Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why Republicans do it...

Do what you may ask? Well... Do what they are famous for... destabilizing the Country, Lying and conniving, shrinking the economy, stifling growth, attacking the Country from within with policies which they know will destroy the middle class and throw the whole American society out of whack... support leaders who start unwarranted wars, support leaders and policies which caused the recent recession of our economy and bankrupted the country, ultimately condemning millions of good people into the hell of Foreclosure. They are on a rampage to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. 

In December 2010 we had this ground shaking report...

'A German manufacturer was being interviewed on one of our cable business programs. He was obviously very wealthy so the interviewer kept on about all the taxes he was paying in Germany. The guy just didn't seem interested in talking about it, but the interviewer would not let it go. Finally the German said. "I just don't care about the taxes I pay". The interviewer was speechless for a few seconds and then blurted out, "But why don't you care"? The German thought for a couple of seconds and replied. "Because I don't want to be a rich man living in a poor country".'

The simple difference between this German man and the Republican party office holders is that he loves his country, he cares for his country, he supports his country, he has pride in his country, he wants the best for his country, he wants his country to prosper...all of these things are evident in his actions... Actions speak louder than words... he wants to pay the Taxes his country needs, to be the best it could be. Therein lies the difference between him and the Republicans.

Yes, I know people say I can't suggest the Republicans in Government dislike and don't care for their country...to them I hasten to remind...Actions speak louder than words. You have to see them...the Republican office holders, for their actions not their lies and trickery.

The Republicans in Government are rich by any or most standards... That is why they do it.  The laws they pass, which destroy the middle class and the country, does not hamper them, the Medicare they are trying to destroy will not bother them, to not have it, if they succeed, as they can afford to buy the best Medical Coverage...anywhere around the World. The Social Security and Medicaid they are trying to destroy will not put even a small dent in their overall existence...even though they know it will all but destroy the working man...and the economy as a consequence. I remind you, most bankruptcy fillings are a direct result of medical tragedies in one's family.

The contrast between the Republicans who are trying to stifle the growth of our economy with their Tax cuts and this Proud German Businessman who wants to feed and nourish the Country's Economy...his Country's economy, by paying his taxes is evidence about how decent a man he is and how Indecent and Un-American  these Republicans are...Actions speak louder than words. 

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  1. Rethink politics: http://thenewthirdparty.blogspot.com

  2. Equality, Liberty and Individual Rights.

    The US Constitution is an amazing document. But nowhere in it does it say or elude to democracy. The founders knew that mob rule was flawed. They also knew that they were men and anything that they could draft would also be flawed. The idea was to have less flaws than straight democracy and for the people to be able to govern themselves locally as much as possible. America was prosperous for more than half of it's history often with growth in double digits.

    Then we left the model that made us prosperous and started slowly adopting socialist ideas. Now we are broke and in the worst depression in our nations history. The socialist want spend money that we don't have. Money that we could not even pay back even if we raised taxes. 47% of Americans don't even pay federal income tax at all.

    The Republicans today don't all represent my Republican Ideals. But I could never be a Democrat or a Socialist. The Democrats were Pro-Slavery and still are by way of enslaving the people of a great nation to their Marxist endeavors. People should not forget the DNC was the political arm of the KKK for nearly five decades.

    Repuplicans are a-holes these days. But it used to be that if you wanted to get out of a war. You voted for a Republican. If you wanted greater equality, you voted for a Republican.

    Now we're all kind of screwed no matter who we vote for.

    The President has failed miserably. One could argue than he has failed worse than the worst president that ever sat in the oval office, his predecessor GW Bush. Because his policies are nearly identical. You don't have to dig deep to see the truth. Perhaps the Patriot Act will remind you that these people hate America and they hate you and me.

    I like your little story. It's interesting that you clearly thought it was not important to verify your facts. It's probably fiction but I get the point.

    So my advice to you is to go live in Switzerland for a couple of years. You will be begging to come back to the USA. They have the social utopia that you are looking for. So does Sweden and Japan. They also have the highest rates of suicide worldwide. Only then will you value the choice and the freedoms that all American enjoy.

    It's ok to be poor and it ok to be rich. But it's not ok to be inequitable or to engage in policies and politics that disenfranchise anyone.

    Equality, Liberty and Individual Rights.

    This time around I am voting for Ron Paul.

  3. This is nothing more then a lie Socialist ideas if anything saved this stupid capitalist joke more then once. However its OK if you want to twist the truth because the crap isn't working anymore, problem is people like you halt growth for the ones who want it. Capitalism is a joke it can never provide a balanced fair system, nor can it provide stability, it is ,and always has been human nature to act in our own best interest whether those interest destroy, deceive, or take from others. Socialism understands this and encourages us to live as a collective which is the only way we can live ,and maintain a stable, fair, supportive system. The type of lies you are generating is exactly what this book is referring to. The internet has provided the average citizen with the means to obtain accurate information, a way to reach the source, and avoid the deception, and uninformed ramblings of the prehistoric tools whom have unfortunately fallen prey to the twisted definitions of the selfish right. The clock is ticking ,and the facade is dissolving. Wake up are go talk to someone who still buys this crap.

  4. What? Just look around. Its fairly obvious. As far as socialist based policies helping goes, well the great depression for instance right before it happened capitalism enjoyed major deregulation's After it happened it took FDR policies to bring the economy back, then again right before the last collapse Bush had installed major deregulation's, after the collapse Obama basically had to inject capital into the failing companies in the form of bail outs. Regulations allow Capitalism to stagger along , as soon as the chains are lifted, the bad business begins a new. Problem is Capitalism may be OK with out the human factor, however once you add the greed,self interest, and the diversity of human capability it soon becomes fairly obvious the direction things are heading in. However like I said its all coming to an end, at my university alone its like 75/20 against capitalism 5% undecided, and as for Democratic Socialism its around 60/40 in favor of Democratic Socialism. I also served in the Military got out in 2005, and I can tell you most soldiers I came in contact with do not want capitalism anymore. True this isn't the entire nation, however Socialist party USA has received favorable results nation wide. The part that make my findings so significant is I live in the south which has always been the blind follower of the right, same goes for the military. I mean besides the fact that the greed and corruption has become fairly obvious even to the average person, you also have to consider the internet allows people to find out the truth if used correctly, which is why were seeing the sudden change of heart towards Socialism. I mean before most had no clue of what Socialism really was they just accepted the inaccurate examples of Russia and china, however now many can see that Russia ,nor China were examples of real socialism, Lenin strayed the path long ago Stalin was crazy and Trotsky only followed Lenin during that time. Which led to a Totalitarian Dictatorships the workers were never given the means of production. China pretty much accepted that interpretation. So with all that said I still say just open your eyes whether the alternative is Socialism or not one fact still remains capitalism is not the way for the majority.