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Deport Children of Illegals: Hunter
Updated 8:41 AM PDT, Thu, Apr 29, 2010

Representative Duncan Hunter wants to deport the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants but he isn't the only one who wants to change the U.S. Constitution.
Hunter, who spoke at a tea party gathering in Ramona Saturday, said he does not believe children born to illegal immigrant parents should get automatic U.S. citizenship.
In a video posted Saturday on YouTube, Hunter appears to be taking questions from the crowd when he is asked if he would support the deportation of children born to illegal immigrants.
“I would have to,” he said.

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“It’s a complex issue and it’s… you can look and say, ‘You’re a mean guy, that’s a mean thing to do, that’s not a humanitarian thing to do.’ We simply cannot afford what we’re doing right now,” he said. "California’s going under.”
“We’re not being mean,” he told the crowd. “We’re just saying it takes more than just walking across the border to become an American citizen.”
Our media partner the North County Times confirmed the statements when a reporter spoke with Hunter Tuesday.
The congressman, whose district includes parts of Poway and Ramona in North County, told the paper that it makes sense that if the parents of illegal immigrant children are deported, that their children go with them. Hunter said he also supports a bill, House Resolution 1868, that would eliminate automatic citizenship for those children.
Currently, the Constitution grants citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil.
Hunter isn't the only politician to take the controversial stand on the hot button issue of immigration.
More than 90 congressional representatives -- including Darrell Issa and Brian Bilbray, who also represent San Diego County districts -- support federal legislation to eliminate automatic citizenship for children born on U-S soil.
Critics, however, say that it's wrong to change the 14th Amendment and throw out a century of legal precedent.
"It just perpetuates what has always been the law of the land and, specifically, that no one can be denied citizenship," said political analyst Raoul Lowery. "Because prior to the 14th Amendment, blacks -- afro-Americans -- were not permitted to become citizens."
The proposal to change the Constitution would require at least one parent to be a U.S. citizen, a legal permanent resident, or an immigrant serving in the armed forces. It was introduced last year and is stalled in the Congress.

Source: Deport Children of Illegals: Hunter | NBC San Diego

I think this is a sad day for America. Here in New York, thousands of the immigrants are Polish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and so many other European Whites. I don't see anyone giving them a hard time, so I guess it suggests a certain level of racism on the part of certain persons who are carrying this anti-immigrant movement.

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Thousands Rally against Arizona Immigration Law


A new law in Arizona will soon require police officers to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being an undocumented immigrant. John Blackstone reports on this tough new law.

Protesters rally at the Arizona Capitol on Sunday, April, 25, 2010. Thousands called on President Barack Obama to fight a new Arizona law targeting illegal immigrants that critics say sanctions racial profiling.

Civil rights activists called on President Barack Obama to fight a tough new Arizona law targeting illegal immigrants Sunday, promising to march in the streets and invite arrest by refusing to comply if the measure goes into effect.

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona told about 3,500 protesters gathered at the state Capitol that the Obama administration can help defeat the law by refusing to cooperate when illegal immigrants are picked up by local police and turned over to federal immigration officers.

It is my expectation that the recent uproar from the Racist, Hateful right, to vanquish these "Evil Illegal Immigrants" will cause the President to bring the Immigration issue to the front burner...'bout time too. Remember when they say 10 or 15 million immigrants, one third of that number is children, so this issue should be dealt with quickly as the kids need legality to get College Financing, Healthcare etc.

"We're going to overturn this unjust and racist law, and then we're going to overturn the power structure that created this unjust, racist law," said Grijalva, a Democrat.

Obama has called the new law "misguided" and instructed the Justice Department to examine it to see if it's legal. It requires police to question people about their immigration status - including asking for identification - if they suspect someone is in the country illegally. Opponents say it would undoubtedly lead to racial profiling, because officers would be more likely to ask people who look Hispanic.

Discomfort over the law was also expressed as well at some Sunday religious services.

"I'm not in the place to where I would root out those who are in the country without documentation and hand that over to the authorities," said Rev. John Flowers, co-pastor of First United Methodist Church.

