Friday, April 2, 2010

Religion is the new "Model T"...out dated.

 I think you readers have a right to hear and understand what I am saying about the decline of religion's necessity. I wrote some of this as a comment and decided this is too heavy to be hidden in the comments.
Firstly, My partial background for such comments...I am active in two churches in my area, one being a multi million dollar operation of the Catholic Church/Cathedral/Catholic school...they have an immigration office that I frequent, which helps hundreds of distraught people who are in the middle of being deported, their families being ripped apart and so on...also others who desperately need pointed immigration help to get themselves legal status. I see the best, loving people... and Clergy... and everything that religion has to offer...and it is a community organization, but still, in my observation... misinformed.
This operation is all done pro I am not criticizing the Churches value to any community, but in answer to your question, No, modern religion is not as much a misunderstanding as much as it is a misdirection by good people who are themselves misdirected...going back centuries.  Respectfully, I promise you will all be in agreement with me when you read my in-depth analysis of my observations in my book in a couple weeks. The title is Shock and Awe on America, it is being printed for my approval right now by Amazon's printers... and should be available on Amazon in a couple of weeks.
My judging all religion is not misguided as I have purposely made that specific statement/critique, as part of a larger picture/observation.
Indeed everyone who worships some kind of Deity or Godly Figure is ultimately looking for peace and Global love, and that is never a bad thing. I work with Decent, real Priests weekly, and yes they are the most simple, loving people I have the honor to meet, to hug, to work with.
My point is...religion does not cause that love...just the goodness of humans helping evidenced by me and my role in this solemn story, working along with these Priests in their work with the most needy among us. Religion is an antique idea that simply teaches or helps show people how to channel that Brotherly Love...a channel we can evolve to do away with, while not stopping, but indeed increasing the unselfish love we already share. God is a different subject...a larger issue than the "God" of religion, and I look forward to discussing that.

One hundred years ago the ratio of gangs to worshippers was very small, fifty years ago that ratio showed an increase of gang members, ten years ago it was obvious the gangs were growing faster than the Worshipers...Worldwide...
Religion is losing the fight against the growing infestation of gangs in our societies, and when gang leaders are deported they simply start new gangs in other countries, making it a growing, Global that religion has lost it's ability to counter or control. This is proven by the numbers/ratio. How prevalent is Mexican gang activity in our lives today...both in Mexico and also in our local communities?  How about the Bloods and the Crips? How about The Brotherhood and other White Power Gangs...KKK...Militia...Arian Nation Gangs...these are just the famous or known ones, there are thousands here in America and even more Globally, the increase of which is the last shove given to religion, onto the shelf of past endeavors to contain and control the to the Ford Model T, which was replaced by better cars a long time ago. We did not stop using cars, we just improved them...same with our understanding of God, Heaven, Spirit, Soul, The Universe...and Us. We just need to improve understanding of the Universe and the Spirit.
We need to "Graduate" to a new way of relating to the Force we call "Heavenly" there are millions of families who have tasted the bitter pill of the inability of religion to save them and their loved ones from the ravages that gangs bring.

The replacement of opposing religions with a higher spiritual approach will remove the necessity for the religious fighting that punctuates our daily lives and the Global religious wars that taint our Fantastic future history as a developing Space Bound Species.  Jerusalem may indeed become one people, one group, part of Humankind, and not just remain Muslims, Christians and Jews.


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  2. Love and compassion are never outside the requirements of the human condition. Rigid dogma and superstition are the antithesis of love and compassion.

    I'll put you on my blogroll.

  3. Holte Ender, Thank you

    Dave Dubya, got you on mine too bro. Thank you.

  4. I'm a practicing Roman Catholic Teeluck. Never know it to read my stuff though.

    An argument I've had with religious types is about the inherent good or evil in man. I believe we are capable of both without divine influence while my zealously religious friends believe all goodness comes from God and evil from the devil. Logic doesn't appeal to these people because of their devotion to letting others think for them I guess. This view goes deeper into some of the problems I have with the Catholic Church. But as your comment ended up as a post because of the complexity and importance to you, this also could on far longer than what's normally in a comment section.

  5. Truth, sounds like we share the same views bro, keep on fightin' the good fight. We may unite our bretheren yet...

  6. Truth, the Catholic Church can easily liberate itself by merely impeaching the Papacy, by which I mean firing one Pope won't suffice. The Church needs to install some one who will only act as a symbol, like the English monarchy. Until then, IMO, you might as well be in Scientology. I hope I didn't offend you. Didn't mean to!

  7. I disagree with the notion that everyone who worships a Deity is looking for peace and love. People like the Hutaree, as one example, claim to be God lovers-but they are anxious to go out and spill the blood of the heathen masses. There is also the matter of the Repture bunch, who have been trying for a long time now to set off Armageddon. They have all their hopes pinned on Israel, which might well work out for them before all is said and done.

