Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ohhh...The Republicans...The Corruption.... The Lies...According To Katharine Hepburn...1948...

Mary Mathews (Katharine Hepburn)  shouts emotionally to the conniving Kay Thorndyke (Angela Lansbury) and others in the room... " That won't be Grant Mathews those people hear tonight...It will be a shadow, a ghost, a stooge, mouthing words that aren't your own, thoughts that aren't your own (she's looking at Grant)... You've killed Grant Mathews and he's a party to his own murder...well I won't be! You wanted a cause, you got one!! A cause of lies , fear and corruption!!" Katharine storms out...

Grant Mathews (Spencer Tracy)... aviation mogul and Republican Candidate for President, now makes his own stern and hurried speech on radio to the public, right after his wife's (Katharine's) rant to them privately...and then, after interrupting her while she was choking on false words, to introduce him to the world on radio...  "Ladies and Gentlemen...That speech you just heard Mrs. Mathews make...she doesn't believe a word of it! When she told you that I was a  good husband and a man of courage and the rest of that tripe, the words were choking in her throat! (Katharine looks on weeping and breathlessly) ...

A few minutes ago (in the other room)  she told me what she really thought of me...she called me a coward...and said that I had sold out my ideals to a gang of corrupt politicians...and she was right! I have as much right to run for President as a gutter rat! (There is an uproar and chaos in the radio studio from the staff and the live audience! The politicians in the studio demanding that he be cut off the air!)...he continues... The squealing you hear is from the politicians, those fearless politicians you heard supporting me on the air tonight, now they're hurt, now they're hollering, now they're trying to shut me up... and I don't blame them!" His wife beams with renewed pride in her husband who has apparently taken her lead and found his sanity.

He is then asked by a average Joe electrician working in the studio..."You any better that they are?"...the studio gets could hear a pin can cut the tension with a knife...
He replies into the microphone..." No I'm not, as a matter of fact I'm worse than they are. They're out for all they can grab, they're one way guys, but not me , I was going to play the both sides against the middle! I sold out to them but get this straight I am no lamb led to the slaughter, I ran to it! 

I had the right idea when I started to talk to you people of America...the idea that you voters you farmers you businessmen you working men... you citizens of whatever party, are not the selfish scum the mean old politicians make you out to be, I thought I could speak my piece straight out and forward...I thought I could tell you that this country of ours is still young, it's not old, that we've just begun to grow...that all we need is courage...and from out of that courage will come a greatness greater than we've ever dreamed. I wanted to tell you that we Americans are the hope of the world...and the secret of that great plenty is Freedom and we have got to share that secret and that plenty with the world...and I wanted to tell you that we face a great problem, because when people are cold and hungry and scared they gather in panicky herds...ready to be led by Communists and Fascists who promise them bread for freedom and deliver neither."

"Those are the things I wanted to say to you...but I lost faith in you and myself...I was afraid I wouldn't become President...I forgot you have to speak your mind no matter what...So with the help of this gang of parasites, I convinced myself that the way to get elected was to play down to your lowest common denominator, instead of up to your highest... to cater to the hatred of every class and race, to appeal to the worst in you not the best in you...I used my wife, my kids, my whole campaign was a fraud. This is no simple fireside broadcast paid for by your dollars and dimes...this is an elaborately staged professional affair, I've spent two hundred thousand dollars on exploitation and publicity, on 'Mathews for President' campaigns."

"I thought I could hijack the Republican nomination, I became the Al Capone of politics, but I forgot one thing...I forgot how quickly the Americans smell out the double dealers and the wife knew and I knew tonight when the people didn't like me anymore, they were on to me...they knew I was a phony. So there's the story, one that I am not proud of...I'm the guy who screamed for a warriors courage, to face the simple private battles of everyday life...I'm the guy they meant when they said 'Physician...heal thyself'...and so, here and now I withdraw as a candidate for any office, not because I am honest, but because I am dishonest... I want to apologize, to all the good and sincere people who put their faith in me... and I want to apologize to my wife..."

Need I go on? These are the words spoken in that movie 60 years ago, but it bears an uncanny resemblance to what and who the Republican Party was then and is still today, we see their lies and deceit... inflicted on the American people... They are no different now than they were then. Big Business propping up the facade of Freedom, while they take it away...and leave us enslaved to their Corporations...See them for who they are by their actions ladies and gentlemen...see them by their they continue to destroy America from within, with their tactics of Corporatism...and Fascism.

This is the link to the original 1948 movie "State of the Union" Starring Katharine Hepburn, Angela Lansbury and Spencer Tracy.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why Republicans do it...

Do what you may ask? Well... Do what they are famous for... destabilizing the Country, Lying and conniving, shrinking the economy, stifling growth, attacking the Country from within with policies which they know will destroy the middle class and throw the whole American society out of whack... support leaders who start unwarranted wars, support leaders and policies which caused the recent recession of our economy and bankrupted the country, ultimately condemning millions of good people into the hell of Foreclosure. They are on a rampage to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 

In December 2010 we had this ground shaking report...

'A German manufacturer was being interviewed on one of our cable business programs. He was obviously very wealthy so the interviewer kept on about all the taxes he was paying in Germany. The guy just didn't seem interested in talking about it, but the interviewer would not let it go. Finally the German said. "I just don't care about the taxes I pay". The interviewer was speechless for a few seconds and then blurted out, "But why don't you care"? The German thought for a couple of seconds and replied. "Because I don't want to be a rich man living in a poor country".'

The simple difference between this German man and the Republican party office holders is that he loves his country, he cares for his country, he supports his country, he has pride in his country, he wants the best for his country, he wants his country to prosper...all of these things are evident in his actions... Actions speak louder than words... he wants to pay the Taxes his country needs, to be the best it could be. Therein lies the difference between him and the Republicans.

Yes, I know people say I can't suggest the Republicans in Government dislike and don't care for their them I hasten to remind...Actions speak louder than words. You have to see them...the Republican office holders, for their actions not their lies and trickery.

The Republicans in Government are rich by any or most standards... That is why they do it.  The laws they pass, which destroy the middle class and the country, does not hamper them, the Medicare they are trying to destroy will not bother them, to not have it, if they succeed, as they can afford to buy the best Medical Coverage...anywhere around the World. The Social Security and Medicaid they are trying to destroy will not put even a small dent in their overall existence...even though they know it will all but destroy the working man...and the economy as a consequence. I remind you, most bankruptcy fillings are a direct result of medical tragedies in one's family.

The contrast between the Republicans who are trying to stifle the growth of our economy with their Tax cuts and this Proud German Businessman who wants to feed and nourish the Country's Economy...his Country's economy, by paying his taxes is evidence about how decent a man he is and how Indecent and Un-American  these Republicans are...Actions speak louder than words. 

This article was written by the Author of the newly released book titled "Shock and Awe on America" which can be bought in print or for Kindle at
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