Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Is As Black As A Christian Or Gay Person Is Themself.

Can we tell a Gay person they are not really gay?
Can we tell a Transgender person that they are not really transgendered?
Can we tell a person who converted to Christianity that they are not really a christian?
Can we tell a white person that because their great great-grandfather was black, that they are not really white?

There is a time when each of these persons listed above, decided or realized that they were the way they said they were. There were a lot of emotions and questions that those people had to answer for themselves before they decided to make that personal change, to accept what they claim; they were gay or transgendered, that they were Christian and not their former religious persuasion, or that they are the color that they say they really are inside themselves. 

There are many physical reasons why people say that they are or are not whom they say they are. Those reasons may be the result of medical abnormalities, read about that here. There are decisions that do not require medical reasons; like changing one's religion to become a Christian... can we tell that person that they are wrong to feel that being a christian is not their true inner self?

We cannot feel the mental anguish a claustrophobic person feels. We cannot force a person to feel love for a religion, enough to fully accept and commit to that religion when they are an Atheist in their mind. 

What if Rachel realized some time later on, that she was molested at an early age, by someone she was close to, someone she trusted... someone who was supposed to protect her and keep her safe? 

How does a person feel toward the one that raped them? Does that rapist not disgust the victim enough that the  victim will never feel comfortable around the rapist again? Would the victim even want to be of the same color, race or even species as the rapist? Can we ever make them change their minds and feel better and not disgusted about the rape, about that person or even about themselves for being part of that horrible act?

I coined the phrase 'Don't just do, be.'  Apart from the obvious, that phrase could be used in this way... can a person do kind things without themselves being a kind person? Can a person do things to show love to someone without having the inner feeling of being in love with them? Human can't just do things only, you have to actually be something, we cannot avoid this and live in some vacuum.

We are not machines, we are human beings, and the greatest part of that existence is being human. You have to connect with your inner self and inner feelings, and only you can tell what feels right about you and to you.

Rachel Dolezal said in interviews today that she is black, she says it feels spiritual and visceral. That is what she feels is true and real and feels right, no one can say that what she feels is wrong. Many said she is lying and she is really a white woman... just like the gay person is not really gay, or the transgendered person is not really trans, or the christian is not really a christian...

These people are not making these feelings up. You have to feel who you really are. Would any Christian tell another person that they are not really a christian and they are really this or that other religion? I think not. Likewise. Rachel is what she says she is, and everyone trying to get their opinions in, saying she is not who or what she says she is, is not being as smart as they think they really are.

Rachel says the naysayers don't know her... she is right about that. According to AP and NBC, so far neither Rachel nor her parents have taken DNA tests to prove one way or the other that she is indeed from their bloodline.

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  1. Loved the interview with Melissa. I have a lot of sympathy for Rachel, something deep is going on and maybe it will come to light, maybe not. I hope she can get her life back. She should not have resigned from NAACP....

    1. I suspect something bad happened, that is why I spoke about rape.