Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Don't Tread On My Nonreligious Liberties Please.

So apparently the majority of the citizens in the US are religious, comprising of many different faiths. Most of them are Christians, who unknowingly are treading on my rights and liberties by subjecting me and others to their religious biases, public religious practices and religiously based laws.

Christians are up in arms with the recent decisions of the SCOTUS and are hell bent on fighting some of these decisions even though some earlier decisions were alright by them... even the one in 2000, when SCOTUS gave Bush the win to beat Gore for the Presidency. I also remember the decisions of Citizens United v FEC and Hobby Lobby both of which were just great for conservatives whether they were Christians or not, but I think most conservatives are Christians as well.

Of particular concern to Christians right now is the decision by SCOTUS, to make same sex marriage legal in all 50 states of the US. Many conservatives are vehement in their opposition based on their religious understanding. 

The field of 2016 Republican Presidential hopefuls are voicing their opinions as well. Mike Huckabee said 'As president, I will never bow down to the false gods of judicial supremacy.

Ted Cruz had his own ideas to solve the issue..."This week in response to both of these decisions, I have called for another constitutional amendment — this one that would make members of the Supreme Court subject to periodic judicial retention elections," the other candidates were equally colorful in their opinions.

Many laws are made with the minority interest at heart, as the majority are usually the ones putting unbridled blame or stress on said minority. In this instance I believe the nonreligious in America are in the minority and thus deserve the benefit of having their liberties regarded with equal or more urgency. 

Our nonreligious liberties and freedoms are being infringed upon with each religiously biased law passed, as it makes us adhere to religiously dictated dogmas or opinions.

Contrary to popular belief. this United States is not a 'Christian' nation, nor was it ever so.

The nonreligious citizens are bombarded by the delirium of religion in numerous ways. When the majority religious population strive to get their ways or their laws imposed on a whole state or the country, they are violating the wishes and freedoms of the minority nonreligious population. 

The religious right's attempts to have prayers said in schools, their attempts to define marriage between only a man and a woman, their attempts to ban abortions, their attempts to replace the teaching of science with the teaching of Creationism, their attempts to make contraception illegal or to have religious restrictions placed on who can and can't have contraceptives through certain workplaces, their attempts to have businesses discriminate against patrons... are all wrong and against my rights. 

There are many more restrictions based on their religious opinions which are suppressing the wishes of nonreligious people like myself.

When they choose to not bake cakes or take photographs for Gay couples, or dispense prescriptions or issue marriage licences because of religious beliefs... they violate our rights and nonreligious liberties.

If they want to deny us of their services, then simply change the business names to... The religious bake shop... The Jesus Photo store...God's Pharmacy and Marry Before God services.... Then they will not be violating our rights by claiming their right to religious freedom. Until then, they are on the wrong side of the constitution and they tread on us.

I say if they can have religious liberties that they fight for, then it is imperative that my and other nonreligious persons liberties be held in equal regard and be upheld as  a right and individual freedom as promised in the Constitution.

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