Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thank You Sarah Palin !

Well, it has been quite a while since I tuned in on our old friend Sarah... and I must admit I had not thought about her at all. Her last stint with the spotlight was covered here in fine detail while she erupted with the force and clueless direction of a volcano... spewing dribble and shit-for-brains drabble all over the last CPAC convention. I must add that the term 'drabble' usually means a work of fiction of 100 words but this lady seems to spout her fictional escapades in well more than 100 words.. to everyone's delight. I say 'seems' because some of her dribble aren't actual words... again to everyone's delight!

In Sarah's latest brush at attempting to creep out of the shadows of oblivion in a nonsensical way, she tweeted yesterday that the White House Correspondents' Dinner was a disappointment to her obviously twisted sense of rationale. She never ceases to amaze her ardent supporters of which I must admit I am one... she is the closest I can come to attending a traveling comedy tour without actually paying for a ticket.

True to form, she was able to piece together verbiage in slightly more numbers than her brain cell count, to form this tweet..."That #WHCD was pathetic. The rest of America is out there working our asses off while these DC assclowns throw themselves a #nerdprom"

I am truly grateful that Sarah Palin is out there working her ass off. It has been an established fact in all  successful societies such as this one that humor is much needed to take the edge off as we go through our daily trials... heck they even had jesters in the Kings' courts back then. Good old 'Mama Grizzly with lipstick' has come out of hibernation for a spell to mangle a few words and it is good to see her as I don't think Ted Cruz is able to sabotage and destroy America or the GOP all by his lonesome.

"Mama lipstick" also posted on her Facebook, "While America is buried in taxes and a fight for our rights, the permanent political class in DC dresses up and has a prom to make fun of themselves. No need for that, we get the real joke"... to which there was a generation of voices and comments on her page the likes of which I have only seen when a million flies are disturbed in a dumpster.

We look forward to her sporadic appearances on stage at a forum...or  a stable near you...

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The World's A Better Place, Because Of Grandmothers...

I am so disappointed with the lacking treatment of Grandmothers. They are the epitome of love, tolerance and understanding. They are the nurturing center of the world. They are really the essence of what life has to offer to the young ones coming into this world.

Grandmothers have seen it all, they have lived it all, they have been it all...and lived to tell about it. They are a wealth of information that must not be wasted. They still love when they are pushed aside, they still teach when they are ignored, they still hold on when there seems to be no hope.

Grandmothers alive today have seen wars, have fought wars, have lost and won wars...literally. They are still alive after all the wars past, even WWI which started in 1914... They have seen their share of death and destruction. There is no better teacher of the young as a Grandmother is, she can be the anchor that gives a perspective to a growing mind that few have the capacity to be.

Grandmothers have always been the backbone of a family and no family was complete without one back then... even in the movies...remember Johnboy and the Waltons? 

Today's grandmothers take on a seemingly different role in this modern world...mostly one of staying out of peoples' way as they go about the hustle and bustle of modern life, without much concern for the caring and special person being pushed aside... the grandmother. To many unenlightened folks, they are just a burden meant to be wither until they die.

To the modern politician, the grandmother is just a tool to use, abuse and eventually to squeeze the life blood out of by cutting their Medicare and other social services. 

No society can thrive without the warmth and understanding of a grandmother. No society would have grown to be what it is without the strength and evenhanded wisdom of the grandmothers, who have guided mankind from behind the curtains... upon the wings of destiny to make a better world, by the young minds they inspired, then and now. 

Many of us still remember our grandmothers with fond memories of her cooking when we were little, with fond memories of her cuddling with us, with fond memories of just ...her.

So please, don't sweep grandma under the rug. Grandmothers are indeed a measure of society, a testament to its greatness or its defeat. Grandmothers are a staple in our own children's lives... they are the living breath of a world gone mad...

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hey NRA Man, 14 Texas Students Were Not Shot At School, Assailant Had A Knife...

So this is the best evidence we can present to the hard headed people who are against Gun control. Obviously there is not enough compassion by the NRA and the Republican lawmakers for victims of gun violence.

From NBC News..."At least 14 people were hurt Tuesday in a stabbing spree at a Texas community college apparently carried out by a student who was later taken into custody, authorities said.
At least two victims were in critical condition. It was not immediately clear how severe the other injuries were. The stabbing happened at the CyFair campus of Lone Star College, in the Houston suburb of Cypress.

Cody Duty / Houston Chronicle via AP
Dylan Quick, right, a suspect in the multiple stabbings on the Lone Star CyFair campus, is escorted by a Harris County Sheriff's Office investigator on Tuesday.
Law enforcement officials have identified student Dylan Andrew Quick, 20, as the suspected assailant, and the Harris County District Attorney's Office has filed three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon....Lone Star College student Kayla Brightkrite was walking down an empty hall on her way to class Tuesday when a teacher quickly pulled her into his classroom, she told NBC News in an email.

Johnny Hanson / Houston Chronicle
Life Flight personnel rush a stabbing victim off a helicopter at a Houston hospital after a stabbing spree Tuesday near Lone Star College in Cypress, Texas.
She initially had no idea an attack had taken place until other students quietly huddled in the room told her.
"I asked a guy what was going on and they said a kid had just been stabbed in the neck down the hall from them and they heard someone scream, 'Oh my God! Call 911!'" she recalled.
Brightkrite stayed in the classroom for nearly 45 minutes until school officials said they could exit out the back of the building.
In the parking lot, she saw a man in handcuffs being put in a police car. "He looked at me and once he got into the car, he gave me a large demented smile," Brightkrite said.
Obviously if we can lessen the chances or at least make it more difficult for attackers to acquire guns, we may have more scenes like this, with no mass shootings. There was a similar incident in China just before the Newtown shooting in Connecticut, the Chinese attacker similarly wounded many children, but no one died.

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