Friday, April 16, 2010

Mormons, Glenn Beck gotta see this

Again folks, this is too good to pass up...I've had to watch it three times just to be satisfied...


  1. Absolutely hilarious, thanks for that Tee.

  2. Holte, the pleasure is mine :)

  3. He (Beck) makes a lot of money for crying on TV.....I've heard that he doesn't believe half of what he says. Hm, that would make him a charlatan, right?

  4. Funny? You betcha, to borrow a phrase, ahem.

    Beck a Charlatan? If he isn't the blithering idiot he plays on TV, he must despise his viewers as the most mindless jerks on the planet — scornfully laughing at them all the way to the bank.

  5. Oh that was good!

    I still can't get over the fact that my sister, who has a Masters Degree, believes all that crap.

    Glen Beck is Mormon? Well, that explain everything. :P

  6. Where does this gal come from ??? Who's behind it? Do ya know TL?
    Very funny stuff...

  7. This gal is out of this world. Have never heard of her but I can't quit laughing. Thanks for posting.

  8. I was entertaining. At the same time, I know several Mormons with whom I have nothing in common, religiously or politically, but I know then to be decent honorable people. Therefore, I think it's a better approach to mock hypocrites like Mitt Romney and Glen Beck for their individual positions and actions, not for their religion. America is founded on the principal that we all have the right to believe, or not believe, in whatever we see fit.

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  10. Hilarious. I especially liked "being lectured by a Mormon is like being told 'no loitering' by a crack whore." Plus a bunch of other gems. I'll probably have to play it again.

  11. Will, yea, Charlatan is as tame a word I'd use to describe him.

    S.W, I am convinced that he does not cry while thinking of his audience...when he's on his way to the bank.

    Laura, see? You don't need a masters to be smarter than her...but you knew that already :)

    Gwendolyn, I recently discovered the site and I don't yet know her true identity, but she is good.

    tnlib, I'm like you, I can't stop laughing and I've watched it multiple times

    TomCat, I agree that we should not attack the whole Religious body for the actions of a few, but to maintain that mutual respect for each other, they have to stop trying to indoctrinate the rest of us.

    Nance, thank you, I will get on it

    Tom Harper, the more you watch it the more hilarious details you uncover, it's priceless.

  12. Oh, Betty Bowers has been providing belly laughs for years :)