A controversial sheriff well known for his tough policies says the new law is exactly what's needed, and he is prepared to act, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his department has arrested some 38,000 illegal immigrants in the past three years and the new law will give him the tools to step up his efforts to combat the flood coming across Arizona's border with Mexico.

"I will arrest the people that are here under that new misdemeanor law and book them into our jails," Arpaio said.

But Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon says many supporters of the law are not just misguided, they are racist.

"It's just morally wrong," he told Blackstone. "This country is not about having people wear arm bands with Jewish stars or in this case Hispanic brown symbols," Gordon said. He also called the law "clearly unconstitutional."

Supporters have dismissed concerns of racial profiling, saying the law prohibits the use of race or nationality as the sole basis for an immigration check. Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the bill into law Friday, has ordered state officials to develop a training course for officers to learn what constitutes reasonable suspicion someone is in the U.S. illegally.

Current law in Arizona and most states doesn't require police to ask about the immigration status of those they encounter, and many police departments prohibit officers from inquiring out of fear immigrants won't cooperate in other investigations.

The new law makes it a crime under state law to be in the country illegally. Immigrants unable to produce documents showing they are allowed to be in the U.S. could be arrested, jailed for up to six months and fined $2,500. It also allows lawsuits against government agencies that hinder enforcement of immigration laws.;contentBody

There have been many people who are planning to go to Arizona to protest and cause disruption if the law is not changed or repealed, including Reverand Al Sharpton who is already putting plans in place and drum up outrage for the new law.

When they say 10 to 15 million Immigrants, one third of that number is children, who need legality to get College Financing, Healthcare etc, so it is good that we are seeing a move to address the issue sooner rather than later.

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We are consuming Poison...
What is even worse is that we are feeding it to our kids...
Read the warning label on your Toothpaste, It says if your child swallows more than a PEA SIZED amount of Toothpaste, call a Poison Control Center immediately, because the poisonous active ingredient is Fluoride.


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The Facts About BPA And How You Are Poisoning Yourselves And Your Families With It.

This is taken from my book Shock and Awe on America which can be sampled with this link...
Free download, 50% of “Shock and Awe on America” in different E-book formats at get sale price of $0.99 

I have projected my own ideas as to what these poisons' affects on mankind will be... you decide...

What is evolution? When and why does it occur? It is the way a living entity changes in order to survive or adapt to varying conditions. This occurs when conditions arise which threaten the entity in one way or another. I recently saw a documentary on The Doc Zone by CBC of Canada. It was called “The Disappearing Male.” The report showed that the human male is under the threat of extinction.

“The Disappearing Male,” The Doc Zone, CBC TV,

When this happens, obviously, the human species as we know it will vanish. The remaining female population will adapt and evolve to compensate and become a new creature or die. Are we headed for extinction? The alarming answer is yes. It has been suggested by scientists that we are now experiencing the beginning of the extinction of human beings. All living entities devise ways
to avoid extinction, knowingly or not, the question is —have we?
Sperm count in humans is down by half over the last 50 years. Sperm abnormality has increased at
an alarming rate. Testicular cancer has doubled in the last 20 years. It is important to note that the animal kingdom is also having similar problems, which suggests that we have a common denominator. This is toxic poisoning to varying degrees. In the Eastern Coastal region of the US, up to 80% of males of certain fish species are found to have changed to become egg bearing.

These problems have now been attributed to the use of synthetic chemicals on a massive and worldwide scale. One such chemical is Bisphenol A, or BPA, which was invented in 1891, and is used extensively in just about everything that has hard plastic in it, from CDs to plastic containers and even baby bottles. This chemical makes plastic products harder and stronger. It is an endocrine disruptor, meaning it disturbs the proper functioning of the endocrine system and the hormones which these glands produce. These hormones regulate our bodies’ functions. Testosterone is the main disrupted hormone that is of concern in the pending male extinction.
Another group of chemicals called phthalates are also raising concerns. These chemicals — produced since the 1920s — are used to soften plastic products like rubber ducks and other toys. What is frightening is that they are also endocrine disruptors.

Parents are overcome with panic and grief knowing that for the last 40 years or more they have been feeding their children with poisoned baby bottles, and they have let their children chew on rubber ducks, pacifiers and teething rings, for as long as anyone remembers, which may have altered their normal growth. The concern is that the chemicals seep out of the products and into the mouths of our babies, a hazard that has been suspected with BPA since the 1930s. When a pregnant mother has these chemicals in her system, it subjects her growing embryo to these startling problems.

