Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Drugless Approach To Diabetes

I have recently discovered a new drugless approach to diabetes and how we can better understand the disease and possible cure. First of all, after seeing what Dr. Jacob Jung and other doctors have been achieving with diabetic patients and the positive results they seem to be getting, I am very excited as to the future. 

I now think of the disease more in tune with that of a condition... a condition that can be reversed and maybe even extinguished like a bad blaze. I will let the good doctor explain...

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Donald Trump's Secret Wish.

Donald Trump has been in the public's view his whole life. We have all seen the ups and downs of his life play out in the public eye from day one. The public has seen the start of his career, the building of his empire and his rise to fame and fortune over the years.

As with all billionaires, you develop an attitude over the years that always includes narcissism, and if your inclination is to feed that beast, it is sure to best you in the end. Billionaire narcissists tend to keep a low profile generally but as their close friends and relatives will tell you, many if not most, are not so warm and fuzzy behind closed doors... being quite eccentric at heart.

Donald has fed his narcissism for decades and this brings up a particular problem for him, the same old has now become old. The thrill of being the 'it' guy, the center of attraction has faded. Donald now has to elbow his way through the other billionaires just to be noticed. At the country club he is not special anymore, he is just one of the many. His beast hungers... his ego needs sustenance.

He caught a break with his TV show, and that calmed his ego beast for some years, but alas, this too has passed. 

Donald has the foresight needed as a businessman to understand the new opportunity when it presents itself, hence his presidential bid. Donald has to acquire something the other billionaires don't have, and the distinction of being addressed as 'Mr. President' by everyone, including the other billionaires is the crowning achievement. This will feed his narcissistic beast for a long time... maybe even forever, he hopes.

Does Donald care that he will have to actually do the job now and again? Well, he has a solution for that, he will simply delegate the groundwork to his staff and simply make an appearance when the work is done,  like all good bosses do. It's that simple.

This approach of delegating most if not all the jobs to surrogates is different from other Presidents in that the others actually went in themselves and was part of the whole process. Donald does not have the time and patience for that.  Donald can't be sympathetic, empathic and dedicated to solutions that serve others, because Donald's upbringing did not allow him the space to develop this mindset. 

He simply can't feel what he needs to feel, as poor people and poor nations do.  He has always been on the other side of the fence... being the vulture, taking advantage, cannibalizing and profiteering from these poor people, companies and nations. His confession of using the system to file bankruptcies in the past, thereby wreaking havoc on smaller companies and thousands of their workers bears this out.

For him as the leader of a nation to start developing feelings of sympathy and empathy so late in his life and in just a few months after being elected to the office, is something not even he can do. It takes years to understand and develop sympathy and empathy, quick and empty words are not enough. Donald is not interested in being a community organizer, he never was and never will be, it is beneath his status, as a billionaire.

Donald's only wish, is not to hold office, but really to acquire the title, so he can prove himself above the growing mountain of other billionaires, as the thrill of everything has already worn off and is now boring to a long in the tooth billionaire. The other billionaires being made to unwillingly address him as 'Mr. President' is the only thing that will stroke his narcissism one more time... for the Don...

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