriminate against patrons... are all wrong and against my rights. 

There are many more restrictions based on their religious opinions which are suppressing the wishes of nonreligious people like myself.

When they choose to not bake cakes or take photographs for Gay couples, or dispense prescriptions or issue marriage licences because of religious beliefs... they violate our rights and nonreligious liberties.

If they want to deny us of their services, then simply change the business names to... The religious bake shop... The Jesus Photo store...God's Pharmacy and Marry Before God services.... Then they will not be violating our rights by claiming their right to religious freedom. Until then, they are on the wrong side of the constitution and they tread on us.

I say if they can have religious liberties that they fight for, then it is imperative that my and other nonreligious persons liberties be held in equal regard and be upheld as  a right and individual freedom as promised in the Constitution.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Obamacare... Whocares?...SCOTUScare!!

Republicans are pissing mad! ... but relieved as reported by The Washington Post. The Republicans were so sure that they would finally see the end to their multi-pronged attacks to repeal or at least to derail Obamacare, also known as The Affordable care act, or ACA. 

They are relieved because  a decision in their favor, would have forced them to be on the spot to make an alternative to Obamacare. More than 6 million Americans mostly in red states would have lost it, and more than 16 million Americans have already benefited from the ACA.

They already attempted around 60 times to repeal the healthcare law, so they hoped for the SCOTUS decision going in their favor... kinda. Their plan for the 2016 election would have been to have the more than 16 million people who benefited, lose or at least be negatively affected by the decision, enough that the Republicans could say Obamacare caused their health woes and if elected, they would fix it. It would have been the perfect tool to win the upcoming election by using an old tactic they have used before... make the electorate forget their problems by giving them bigger problems... probably a new war.

Justices Scallia, Thomas and Alito dissented to the 6 to 3 vote. Justice Scalia huffed and puffed in his dissent that we should go ahead and call the Affordable Care Act,  'SCOTUScare!' 

The decision by the majority is being hailed as a strong statement that is pragmatic in its opinion.  The dissenting justices are said to have a more textualist wish list, while not interpreting the intent and context of the law or at least not holding that intent in higher regard.

Republicans have made multiple challenges to the SCOTUS in a bid to dismantle or destroy the Affordable Care Act... and after the SCOTUS decision today, President Obama said that the law is here to stay. This will now cement his place in history as the person who bucked 100 years of disappointment and dysfunction that has plagued previous attempts to fix our healthcare system.

WNYC has a quite informative discussion and call-in radio program on the decision and live statements by the President after the decision (click to 33.30 minutes on the recording). The President outlined some of the gains offered by the 'ACA' in his speech.

The majority opinion written by Chief justice John Roberts. says that the ACA is 'comprehensive' and 'working', he also says Congress 'wrote this act to improve markets not destroy them.' We now see him being the brunt of some nasty name calling, with slurs calling him traitor, Benedict Arnold, W's worst mistake, or possibly being blackmailed or intimidated.

Speaker John Boehner said they will continue to try to repeal it...ObamaCare is fundamentally broken, increasing health-care costs for millions of Americans,” House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement issued by his office. “Today’s ruling doesn’t change that fact.” the Washington Post reports.

One caller to the  WNYC radio show said it would have killed people. This is a statement that is widely shared among Americans.

The ACA was touted as a job killer by conservatives, a fact that has been disproved by the strong job creation that has been happening since the ACA was made law.
The rising healthcare costs have also since slowed from the 10% annual rate.

All the 2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls have of course voiced their vehement cries against the Scotus decision, with some still vowing to repeal and replace the ACA.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is As Black As A Christian Or Gay Person Is Themself.

Can we tell a Gay person they are not really gay?
Can we tell a Transgender person that they are not really transgendered?
Can we tell a person who converted to Christianity that they are not really a christian?
Can we tell a white person that because their great great-grandfather was black, that they are not really white?