The birth of males has dropped by 50% in some places of interest: places with high concentrations of these chemicals. Instead of a ratio of 1 to 1 between boys and girls, the ratio is now 1 boy to 3 girls in some of these locations. Male sexual development has been thrown out of whack because the function of testosterone is disrupted by these chemicals. Within the last 60 years we have invented 90,000 chemicals. As much as 80,000 are in use, while only 15% are tested for effects on adult humans and almost none is tested for effects on either growing children, embryos or fetuses. The chemicals are tested on adults and not on the growing bodies of infants, so while a chemical is deemed safe for adults, the babies who are exposed are more susceptible to harm, as their bodies’ resistance to these harmful chemicals could be hundreds of times less strong.

Sperm counts in most teenage men are half of what their fathers’ were and 85% of their sperm are
found to be abnormal, leaving 15% of normal sperm. This means mankind is surviving on a sperm count of 7.5% of normal sperm, as compared with our forefathers’ sperm counts. Could we survive with any less? I think not. We have reached the edge, the brink of disaster. Long ago, sperm banks accepted sperm which had a standard volume of 60,000 counts per milliliter; that count has been reduced to 40,000, then 20,000 and they are now considering reducing the acceptance level to 10,000 per milliliter. Some birth rates in animals in polluted rivers have been found to be 90% below average, clearly showing they are affected as well.
Testosterone controls the sexual development of our male children and when its functions are
blocked by chemicals, they are permanently damaged, and the hormone cannot perform the tasks of fetal development that they were supposed to accomplish. Would-be boys cannot become boys. Embryos cannot change to boys and instead become a female fetus. The result is a mix of undeveloped or changed humans with various developmental abnormalities.

Plastics enhance our lives but unfortunately, they are poisoning our unborn children to the extent of bringing about human extinction. Up until about seven or eight weeks old, the embryo is neither male nor female. The embryo grows into a fetus at around that time, and it is the critical time when it is changing to a boy or girl. Sexual hormones, in particular testosterone, then take over and help determine if a child becomes a male or, by its absence or inaction, a female. When the chemicals interfere with this process, the result is abnormal development, both physically and mentally.
Some embryos develop into a male body but that is itself a physical change. Accompanying that
physical change is also a mental change needed to make the human embryo a complete male or female. Things can go wrong. Some boys may not get the required corresponding male wiring in the brain; consequently, they have a male body with a female brain — in other words, a girl trapped in a boy’s body. This happens in reverse as well: a female body with a male wired brain — a boy trapped in a girl’s body. We see this quite often, in alarming numbers, in our modern, chemically poisoned society.

Things do not always go wrong in that simple way either; it sometimes gets really mixed up and
complicated. For example, a boy may retain a girl’s genitals or breasts, or a girl may grow a boy’s genitals. We see this phenomena increasing as well.
Soon there may not be enough traditional males with properly functioning genitalia and normal
sperm counts to carry on the human species as we already survive on only 7.5 % of traditional levels. Is the species evolving or going to evolve to a point where a person will be able to impregnate her or himself? Hermaphroditism opens that door to a new possibility. We see it elsewhere in nature. It is a natural occurrence of some species after millions of years of evolution and threats to its survival. We see asexual reproduction in turkeys, sharks, starfish, bees and other species. It is not a new occurrence.

The emergence of such sexually diverse groups of people has a profound effect on society and
societal development. Some may speculate that gay people and hermaphrodites are sometimes the results of these chemical interferences in the embryonic and fetal stages of a child’s development. Others may seek different explanations, including religious ones. I will leave that type of speculation up to you, as each person has his or her own ideas.

One thing is certain; we are threatened by something more devastating than any bomb, or any and all the plagues gone by, and our evolution may be the only way to survive. Since the 1970s, the drop in the birth rate of boys has resulted in as many as three million less boys being born and consequently, three million more girls and mixed sexes. With the invention of new synthetic chemicals and medicines, the problem grows even larger and finding solutions becomes more immediate, more urgent. Evolution may be our only way out of extinction, if we still have time.

