Sunday, April 18, 2010


Don't text and drive, send this to everyone you know, show your kids...PLEASE...

The favorite person could be your loved one...or you...

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  1. Good post,Tee.

    Several years ago a kid wasn't watching where he was going and hit my youngest daughter as she drove thru an intersection in a VW bug.Car was totaled. I ran thru traffic when I spotted my daughter, her head being bandaged by a paramedic and blood soaking her shirt. When I reached her she smiled and said "I'll be okay Daddy".

    It still makes me cry, to think about it. A fraction of a second later, the kid might have hit the driver door instead of the driver fender.

    My baby's ok now. But this elicits scary memories.

  2. Oh God, thanks for posting this. Put it on my FB and emailed to my daughters. It gives me major chills. A constant worry.

  3. My three year old daughter was almost run down by a texting driver last fall. Something changed in me and I built a tool that empowers the user to manage their texts on their terms - whether that at work, watching a movie, - or driving a 5000 pound piece of steel down the highway. Its called OTTER. Let me know what you think. .

    In response to the epidemic of teen texting and driving, we started our Break the Habit Campaign ( ) to raise awareness of this problem thereby educating us all of the dangers. Did you know that 50% of teens interviewed admitted to texting while driving? If 50% admitted to many are actually doing it?

    Erik Wood, owner

  4. Oso, thank goodness she is OK, I teared up watching this video at least four times, when I watched it made me feel your anxiety just with your words when I read your comment, it's that serious.

    tnlib, I did the same, sent it to my wife and my two kids' emails, and I asked them to call me when they have watched it, so I would know that they saw it.

  5. Eric Wood, this is an excellent idea, if I can be of any help, please let me know, and I will get this when my kids gets their licenses, they are preparing to both go for it now, they are both I'm worried already.

  6. Teeluck, we have a "no hand-held cell-phone while driving" law in CT. I don't think that I've ever seen it enforced, though. It really frigging pisses me off (the no enforcement aspect of it, I'm saying).

  7. Will, as you probably know we have it in NY too, and our cops really do give you tickets but that does not stop most people, I see them...and me too... sometimes speaking on the phones, but texting should definitely not be done. This new app by Eric Wood in a great idea, check it out.