There is a time when each of these persons listed above, decided or realized that they were the way they said they were. There were a lot of emotions and questions that those people had to answer for themselves before they decided to make that personal change, to accept what they claim; they were gay or transgendered, that they were Christian and not their former religious persuasion, or that they are the color that they say they really are inside themselves. 

There are many physical reasons why people say that they are or are not whom they say they are. Those reasons may be the result of medical abnormalities, read about that here. There are decisions that do not require medical reasons; like changing one's religion to become a Christian... can we tell that person that they are wrong to feel that being a christian is not their true inner self?

We cannot feel the mental anguish a claustrophobic person feels. We cannot force a person to feel love for a religion, enough to fully accept and commit to that religion when they are an Atheist in their mind. 

What if Rachel realized some time later on, that she was molested at an early age, by someone she was close to, someone she trusted... someone who was supposed to protect her and keep her safe? 

How does a person feel toward the one that raped them? Does that rapist not disgust the victim enough that the  victim will never feel comfortable around the rapist again? Would the victim even want to be of the same color, race or even species as the rapist? Can we ever make them change their minds and feel better and not disgusted about the rape, about that person or even about themselves for being part of that horrible act?

I coined the phrase 'Don't just do, be.'  Apart from the obvious, that phrase could be used in this way... can a person do kind things without themselves being a kind person? Can a person do things to show love to someone without having the inner feeling of being in love with them? Human can't just do things only, you have to actually be something, we cannot avoid this and live in some vacuum.

We are not machines, we are human beings, and the greatest part of that existence is being human. You have to connect with your inner self and inner feelings, and only you can tell what feels right about you and to you.

Rachel Dolezal said in interviews today that she is black, she says it feels spiritual and visceral. That is what she feels is true and real and feels right, no one can say that what she feels is wrong. Many said she is lying and she is really a white woman... just like the gay person is not really gay, or the transgendered person is not really trans, or the christian is not really a christian...

These people are not making these feelings up. You have to feel who you really are. Would any Christian tell another person that they are not really a christian and they are really this or that other religion? I think not. Likewise. Rachel is what she says she is, and everyone trying to get their opinions in, saying she is not who or what she says she is, is not being as smart as they think they really are.

Rachel says the naysayers don't know her... she is right about that. According to AP and NBC, so far neither Rachel nor her parents have taken DNA tests to prove one way or the other that she is indeed from their bloodline.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is Black, And So Am I.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding Rachel Dolezal. Let me shed some light...

Many Americans don't have a good idea of what other peoples of the world consider true self identity. For some Americans, it's like Hollywood, all they know is that you put on this face... which you take off when you tire of it or need to change your personality to something else to fit in with your surroundings.

I can not yet say why Rachel identifies as a 'black woman' but the mere fact that she does is the whole story in a nutshell... which I shall now explain.

I was a little Indian boy who moved from Caroni to the capital city of Port of Spain, Trinidad at around 1968, as I vaguely remember turning 5 (or 6) then. Caroni at that time was a countryside region known for farming and sugar plantations... which was an area largely populated by those of 'Indian' ancestry.

The city's population is majority black, at least 65 to 70% in my estimation, that was in the 1970's. My family was one of about three or four that were of Indian descent amongst our neighbors. My assimilation with the blacks 'on d block' was swift and easy, as mine was the house on the corner where everyone hung out. My home was a multi-use property having a small deli/grocer space in the front where everyone in close vicinity shopped.

I remember the "Black Power' riots of the 1970's. I was of course a kid back then, no more than 9yrs old and would not be allowed outside after dusk, even though outside for me meant sitting or playing on my own stoop with my other friends.

Growing up in a close knit group where it was 'we' against 'babylon (the cops),' I learned quite early on about the injustices meted out against poor people, regardless of your skin colour. I and the other young people grew up listening to songs by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jacob 'Killer' Miller and Steel Pulse to name a few. The songs we knew, sang about the 'blackman' and his struggle against government forces (Babylon) who sought to arrest and terrorise us at every turn.

