Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Folks this is too funny to let it go...


  1. That was hilarious. Too bad it's true! :P
    I like how they said she spends more time talking about being a good mother than actually putting it into practice. :P


  2. She would be a better parent if there was any money in it.

  3. Fabulous and I have to re-post this! Palin is truly a legend in her own mind.

  4. While Palin is not intelligent by any means, she has a sleazy reptilian guile that at times worries me. I have read stuff that said people in Germany thought Hitler was a joke when he first popped on the scene.

  5. Laura, she could learn a few lessons on being a great Mom from you... :)

    Holte, at 100k a speech, that goes without saying, on the issue of Trig though, everyone is missing the point...I say she tried to abort him...

  6. Nance, she is the gift that keeps on giving, who the hell needs "Talking Puppet Bush" in the White House? Sarah is much more fun...

    Tom Harper, She is a Christmas present come early!

  7. Beach, it is really fitting that you draw a parallel to Hitler, because she is just as dangerous and overlooked as he was...she has the controls of the mistaken Militia movements who are just some good ole boys lookin' for a "Negra" to scalp...

    SW. she is God's gift to the world...

  8. Might have to cross post this Tee! Thanks man!

  9. Does anyone think this idiot has any idea how much she owes McCain for picking her as running mate?

    This shows that being in the right place at the right time is sometimes more important than just plain old fashioned intelligence. And Sarah is certainly not guilty of intelligence.

  10. Bee, I knew you had a good laugh too, lol

    Judge Truth 101...your Honor, you are certainly right in your observation, there is something to be said for being at the right place at the right time...
    What shallow people like the Palins do not yet understand is that money does not make the man/person, money comes and goes...your character, honor and pride is what stays with you, or in their cases it is what they lose...she is making asses of all her family and her money will not help to erase that shame...she always wanted to be like Paris Hilton, the Kardashians and the other bimbos...she has arrived.
    It reminds me of when I met Rob Blagoyavich, the first thing he told me was "I'm innocent" and I felt like laughing... simply told him, "I know Rob, I know." I felt sorry for the guy...as I pity Sarah.