Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is Black, And So Am I.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding Rachel Dolezal. Let me shed some light...

Many Americans don't have a good idea of what other peoples of the world consider true self identity. For some Americans, it's like Hollywood, all they know is that you put on this face... which you take off when you tire of it or need to change your personality to something else to fit in with your surroundings.

I can not yet say why Rachel identifies as a 'black woman' but the mere fact that she does is the whole story in a nutshell... which I shall now explain.

I was a little Indian boy who moved from Caroni to the capital city of Port of Spain, Trinidad at around 1968, as I vaguely remember turning 5 (or 6) then. Caroni at that time was a countryside region known for farming and sugar plantations... which was an area largely populated by those of 'Indian' ancestry.

The city's population is majority black, at least 65 to 70% in my estimation, that was in the 1970's. My family was one of about three or four that were of Indian descent amongst our neighbors. My assimilation with the blacks 'on d block' was swift and easy, as mine was the house on the corner where everyone hung out. My home was a multi-use property having a small deli/grocer space in the front where everyone in close vicinity shopped.

I remember the "Black Power' riots of the 1970's. I was of course a kid back then, no more than 9yrs old and would not be allowed outside after dusk, even though outside for me meant sitting or playing on my own stoop with my other friends.

Growing up in a close knit group where it was 'we' against 'babylon (the cops),' I learned quite early on about the injustices meted out against poor people, regardless of your skin colour. I and the other young people grew up listening to songs by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jacob 'Killer' Miller and Steel Pulse to name a few. The songs we knew, sang about the 'blackman' and his struggle against government forces (Babylon) who sought to arrest and terrorise us at every turn.

When as a youth, we put on the shield of being a 'blackman' or picked up the spear of being a black man, it was a move that meant you existed as a soldier against the evil forces of Babylon. Many of us would grow up with a 'rasta' mentality which mimicked the struggles of our Rastafarian brethren in Jamaica, fighting against oppression by the Babylon. 

The main thing to impress upon you is that any and every person who saw and identified with the struggle against oppression was considered to have identified with the 'Blackman.' Foreigners to our shores were no exception, regardless of color or race, as long as you saw the struggle and stood with us, you were one, with us. 

There were whites, browns and blacks who would even go the distance, dread up their hair, give up their old lives and go live in the forests, living off the land and just living a spiritual life with their Jah, their creator. You may have only been there three years or three months... time did not matter, as long as you saw the struggle and picked up that spear, you were one of us.

Rachel Dolezal is a black woman, because she sees the struggle, she stood up against the struggle and she stands with us against the evils and suppression of Babylon against the downtrodden... even here in America. She carries that shield proudly in her current job, and any other she chooses to accept in the future. It is a shield you can't put down, as it is the lens through which you view the world.

Many Americans seem to see the struggle against Babylon as just another form of 'style and fashion' instead of something real that means life and death in certain circles. I don't have to remind you of how many black men have been killed by the police in the past decade. That is the fight of the poor against the forces of Babylon. This is the fight that we see.

That is a struggle that Rachel, in her country, has seen since her youth, has been outraged by... since her youth and has had feelings of disgust for, since her youth. As an adult she has chosen to take up that shield against oppression, she has chosen to take up that spear against the struggle... against the forces of Babylon. 

As long as you place that golden nugget of humility within your heart and stand up as a voice against the struggle, you are a 'Blackman' and it is not a struggle that you can take off or shed, like a piece of clothing, because it controls your emotions.... indeed, your very soul. 

So don't you dare lift one finger against Rachel for her donning the shield of Blackness, because she does not stand alone, she is one of us.... and we love you Rachel Dolezal and stand by you... 'is ah black ting.'

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