When as a youth, we put on the shield of being a 'blackman' or picked up the spear of being a black man, it was a move that meant you existed as a soldier against the evil forces of Babylon. Many of us would grow up with a 'rasta' mentality which mimicked the struggles of our Rastafarian brethren in Jamaica, fighting against oppression by the Babylon. 

The main thing to impress upon you is that any and every person who saw and identified with the struggle against oppression was considered to have identified with the 'Blackman.' Foreigners to our shores were no exception, regardless of color or race, as long as you saw the struggle and stood with us, you were one, with us. 

There were whites, browns and blacks who would even go the distance, dread up their hair, give up their old lives and go live in the forests, living off the land and just living a spiritual life with their Jah, their creator. You may have only been there three years or three months... time did not matter, as long as you saw the struggle and picked up that spear, you were one of us.

Rachel Dolezal is a black woman, because she sees the struggle, she stood up against the struggle and she stands with us against the evils and suppression of Babylon against the downtrodden... even here in America. She carries that shield proudly in her current job, and any other she chooses to accept in the future. It is a shield you can't put down, as it is the lens through which you view the world.

Many Americans seem to see the struggle against Babylon as just another form of 'style and fashion' instead of something real that means life and death in certain circles. I don't have to remind you of how many black men have been killed by the police in the past decade. That is the fight of the poor against the forces of Babylon. This is the fight that we see.

That is a struggle that Rachel, in her country, has seen since her youth, has been outraged by... since her youth and has had feelings of disgust for, since her youth. As an adult she has chosen to take up that shield against oppression, she has chosen to take up that spear against the struggle... against the forces of Babylon. 

As long as you place that golden nugget of humility within your heart and stand up as a voice against the struggle, you are a 'Blackman' and it is not a struggle that you can take off or shed, like a piece of clothing, because it controls your emotions.... indeed, your very soul. 

So don't you dare lift one finger against Rachel for her donning the shield of Blackness, because she does not stand alone, she is one of us.... and we love you Rachel Dolezal and stand by you... 'is ah black ting.'

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Transgender Conversation Continues Here, And On The Brian Lehrer Show At WNYC.

The Facts About BPA And Phthalates... How You Are Poisoning Yourselves And Your Families With It.

This is taken from my book Shock and Awe on America which can be sampled with this link...
Free download, of “Shock and Awe on America” in different E-book formats at Smashwords.com 

I have projected my own ideas as to what this poison's affects on mankind will be... you decide...

What is evolution? When and why does it occur? It is the way a living entity changes in order to survive or adapt to varying conditions. This occurs when conditions arise which threaten the entity in one way or another. I saw in 2010 a documentary on The Doc Zone by CBC of Canada. It was called “The Disappearing Male.” The report showed that the human male is under the threat of extinction.

“The Disappearing Male,” The Doc Zone, CBC TV,  http://www.cbc.ca/doczone/episodes/the-disappearing-male

 Are we headed for extinction? The alarming answer is yes. It has been suggested by scientists that we are now experiencing the beginning of the extinction of human beings. All living entities devise ways to avoid extinction, knowingly or not, the question is —have we? When threats to our population occur, the human species as we know it can vanish. The female population will adapt and evolve to compensate and become a new creature or die.

Sperm count in humans is down by half over the last 50 years. Sperm abnormality has increased at an alarming rate. Testicular cancer has doubled in the last 20 years. It is important to note that the animal kingdom is also having similar problems, which suggests that we have a common denominator. This is toxic poisoning to varying degrees. In the Eastern Coastal region of the US, up to 80% of males of certain fish species are found to have changed to become egg bearing.

These problems have now been attributed to the use of synthetic chemicals on a massive and worldwide scale. One such chemical is Bisphenol A, or BPA, which was invented in 1891, and is used extensively in just about everything that has hard plastic in it, from CDs to plastic containers and even baby bottles. This chemical makes plastic products harder and stronger. It is an endocrine disruptor, meaning it disturbs the proper functioning of the endocrine system and the hormones which these glands produce. These hormones regulate our bodies’ functions. Testosterone is the main disrupted hormone that is of concern in the pending male extinction.