Free download, 50% of “Shock and Awe on America” in different E-book formats at get sale price of $0.99

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Tim Mc Veigh, Phoebe Prince, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold...Results Of School Bullying

Tim Mc Veigh was created over time, starting in High School...

Phoebe Prince was a simple, normal, happy kid who little by little, was pushed over the edge by School Bullies...first in her home town, in Ireland, then finally here in her new school in the US, this investigation is ongoing...

They both could have gone the route of Columbine, of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold...

Taken from my book being released next week, April 30, titled... Shock and Awe on America...

Step one...
Part of chapter titled Columbine, Losing Your Children...

"By isolating them, subjecting them to all sorts of detrimental and demeaning treatment over and over, we create what we eventually call monster shooters. We force them to retreat within themselves or to seek out similarly-affected individuals, who then take the place of the teaching, comforting parent, and who go on to guide them in the wrong direction. This could be avoided and be less costly in terms of expense and lives, if our citizens are educated to be more sensible and tolerant of all people who we perceive as different.
It is believed that the shooter may sometimes kill at random. He fantasizes about becoming a hunter standing in the middle of a group of sheep. All these sheep are of equal importance: that is, they become insignificant. There is no need to be selective. They are all the same; it’s just the hunter and his prey. Each kill sends the same message of vengeance, revenge and opposition to the system of isolating and ridiculing the weak, teaching the world a lesson, like a bad child being punished by the teacher or, in this case, the master hunter.
The lesson is, don’t pick on the weak because their hands aren’t tied. There will be revenge. We learn the hard way, albeit too late, that there is strength in the weakest of us…strength to pull a trigger in a crowded place; strength to savor murder and vengeance, and think it is right; strength to take revenge. A pound of flesh to be collected, and probably friends and followers to avenge them as well."

This what happened in varying degrees to Phoebe Prince, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold and Timothy Mc Veigh. As a result, Phoebe Prince committed suicide, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold together killed many in a school in Columbine.

For Tim Mc Veigh, his outlet for revenge was not a Mall or School shooting or suicide, he chose to "fix" himself of his feelings of hatred from his bullying ordeal, he joined the Army, which unknown to him, would provide the training he needed for the Oklahoma Bombing...

Step two...Returning from Combat, with PTSD...

Part of Chapter titled ...WAR
"The veterans who come home are all torn in various ways. Some have flashbacks when they light a match and smell the sulfur. Some have flashbacks while they are simply driving a vehicle. Some can’t ride elevators. They cry themselves to sleep or dose themselves with sleeping pills. Their attempted suicide rate back home is well above 150 per month sometimes, but this fact usually goes under-reported.
They suffer from severe anxiety attacks, and sometimes panic from seemingly normal situations like seeing a speeding, blaring fire truck.
Some have such heightened senses of smell and sound that they have become unique, and will be awakened at the slightest whisper in the bedroom. Some sleep alone because they may wake up in the middle of the night and choke their spouses, thinking they are still in combat and under attack. And of course, some sleep with their weapons all the time. There are thousands of broken soldiers trying to re-enter or be assimilated into society, and become productive members of the community once again and many are not being helped to do this.
Timothy McVeigh was a startling reality of what we can expect in the future, from our overstressed and overworked soldiers, if we don’t give them the proper care they need. Rachel Maddow, on Air America radio, interviewed someone who provided the statistic that 69% of our soldiers have killed a woman or a child. Some of these women were pregnant. It is not easy to live with that knowledge. They can’t sleep at night. They develop hatred for themselves and for the leaders, who made them do this instead of finding other solutions and alternatives to unnecessary war.
We have learned over time how difficult it is for returning war veterans to re-enter society, as we have had many Vietnam veterans, who were in need of treatment, return and not get it. Insufficient treatment resulted in the disastrously high incidence of homelessness among them. found in their investigations that in 2005 there were at least 6,256 suicides among those who had served in our armed forces. Shockingly, that means approximately 120 troops per week, throughout the year of 2005, committed suicide. This number roughly coincides with the VA’s higher estimate of 6,500 annually, as cited in a Chicago Tribune story. On 9/11, 3,000 people died, so Bush started two wars, but this information means we have been having approximately two 9/11 events taking place every year, with over 6,000 suicides, and Bush and his followers did nothing significant to stop this atrocity. This is Bush's true shameful legacy of Shock and Awe.
The CBS article showed that veterans were twice as likely to commit suicide as civilians, veterans having a suicide rate of 18.7 to 20.8 per 100,000 compared to civilians, which was 8.9 per 100,000. The article also pointed to a really shocking fact among troops aged 20 to 24 years old. Their suicide rate is two to four times higher than civilians of the same age; civilians that age have suicide rates of about 8.3 per 100,000, while vets that age were found to commit suicide between 22.9 and 31.9 times per 100,000. It is expected that the number of those who attempted suicide and were saved is much higher than the suicides recorded. A article reported that about 1.6 million troops have fought in the two wars since 2001, and an estimated 20% or 320,000 suffer from PTSD or depression. This echoes a Rand Corporation study that was published in April 2008."

