Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grover Norquist...Saboteur, Anti-American, Traitor.

Yes, he is guilty in the forum of public opinion, as a saboteur to the economy, a traitor and Anti-American. He knew what he was doing when he made the pledge and those who signed it knew what they were doing when they put their name on that pledge. They swore an oath to sabotage the country by never allowing taxes to be raised even if it meant the country could die as a result. They knew all too well that every country's Government operates with the finances and revenue collected, they knew that the revenue is used to pay for the Police, Fire, Medical, Educational and many other services needed to run a great country like ours.

Actions speak louder than words and the results of those actions are what we have to focus on, to know what was the reason for the said actions, of having and signing that retched pledge. Those who signed Grover's pledge are all bought and paid for, they are corrupt and their actions prove that. They knew the results of the pledge would cause among other things, the weakening and failing of the economy to a certain extent, so why did they do it?

That reason is the simplest of all, they are rich and so high up on the economic ladder, that the results of their actions of strangling the economy would not reach or affect them in a negative way. They have enough money and wealth to weather the downturn in the economy which they purposely caused, in their foul attempt to weaken the middle class...as they have done time and time again, knowing that a country as large as ours cannot survive without a healthy middle class.

Many have said that there is a class warfare being fought over the past 70 years; a war that has already been won in most cases...by the rich and the Corporations. The middle class has been defeated many times over and are just not ready to step into the coffin just yet. The relentless attacks against the middle class just keeps getting stronger and stronger as a result.

Anyone who supported and still supports that pledge now is mistaken, if they think the American people will take this assault sitting down. The Occupy movement is proof that the Country will rise up and defeat this injustice that festers like a sore on the backside of our Great Nation. These greedy and selfish saboteurs will not strangle this economy with their Treasonous plans and pledges. We must not be defeated, we must stand up to their veiled Fascism by voting against everyone of them...whose name is on that pledge.

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