Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The World's A Better Place, Because Of Grandmothers...

I am so disappointed with the lacking treatment of Grandmothers. They are the epitome of love, tolerance and understanding. They are the nurturing center of the world. They are really the essence of what life has to offer to the young ones coming into this world.

Grandmothers have seen it all, they have lived it all, they have been it all...and lived to tell about it. They are a wealth of information that must not be wasted. They still love when they are pushed aside, they still teach when they are ignored, they still hold on when there seems to be no hope.

Grandmothers alive today have seen wars, have fought wars, have lost and won wars...literally. They are still alive after all the wars past, even WWI which started in 1914... They have seen their share of death and destruction. There is no better teacher of the young as a Grandmother is, she can be the anchor that gives a perspective to a growing mind that few have the capacity to be.

Grandmothers have always been the backbone of a family and no family was complete without one back then... even in the movies...remember Johnboy and the Waltons? 

Today's grandmothers take on a seemingly different role in this modern world...mostly one of staying out of peoples' way as they go about the hustle and bustle of modern life, without much concern for the caring and special person being pushed aside... the grandmother. To many unenlightened folks, they are just a burden meant to be endured...to wither until they die.

To the modern politician, the grandmother is just a tool to use, abuse and eventually to squeeze the life blood out of by cutting their Medicare and other social services. 

No society can thrive without the warmth and understanding of a grandmother. No society would have grown to be what it is without the strength and evenhanded wisdom of the grandmothers, who have guided mankind from behind the curtains... upon the wings of destiny to make a better world, by the young minds they inspired, then and now. 

Many of us still remember our grandmothers with fond memories of her cooking when we were little, with fond memories of her cuddling with us, with fond memories of just ...her.

So please, don't sweep grandma under the rug. Grandmothers are indeed a measure of society, a testament to its greatness or its defeat. Grandmothers are a staple in our own children's lives... they are the living breath of a world gone mad...

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1 comment:

  1. Wish my grandmother was still alive.

    My grandfather too.

    They were the best people I've ever known. Quick to take in anyone who needed help. Always positive feedback on endeavors. And the absolute best friends anyone would ever want.

    Thanks for the remembrance.

    Love you,