Another group of chemicals called phthalates are also raising concerns. These chemicals — produced since the 1920s — are used to soften plastic products, rubber ducks, teething rings and toys. What is frightening is that they are also endocrine disruptors.

Parents are overcome with panic and grief knowing that for the last 40 years or more they have been feeding their children with poisoned baby bottles, and they have let their children chew on rubber ducks, pacifiers and teething rings, for as long as anyone remembers, which may have altered their normal growth. The concern is that the chemicals seep out of the products and into the mouths of our babies, a hazard that has been suspected with BPA since the 1930s. When a pregnant mother has these chemicals in her system, it subjects her growing embryo to these startling problems.

The birth of males has dropped by 50% in some places of interest: places with high concentrations of these chemicals. Instead of a ratio of 1 to 1 between boys and girls, the ratio is now 1 boy to 3 girls in some of these locations. Male sexual development has been thrown out of whack because the function of testosterone is disrupted by these chemicals. Within the last 60 years we have invented 90,000 chemicals. As much as 80,000 are in use, while only 15% are tested for effects on adult humans and almost none is tested for effects on either growing children, embryos or fetuses. The chemicals are tested on adults and not on the growing bodies of infants, so while a chemical is deemed safe for adults, the babies who are exposed are more susceptible to harm, as their bodies’ resistance to these harmful chemicals could be hundreds of times less strong. 

Sperm counts in most teenage men are half of what their fathers’ were and 85% of their sperm are found to be abnormal, leaving 15% of normal sperm. This means mankind is surviving on a sperm count of 7.5% of normal sperm, as compared with our forefathers’ sperm counts. Could we survive with any less? I think not. We have reached the edge, the brink of disaster. Long ago, sperm banks accepted sperm which had a standard volume of 60,000 counts per milliliter; that count has been reduced to 40,000, then 20,000 and they are now considering reducing the acceptance level to 10,000 per milliliter. Some birth rates in animals in polluted rivers have been found to be 90% below average, clearly showing they are affected as well.

Testosterone controls the sexual development of our male children and when its functions are blocked by chemicals, they are permanently damaged, and the hormone cannot perform the tasks of fetal development that they were supposed to accomplish. Would-be boys cannot become boys. Embryos cannot change to boys and instead become a female fetus. The result is a mix of undeveloped or changed humans with various developmental abnormalities.

Plastics enhance our lives but unfortunately, they are poisoning our unborn children to the extent of bringing about human extinction. Up until about seven or eight weeks old, the embryo is neither male nor female. The embryo grows into a fetus at around that time, and it is the critical time when it is changing to a boy or girl. Sexual hormones, in particular testosterone, then take over and help determine if a child becomes a male or, by its absence or inaction, a female. When the chemicals interfere with this process, the result is abnormal development, both physically and mentally.

Some embryos develop into a male body but that is itself a physical change. Accompanying that physical change is also a mental change needed to make the human embryo a complete male or female. Things can go wrong. Some boys may not get the required corresponding male wiring in the brain; consequently, they have a male body with a female brain — in other words, a girl trapped in a boy’s body. This happens in reverse as well: a female body with a male wired brain — a boy trapped in a girl’s body. We see this quite often, in alarming numbers, in our modern, chemically poisoned society.

Things do not always go wrong in that simple way either; it sometimes gets really mixed up and complicated. For example, a boy may retain a girl’s genitals or breasts, or a girl may grow a boy’s genitals. We see this phenomena increasing as well.
Soon there may not be enough traditional males with properly functioning genitalia and normalsperm counts to carry on the human species as we already survive on only 7.5 % of traditional levels. Is the species evolving or going to evolve to a point where a person will be able to impregnate her or himself? Hermaphroditism opens that door to a new possibility. We see it elsewhere in nature. It is a natural occurrence of some species after millions of years of evolution and threats to its survival. We see asexual reproduction in turkeys, sharks, starfish, bees and other species. It is not a new occurrence. 