Obviously some of these troops returning with PTSD choose not to commit suicide and instead like other victims of bullying, choose to become hunters of men...

While in Iraq, Tim Mc Veigh killed people, became famous there for his kills...doing his duty and getting promoted to Sargent for his talents, but he soon started to realize that he had been turning into what he hated most...the new Bully on the block. He said that he soon realized that the Iraqis were just him, and the real bully in control were the sources of Authority... for him in Iraq, it was The Military.
When he went home, he transfered that blame of Authority to the Government.
Three months after he went home from the Military, he ran over to his Grandfather's home, bare-backed in the winter, telling his Grandfather that he had problems...he actually had the manifestations of PTSD...The rest is history.
April 19, 1995 was just another outcome...instead of Columbine, it had the same triggers, bullying at an early age and the various outcomes resulting from it.
The effects of bullying produce many symptoms, including the victims bullying their usually spurs depression, reclusive or antisocial behavior.

From this USA TODAY article...
"The U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Education Department soon began studying school shooters. In 2002, researchers presented their first findings: School shooters, they said, followed no set profile, but most were depressed and felt persecuted."
"It's a portrait of Harris and Klebold as a sort of In Cold Blood criminal duo — a deeply disturbed, suicidal pair who over more than a year psyched each other up for an Oklahoma City-style terrorist bombing, an apolitical, over-the-top revenge fantasy against years of snubs, slights and cruelties, real and imagined."
"one of Harris' last journal entries read: "I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don't … say, 'Well that's your fault,' because it isn't, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. No no no don't let the weird-looking Eric KID come along."

I think they were left out and avoided by the other kids, which is a large part of school bullying Psychologically and does not necessarily include violence and beatings.
They were first "Victims" before they changed to "Hunters"

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Don't text and drive, send this to everyone you know, show your kids...PLEASE...

The favorite person could be your loved one...or you...

EMBED-Don't Text and Drive - Watch more free videos

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Mormons, Glenn Beck gotta see this

Again folks, this is too good to pass up...I've had to watch it three times just to be satisfied...

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This is a post I came across recently. It was sent to Mike by Gwen and it is a fitting follow-on to my previous post...

Thanks to Gwendolyn H. Barry.

Article from

The Buddha wasn't a Buddhist

By Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche
Tibetan Buddhist teacher
If we want to be free of the pain we inflict on ourselves and each other -- in other words, if we want to be happy -- then we have to learn to think for ourselves. We need to be responsible for ourselves and examine anything that claims to be the truth. That's what the Buddha did long ago to free himself from his own discontent and persistent doubts about what he heard, day-after-day, from his parents, teachers and the palace priests.
Although he was a prince born into a wealthy and powerful family, the young Siddhartha often just wanted to get away from it all. He wanted the space to think independently about who he was and what the spiritual path was about. Such freethinking was important to the Buddha's search for inner truth and his ultimate realization of enlightenment. These days more and more people in the West are following the teachings and example of the Buddha. But what are these teachings about? What is Buddhism? It looks like a religion, but is it?

