Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Is Why These Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Dangerous and Unsuitable For The Office.

This is by far the worst Republican lineup I have ever seen. I say this not because I think they are bad people...just stupid people. This group of misfits are proving themselves unfit to run the country with every new 'gaffe' they spout when they open their mouths. If ever I had a clear-speaking, intelligent Republican as President (God forbid!)...I don't think that would be half bad. Obviously their--The Republican President's-- policies would be of great concern but that is a fight worth having, but this current batch of Republican misfits just make my head explode.

The latest 'gaffe' was made by none other than rising star turner falling star, Rick Perry. The Newser.com reports on the 'gaffe' ..."Rick Perry said this today at the end of a speech in New Hampshire: "Those of you that will be 21 by November the 12th, I ask for your support and your vote." It's one short sentence with two glaring factual errors: The legal voting age is 18, and Election Day is Nov. 6" 

This comes hard and fast on the heels of Rick's earlier 'gaffe' eloquently described by Christopher Hitchens in Slate.com ..."This was mainly an effect of the candidate’s own non-talent for ingratiation; miserably seeking protection in the aw-shucks tone and failing—entirely failing—to grasp that “oops” in any accent sounds bad enough (just as well that Rick Perry wasn’t running in a heterosexual pride contest) but that in the tones of Texas (“Ee-yoops”) it more resembles the last-ditch whine of a luckless peon for mercy. I don’t see how it could have been any worse. Failure at this level—failure to recall your own self-administered briefing, plus a free tour for the public of all your least reassuring personal tics—is defeat on a scale that disqualifies the candidate from being in a debate in the very first place. "

Other front runners have had their own shot at the gaffe hit parade and it is having the effect of making many republicans run for cover, in fact many are now angry enough to voice their disappointment and dismay in the public arena. Michael D. Shear of the New York Times writes...“It is an ‘Animal House.’ It’s a food fight,” said Kenneth Duberstein, a chief of staff to President Ronald Reagan. “Honestly, the Republican debates have become a reality show. People have to be perceived as being capable of governing this country, of being the leader of the free world.”

"Even before his “oops” moment in one of the debates last week, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas stumbled his way through an answer about Pakistan and nuclear weapons. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has offered a series of historical goofs. And after mistakenly saying China does not have nuclear weapons, Herman Cain on Monday painfully gave an answer to a question about Libya in which he all but acknowledged having little grasp of the military actions that took place there."

The man who has been chastised and repudiated for lying-- Newt Gingrich--now flip flops on the issue of immigration and has to beat the old GOP drum every chance he gets to disclaim his previous debate comment, by now saying he does not favor 'Amnesty' for immigrants as he tries to swing his campaign from one with an arguably National bent, to one with a local, unforgiving Republican/Tea Party/Birther/Neo Con flavor... because he realized that he has to first win the Nomination before he can flip flop on that issue...which he will undoubtedly do if he becomes the candidate. 

I remember his ad with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi... he is backing away from that as well... he is by far the biggest liar so far I think. As Lawrence O'Donnell said on his show on Nov 29th, Newt getting a blow job by someone  else's wife  in the driveway, while his kids walked by the car was not very smart either...

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