Monday, November 7, 2011

The Republican Party Of Death!!

Yes, though they walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, they shall fear no Evil...but evil will do well to fear them!! The party on 'No', is the party of 'life at conception' and is really the party of Death. It is my opinion that the Republicans can not be judged by their words but must be judged by their actions. This is the party where good ideas and intentions go to die.

It is simple to tell who they are by their policies and what they fight for. Jobs are the first to die at the hands of these 'No Taxes' Grover Norquist zombies... people who put party before Country. To them, it doesn't matter what you lose in the process by starving the economy of the Tax revenues it needs, as long as the fictitious 'Job Creators' are allowed to keep their taxes while reducing the safety conditions and benefits of their workers, as it costs more money to do otherwise.

Next to die at the hands of the party of Death is the elderly, who are made to deal with dwindling health care and more or higher costs for all their care needs. The party fights hard to repeal the Obama healthcare plan because it will help more people to get better healthcare and it helps provide health insurance for kids up to the age of 26yrs old, through their parents' health plan. That is something that goes against their agenda of Privatizing more and more of the profits that can be realized by raising private health insurance costs.

The Death party is famous for loving wars and the death and carnage it brings. They have built the Military industrial complex, something we had been warned against doing by none other than Dwight D. Eisenhower, here is the transcript of the speech.

The party of Death was outed by Representative Alan Grayson who explained why under the Republican health plan, if you got sick, you should Die Quickly! Here is that video. They are now launching an all out assault on women and their right to choose an abortion or not. They are now trying to change the laws to read that life at conception will be the new law and that could mean all sorts of bad things for women and their health. Here is their plan, the Life at Conception act.

The Republican Death party is also trying to remove or otherwise disband the powers of the EPA and FDA, in an all out effort to allow Companies to put or leave poisonous things in our foodstuffs that they are required to remove right now, it obviously costs more to produce safer products. Less regulations will allow them to import items that have not conformed to US safety standards, I remind you of lead contained in painted toys imported a while back from China. I'm sure that you also remember millions of baby bottles being removed from the shelves of Walmart because they contained dangerous chemicals...something I'm sure costed the company millions of dollars.

Lesser regulations in the field would result in more unsafe practices in the Oil industry, the Chemical industry and the Nuclear industry, all of which would result in increased risk to life and limb, in these industries. This could mean the Chemical companies would have a more free hand in using chemicals that are dangerous to humans and the environment.

Of the 90,000 chemicals that have been invented and are in use over the past 100 years only, only 15% have been tested for human use, and then this is done with testing to determine the effects on adults.

Our babies and young children are not even addressed concerning what adverse effects these chemicals will have on them. One wonders why there are increasing amounts of strange and new diseases children have been developing over the last 40 years. I think these untested chemicals must play some role in the afflictions of our kids.

So, this is just a small peek into the Republican Party of Death...Beware...

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  1. They just got slapped down but good in the last election.

    they also got slapped down for going after the EPA.