There are many definitions of religion. Some are so broad they'd include your neighborhood garden club. Others are narrower: your garden club would need a deity, enthusiasm for that deity, and a set of beliefs and practices. We all have some sense of what religion means to us, but when we start talking about it -- trouble!
If you search "world religions," you'll find "Buddhism" on every list. Does that make Buddhism a religion? Does it mean that because I'm a Buddhist, I'm "religious"? I can argue that Buddhism is a science of mind -- a way of exploring how we think, feel and act that leads us to profound truths about who we are. I can also say that Buddhism is a philosophy of life -- a way to live that maximizes our chances for happiness.
What Buddhism is, at this point, is certainly out of the Buddha's hands. His teachings passed into the hands of his followers thousands of years ago. They passed from wandering beggars to monastic institutions, from the illiterate to the learned, from the esoteric East to the outspoken West. In its travels, Buddhism has been many things to many people. But what did the Buddha intend when he taught?
At the start of his own spiritual quest, Prince Siddhartha left his royal home, along with its many luxuries and privileges. He was determined to find answers to life's most perplexing questions. Are we born into the world just to suffer, grow old, and die? What's going on -- what's the meaning of it all? After years of experimenting with different forms of religious practice, he abandoned his austerities and all his concepts about his spiritual journey -- all the beliefs and doctrines that had led him to where he was. At the end of that journey, with only an open and curious mind, he discovered what he was looking for -- the great mind of enlightenment. He woke up from all confusion. He saw beyond all belief systems to the profound reality of the mind itself -- a state of clear awareness and supreme happiness. Along with that knowledge came an understanding of how to lead a meaningful and compassionate life. For the next 45 years, he taught how to work with the mind: how to look at it, how to free it from misunderstandings, and how to realize the greatness of its potential.
Those teachings today still describe a deeply personal inner journey that's spiritual, yes, but not religious. The Buddha wasn't a god -- he wasn't even a Buddhist. You're not required to have more faith in the Buddha than you do in yourself. His power lies in his teachings, which show us how to work with our minds to realize our full capacity for wakefulness and happiness. These teachings can help us satisfy our search for the truth -- our need to know who and what we really are.
Where do we find this truth? Although we can rely to some degree on the wisdom we find in books and on the advice of respected spiritual authorities, that's only the beginning. The journey to genuine truth begins when you discover a true question -- one that comes from the heart -- from your own life and experience. That question will lead to an answer that will lead to another question, and so on. That's how it goes on the spiritual path.
We start by bringing an open, inquisitive, and skeptical mind to whatever we hear, read, or see that presents itself as the truth. We examine it with reason and we put it to the test in meditation and in our lives. As we gain insight into the workings of the mind, we learn how to recognize and deal with our day-to-day experiences of thoughts and emotions. We uncover inaccurate and unhelpful habits of thinking and begin to correct them. Eventually we're able to overcome the confusion that makes it so hard to see the mind's naturally brilliant awareness. In this sense, the Buddha's teachings are a method of investigation, or a science of mind.
Religion, on the other hand, often provides us with answers to life's big questions from the start. We don't have to think about it too much. We learn what to think and believe and our job is to live up to that, not to question it. If we relate to the Buddha's teachings as final answers that don't need to be examined, then we're practicing Buddhism as a religion.
In any case, we still have to live our lives and face up to how we're going to do it. We can't escape having a "philosophy of life," because we're challenged every day to choose one action over another -- kindness or indifference, generosity or selfishness, patience or blame. When our decisions and actions reflect the knowledge we've gained by working with our minds, that's adopting Buddhism as a way of life.
As the teachings of the Buddha reach us and pass into our Western hands, what determines what they will be for us? It's all in how we use them. As long as they help to clear up our confusion and inspire confidence that we can fulfill our potential, then they're doing the job that the Buddha intended.
We can use all the help we can get, because strange as it seems, we hang onto to our confusion. We cling to it because we think it shields us from something. But like wearing sunglasses day and night, we are only avoiding looking at who we truly are. We prefer to wear our "shades," simply because we're not used to the bright light of our minds. The teachings of the Buddha -- no matter how we label them -- show us how to open our eyes to that brilliance.
Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche is a meditation master in the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He is the author of several books including "Rebel Buddha (Shambhala Publications), scheduled to publish in November.