The emergence of such sexually diverse groups of people has a profound effect on society and societal development. Some may speculate that gay people, transgendered and hermaphrodites are sometimes the results of these chemical interferences in the embryonic and fetal stages of a child’s development. Others may seek different explanations, including religious ones. I will leave that type of speculation up to you, as each person has his or her own ideas.

One thing is certain; we are threatened by something more devastating than any bomb, or any and all the plagues gone by, and our evolution may be the only way to survive. Since the 1970s, the drop in the birth rate of boys has resulted in as many as three million less boys being born and consequently, three million more girls and mixed sexes. With the invention of new synthetic chemicals and medicines, the problem grows even larger and finding solutions becomes more immediate, more urgent. Evolution may be our only way out of extinction, if we still have time.

This link is to the Brian Lehrer radio show on WNYC, where they furthered the Trans conversation, it was taped today, June 11th 2015. The call in participants are mindblowing in their inputs and knowledge, you can't miss this.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Republican Presidential Candidates Chastise Hillary Clinton's Support For Alien Martians, Transformers And Neptunian Voters.

This reporter has heard it from good sources on the 'grapevine,' that there are some Republican presidential candidates who have started to pile on their insults, against their Democratic presidential opponent Hillary Clinton. In the past republican politicos have been heard in their numerous secret circles, speaking out against what they perceive as massive incidents of voter fraud, committed by so called 'N' and 'M' people.... it is now suspected that their concern has evolved to include a recently emerging group that they are calling the 'T' people.

When this reporter heard about their strange references to "the N-word, the M-word , and the T-word' people, I was first confused about this alphabetical type secret language, often referred to as some sort of 'Dog Whistling' in their secret cabalistic code... but after some intense journalistic investigations, I am now able to present to you their secret intentions a bit more clearly. 

Republicans have long since been known amongst themselves as the authentic American 'Patriots,' unlike the so-called Native Americans whom they suspect are just some sort of foreign group sent here possibly by the Japanese or another Asian group. These real Republican Patriots contend that they are overwhelmingly concerned that certain 'alien' forces have been committing voter fraud since the ancient days that caused said 'Patriots'  to think up of the 'Southern Strategy.' 

Republicans have in the past used various ways to disenfranchise these 'N-word' people... the 'N' meaning the aliens from the planet Neptune. It is rumored that these 'N' people are the descendants of the 'Negroid' race which was imported from Neptune centuries ago, and consequently enslaved on America's cotton plantations.

There has also been a republican claim and indeed a push back against the 'M-word' people... aliens from the planet Mars, who are said to make frequent secret trips, from their bases in a nearby land that is riddled with criminals and drug cartels known as Mexico,  sneaking over the southern borders of Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico, to commit voter fraud and then sneak back over the border to Mexico in the dead of night. 

In order to make a sustained and collective push against these alien groups, many Republican held states have been passing laws that require these 'aliens' to get some specific forms of 'ID' in order to vote. It is speculated that by making the aliens become disenfranchised, this will deter them from voting and thereby prevent them from swinging an election toward their Democratic presidential opponent.

It has also been learned by this reporter that their hope is this voter ID will also be able to disenfranchise the newest threat that they fear is looming, called the 'T-word' people, who are largely believed in conservative circles, to be shape shifters  from a still unknown Galaxy. They are called "Trans-formers,' as they are said to have the ability to transform their appearance by a trick called 'crossdressing' and in some cases actually transform their anatomy from male to female and even back to male again if they so choose, with different variations between male and female; for instance sometimes having both female and male attributes at the same time.