    I have no quarrel with the faith of anyone. I do have, and will continue to have, a quarrel with organized religion of all stripes. I've seen too many pious churchgoers that only attend church because the people they meet there share their hatred and fear of any who are not like them.

  8. I grew up in the southern baptist church. They weren't looking for love and peace, either - just domination.

    That said, I have no problem with religious belief, so long as no one expects me to partake.

  9. Vigilante, IMO the churches need to stop preaching religion...and I understand this is a foreign's mind control for the masses, not truth.

    Jolly Roger, the Hutaree are just like other religious sheep, they truly and mistakenly love a fictitious God, this is just simple mind control on steroids...nothing different to the other extremists in any religion, they are all mistaken of course when they equate killing with Gods, and definitely mistaken to have Gods in the first place. Hitler did the same thing, with his "religious" reasons for murder...that is why religion is destructive and should be retired.
    The Rapture bunch is just misled, like all the others...nothing different.

  10. Bee, I think that Domination is the way of the religious...hence the occurance of "Christianization" well up into the middle ages. The Inquisition was the most well known incidence of this. It was a brutal time of follow or die, so If you were there you would be expected to partake...or they would wipe out your whole family, it could not possibly happen again in this modern age...right?
    That's why religion should be retired. Just watch Baynor, the Malitias and the other religious worshipers...looking for the Apocalypse, it is a scary time...

  11. Interesting point about gangs vs. religious worshipers. I hadn't thought of that.

    A long time ago Pete Townsend (I think it was something his guru told him) said "Spirituality is a yearning, a longing. Religion is junk food."

  12. Organized religion is a double-edged sword. In a highy homogenious society, it can definitely serve to preserve order and solidarity, prevent the war of all against all, etc. (the cost, of course, being a diminishment of independent thought). In a hetergenious society, however, or when societies come into contact with each other, organized religion tends to serve more as a barrier and, yes, unfortunately/because of that, it often brings out the worst in man.

  13. Tom Harper, the religious bodies will not admit this, but they are losing the battle to the gangs...

  14. Will, you are right, it is a double edged sword, which is now cutting into the hearts and minds of our impressionable ones. The thing is if religion were true then I would not mind it being taught to our children but some of these things are ridiculous... for example...
    ask your Muslim friends, whoever said the 72 virgins would be female? Those guys might meet virgin guys up there...and if they are female virgins, then what will happen to the female suicide bombers, will they get girls too? It is being made up as we go all religions, Jesus never said he did not approve of stem cell research... or abortion clinics.

  15. I am not into Jesus. I am not into the Father of Jesus. I mean if God be with us who be against us?? Isn't that what those poor bastards said as they huddled in the trenches during the Big War, and take your pick?

  16. Organized religion is a double-edged sword. In a highy homogenious society, it can definitely serve to preserve order and solidarity, prevent the war of all against all, etc.

    This is simply wrong. Italy and Germany were both pretty homogenized societies back in the 1930s, as was Japan. In the case of Germany, moreover, religion didn't seem to be any kind of an impediment to internal genocide.

  17. Mike, I am with Gwen in my understanding... spiritual not Godly, is my motto...

    JR, I agree, in my opinion, religion is the reason we have wars... Christianization in the middle ages was brutal, it did not preserve order...remember the Inquisition? That was Christianization. Where was the order in that?

  18. My question about the 72 virgins, Teeluck, is that, wouldn't you, after about 20 or so of 'em, start to crave the companionship of some experienced chicks? I sure as hell know that I would. LOL

  19. Long as they don't get deported over here. Much more and this little island of Britain will sink!!!

    Still. Been there mate. Some peeps think I'm racist / Islamophobic etc etc etc cause I speak my mind.

    Mo Noor was a union member and I was the Deputy Convenor of said union until Sept last year.

    They (the authorities) wanted to deport his mum.

    True, she wasn't bringing anything of 'value' to society in Britain, and, up to a point, I agree with deportation if there is nothing they can give - but only if they're young enough and, indeed, healthy enough to give and, therefore, are possibly reluctant to 'give'.

    Mo was quite happy to support her so why deport her? He was literally in tears when he came to me.

    Being the racist / Islamophobe that I am I got the union solicitors involved and we won!!!

    There are grounds for deporting but, any grounds surely have to be balanced with compassion and common sense?

    Mo and his wifey look after her. She isn't a 'burden' (and more to the point - she makes a mean curry)...;-)

    Nowt wrong with religion old bean (so says an athiest) it's just some of the so called practitioners eh?

    My own tiny mind thinks that's what the world...or humanity if you lacking most.

    Compassion and common sense.