From Teeluck...
The simple truth is you do not need a God, a religion or dogmas, rules and rituals to understand life and our purpose here,
just look within to find the answers.
Goodness is the start of that journey, after starting to apply goodness in our daily lives, the rest becomes revealed in all its simplicity. There is nothing else you need to do but practice goodness...and you would have saved the world...
I would advise that one reads "The Gospel of thomas" from the dead sea scrolls to find the real jesus and what he really taught.

Luke 17:20-21 (King James Version)
20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered
them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Gospel of thomas
77. Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained.
Split a piece of wood; I am there.
Lift up the stone, and you will find me there."

Translation...Jesus, you and I are all part of this Universe in its Spiritual form and its Consciousness. We need neither Churches nor Religion to live or to love. There is no God more than us...there is nothing to fear or worship...just live and love.

It is said...a thousand monks, a thousand religions...the same applies to the 40,000+ denominations of christianity...we don't need any of them...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Religion is the new "Model T"...out dated.

 I think you readers have a right to hear and understand what I am saying about the decline of religion's necessity. I wrote some of this as a comment and decided this is too heavy to be hidden in the comments.
Firstly, My partial background for such comments...I am active in two churches in my area, one being a multi million dollar operation of the Catholic Church/Cathedral/Catholic school...they have an immigration office that I frequent, which helps hundreds of distraught people who are in the middle of being deported, their families being ripped apart and so on...also others who desperately need pointed immigration help to get themselves legal status. I see the best, loving people... and Clergy... and everything that religion has to offer...and it is a community organization, but still, in my observation... misinformed.
This operation is all done pro I am not criticizing the Churches value to any community, but in answer to your question, No, modern religion is not as much a misunderstanding as much as it is a misdirection by good people who are themselves misdirected...going back centuries.  Respectfully, I promise you will all be in agreement with me when you read my in-depth analysis of my observations in my book in a couple weeks. The title is Shock and Awe on America, it is being printed for my approval right now by Amazon's printers... and should be available on Amazon in a couple of weeks.
My judging all religion is not misguided as I have purposely made that specific statement/critique, as part of a larger picture/observation.
Indeed everyone who worships some kind of Deity or Godly Figure is ultimately looking for peace and Global love, and that is never a bad thing. I work with Decent, real Priests weekly, and yes they are the most simple, loving people I have the honor to meet, to hug, to work with.
My point is...religion does not cause that love...just the goodness of humans helping evidenced by me and my role in this solemn story, working along with these Priests in their work with the most needy among us. Religion is an antique idea that simply teaches or helps show people how to channel that Brotherly Love...a channel we can evolve to do away with, while not stopping, but indeed increasing the unselfish love we already share. God is a different subject...a larger issue than the "God" of religion, and I look forward to discussing that.

One hundred years ago the ratio of gangs to worshippers was very small, fifty years ago that ratio showed an increase of gang members, ten years ago it was obvious the gangs were growing faster than the Worshipers...Worldwide...
Religion is losing the fight against the growing infestation of gangs in our societies, and when gang leaders are deported they simply start new gangs in other countries, making it a growing, Global that religion has lost it's ability to counter or control. This is proven by the numbers/ratio. How prevalent is Mexican gang activity in our lives today...both in Mexico and also in our local communities?  How about the Bloods and the Crips? How about The Brotherhood and other White Power Gangs...KKK...Militia...Arian Nation Gangs...these are just the famous or known ones, there are thousands here in America and even more Globally, the increase of which is the last shove given to religion, onto the shelf of past endeavors to contain and control the to the Ford Model T, which was replaced by better cars a long time ago. We did not stop using cars, we just improved them...same with our understanding of God, Heaven, Spirit, Soul, The Universe...and Us. We just need to improve understanding of the Universe and the Spirit.
We need to "Graduate" to a new way of relating to the Force we call "Heavenly" there are millions of families who have tasted the bitter pill of the inability of religion to save them and their loved ones from the ravages that gangs bring.

The replacement of opposing religions with a higher spiritual approach will remove the necessity for the religious fighting that punctuates our daily lives and the Global religious wars that taint our Fantastic future history as a developing Space Bound Species.  Jerusalem may indeed become one people, one group, part of Humankind, and not just remain Muslims, Christians and Jews.