It is believed that because this Voter ID has only two distinctions on the document requiring the holder to declare being either a male or female only, that the "T" people will not be able to get said ID as there is no distinction for "T' gendered people on the document.... only M for male gender and F for female gendered persons, thereby shutting the 'T' aliens out of the voting process.

Last week Hillary Clinton called out certain GOP presidential hopefuls as being part of the secret cabal of disenfranchisers. While some of them lashed out at Clinton, one GOP hopeful could not take the hiding any longer and has since confessed to a group of his supporters, that he was in fact a closeted 'T' person and had he known in his younger years, that he could have confessed that he was a female living in a male body, and be allowed to then shower in the girls bathroom, he would have confessed since the days of his youth. 

Another unexpected breath of fresh air in the GOP hopefuls, has since birth had a male body but has long been rumored to be something other than male, and is in fact the alleged (by Stephanie Miller) first love of one of the oldest Senators, who is a real war veteran and who was once captured by the Vietcong when his airplane crashed in WWII. This fresh air candidate does have a classic female name and says that a recently confessed Transformer, who has chosen to keep both her male and female attributes in her anatomy, was welcome in the GOP circle if he is elected as President. While this suspected 'T' person seems ready to put 10,000 troops on the ground, his alleged (by Stephanie Miller) love interest has previously boasted of wanting to 'bomb, bomb,bomb,bomb bomb Iran.'

While the current outcry by GOP hopefuls against Clinton's first launched salvo at them,  is that she does not have her ear to the pulse of the American people, the Presidential race is still young and has many months to go and many months to change. This reporter looks forward to bringing you the up to the minute details as they happen.... on the front lines.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pope Francis Ridiculed By Rick Santorum Over Climate Change.

Pope Francis does not know who the heck Rick Santorum is... neither does 99.98% of the globe, so Google him! 

The Pope is a rather extrordinary man, in that he actually has a Master's degree in Chemistry.... probably the only Pope in the world to have one right now, I imagine.

Rick Santorum impresses upon me that he is somewhat of a mystic. Rick obviously has the power to predict the future and can see that the globe is under no threat from global warming, which causes climate change. 

Rick is a deeply religious and honest man, so I believe that if he ever saw a threat on that scale, he would be shouting it from the rooftops... I'm sure. BTW,
Rick Santorum has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, which he obviously thinks qualifies him to challenge the Pope's ideas and ideals.

So the toss up is between a republican politician and a real scientist... I think the real scientist will have a more credible and factual argument.  We have all heard republican politicians saying multiple times over...'I am not a scientist,' so I think Rick's point will be rather unfounded in facts.

The Pope made recent statements, reminding us that the Earth is the creation of God and that we must protect His creation against all ills, of which climate change is one of the most concerning... From ThinkProgress...“Safeguard Creation,” he said. “Because if we destroy Creation, Creation will destroy us! Never forget this!... Creation is not a property, which we can rule over at will; or, even less, is the property of only a few: Creation is a gift, it is a wonderful gift that God has given us, so that we care for it and we use it for the benefit of all, always with great respect and gratitude... But when we exploit Creation we destroy the sign of God’s love for us, in destroying Creation we are saying to God: ‘I don’t like it! This is not good!’ ‘So what do you like?’ ‘I like myself!’ – Here, this is sin! Do you see?

Unfortunately for the Pope, Rick did not appreciate the overall tone of his speech and responded on some unknown radio show with the following rebuke... From MSNBC... 'Santorum, a devout Catholic and far right conservative, has expressed disbelief in climate change — and evolution, for that matter — and routinely rejects evidence scientists present on both matters.... Santorum describes himself as a “huge fan” of the pope, but on “The Dom Giordano Show” on Monday, he said “the church has gotten it wrong a few times on science, and I think that we probably are better off leaving science to the scientists and focusing on what we’re really good at, which is … theology and morality.”
He continued, “When we get involved with political and controversial scientific theories, I think the church is probably not as forceful and credible.”

Well Rick, I agree with you on that... when you republicans get involved in scientific theory, you guys are not credible.

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