    Oh well. The world turns and I get a curry round Mo's every other week. Could be worse..;-)

  20. Will, first of all...are your virgins male or female? lol.

    Dinners...I don't think you are racist, you are just against people who use their mistaken beliefs to blow you up...I agree. Tell MO when I come to visit you, we will drop by for some curry.
    PS, I will make some Trinidad curry for you too, although I don't know if you will survive my cooking...

  21. Teeluck, sorry it's taken me so long to comment. I've been having trouble with my blog and had to work on it.

    You make a very interesting statement. I can understand your perspective on the ratio of gangs to faiths/churches/religious groups. However, take a look back at what much of the world was like in the first half of the 20th century: the rise of Soviet communism, World War I, the rise of totalitarian dictators and their aggression, World War II, the Cold War, China's turn to communism, and so on. Those things were no less challenging and troubling to millions of people around the world than the increase in gangs in recent years.

    One could say religion was losing the fight in almost any decade of the 20th century, for various reasons. It's always had lean times, yet it's always been there.

    Particular churches and faiths gain and lose following. But for better or worse, religion is always with us. I believe that's because, for better or worse, it meets a need people feel within themselves. In fact, people tend to turn to faith in times of greatest danger and distress. I think that's one reason why the evangelicals have gained traction over the past 40 years. Many people felt (and feel) threatened by changes in society.

  22. Teeluck,
    Your comment on the people at the Catholic school who do good work, how they weren't necessarily acting as a religious group but rather acting from their innate humanity was interesting and gave me food for thought.I'd have interpreted it as grass-roots religious people working and contrasted it with the organized Catholic Church and all the (IMO) monolithic bad it does. Your point may be more valid, like I said something to think about.

    off-topic, I wish you good luck with your book!

  23. That is an interesting statement Teelock, to the gangs go the spoils.

    I know the religion/cult I was raised in, I excaped, quite unexpectedly and for the good as it turns out.

    The high points (members) I am not aware of so much as the lean times, it seems that lemmings and sheeple make up various numbers, and when they get near cliffs they just somehow follow each other, and the religion/cult loses members.

    In my beginning religion/cult, that was quite all right as long as your tithe was up to date. Death and low numbers was an indicator of successful worship, or something like that. And still is a an indicator of the validity of the truth of the religion/cult (my beginning).

    Like I said, I excaped rather unexpectedly.

    That is the only gang I ever belonged to.


  24. The organizanation of Religion is often an obstacle in the way of authentic faith.

  25. S.W. No problem, it is good to see you my friend,I have also been a bit late in my postings myself...getting my taxes done and getting the book out before the end of the month has been a stretch to say the least.
    I agree that the problems we faced in the 20th century were a challenge for religion but they were external, so it was much more convenient for the church to fight it is internal as the problems lie within our borders and our communities. As the numbers of the faithful dwindle it has and will continue to be an uphill battle for the church to survive...a battle I think is already lost as the incidence of Gang numbers keep growing like a plague. Soon, society will have changed so much, religion may well be but a history lesson in school...

  26. Oso, they also interpret it as grassroots religious people helping each other and converting the unreligious in the process...that is how it has been for ages. The church fashioned the activities as such, and it works...for them, because they look at it from that angle, with that slant. They have been conditioned to think that everything is as a result of God and for the ultimate purpose of God's apeasement. I think it is simply man's love for one another and they just slant it in a religious direction.

  27. Oso, Thanks for your good vibes on the book.

    bob in petaluma, welcome, great to have you visit. You are is like a gang, God's Gang...sounds scary doesn't it?
    I am truly happy that you eXcaped, you are now on the outside of the cage, looking in. Now you can spend your tithes on your family and don't have to bow to anything...especially pedophile priests who only want to INdoctrinate you up the rear.

  28. As luck would have it, Trophy Wife and I are taking another stab at churches. We've been un-churced since we moved here 10 years ago. What am I looking for?

    = A regular and frequent intense spiritual experience.
    = A weekly exposure and reaction to theological/philosophical thinking/writing.
    = A small circle of thoughtful people with who value the same kind of experience.
    = Some good music and voices mixed in.

    We tried the Methodists this morning. It came up empty.

  29. Vig, having gone to and through all the major religions in my own family...Hindu-Mom, Muslim-Uncle and cousins, Roman Catholic- Grandma, Anglican- Dad, Presbeterian -Uncle and cousins, and having read lots of Buddhist books, I have settled on just a spiritual existence without rigid dogmatic organised religion. Good luck in your search...I'll leave the light on for ya at my place with the Universe.

  30. I was raised Roman Catholic but somewhere along the way I lost my belief in the Church. I still believe that there is a spirituality to the universe that can be transformative. Your post really resonates with me. I like the focus on spirituality as opposed to oraganized religion. Thanks for visiting my place and I am glad that I dropped by yours. I'll return.

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