Thursday, June 25, 2015

Obamacare... Whocares?...SCOTUScare!!

Republicans are pissing mad! ... but relieved as reported by The Washington Post. The Republicans were so sure that they would finally see the end to their multi-pronged attacks to repeal or at least to derail Obamacare, also known as The Affordable care act, or ACA. 

They are relieved because  a decision in their favor, would have forced them to be on the spot to make an alternative to Obamacare. More than 6 million Americans mostly in red states would have lost it, and more than 16 million Americans have already benefited from the ACA.

They already attempted around 60 times to repeal the healthcare law, so they hoped for the SCOTUS decision going in their favor... kinda. Their plan for the 2016 election would have been to have the more than 16 million people who benefited, lose or at least be negatively affected by the decision, enough that the Republicans could say Obamacare caused their health woes and if elected, they would fix it. It would have been the perfect tool to win the upcoming election by using an old tactic they have used before... make the electorate forget their problems by giving them bigger problems... probably a new war.

Justices Scallia, Thomas and Alito dissented to the 6 to 3 vote. Justice Scalia huffed and puffed in his dissent that we should go ahead and call the Affordable Care Act,  'SCOTUScare!' 

The decision by the majority is being hailed as a strong statement that is pragmatic in its opinion.  The dissenting justices are said to have a more textualist wish list, while not interpreting the intent and context of the law or at least not holding that intent in higher regard.

Republicans have made multiple challenges to the SCOTUS in a bid to dismantle or destroy the Affordable Care Act... and after the SCOTUS decision today, President Obama said that the law is here to stay. This will now cement his place in history as the person who bucked 100 years of disappointment and dysfunction that has plagued previous attempts to fix our healthcare system.

WNYC has a quite informative discussion and call-in radio program on the decision and live statements by the President after the decision (click to 33.30 minutes on the recording). The President outlined some of the gains offered by the 'ACA' in his speech.

The majority opinion written by Chief justice John Roberts. says that the ACA is 'comprehensive' and 'working', he also says Congress 'wrote this act to improve markets not destroy them.' We now see him being the brunt of some nasty name calling, with slurs calling him traitor, Benedict Arnold, W's worst mistake, or possibly being blackmailed or intimidated.

Speaker John Boehner said they will continue to try to repeal it...ObamaCare is fundamentally broken, increasing health-care costs for millions of Americans,” House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement issued by his office. “Today’s ruling doesn’t change that fact.” the Washington Post reports.

One caller to the  WNYC radio show said it would have killed people. This is a statement that is widely shared among Americans.

The ACA was touted as a job killer by conservatives, a fact that has been disproved by the strong job creation that has been happening since the ACA was made law.
The rising healthcare costs have also since slowed from the 10% annual rate.

All the 2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls have of course voiced their vehement cries against the Scotus decision, with some still vowing to repeal and replace the ACA.

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