Monday, November 29, 2010

Patriotism?...What's That?

Patriotism is a love of and loyalty to one's country. This is something the Corporations are trying to stifle and destroy, by convincing Republicans that they need to be subservient to the Companies and tow the party line. For Decades the Companies via the Republicans have tried to strip the standards and regulations away, that we require them to be subjected to and they are winning. Substandard food products, inhumane and unhealthy working conditions,  environmental pollution, inadequate wages, excessive and greedy practices on Wall St. and attacks on the very fabric of freedom and goodwill that America was built on, is where they have brought us to now. 

It is no secret that the Republican Party has for Decades tried to strengthen the Corporate choke hold on the country, and  break America's backbone in the process. Open your's 2010 and they are winning...The Corrupt Corporations are winning...and the Corrupt Republicans are winning...America is losing. The result of the  Republican way of groveling to, begging of and fanatically kissing the Corporate hand, is what we see now...recession... dismay...poverty...and dark uncertainty for the future, with their recent election the hands of SCOTUS.

To the Corporations, this is just par for the course because they do not belong to America, they are Multinational, they are Global Conglomerates, they are shoppers in a Global Marketplace. They produce their products in foreign countries and pretend that they do not need to adhere to our rules to sell those products here. They are capable of bending those rules or bribing our Politicians and Supreme Court Judges, to help them break those rules. 

Bribery with money? No, bribery with the assurance that if they the Companies get what they want, the Corrupt Politicians and Corrupt Judges will also get theirs in turn. One just has to look to see who in the Supreme Court made the decision that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections, to see their intentions and tactics of appeasing the Corporations at the expense of the Country. Patriotism is truly those circles.

The Companies have savvy accountants who know how to keep the profits offshore in foreign accounts so it is not taxed by any country. What they do not want you to realize is that they do need to be here, they do need to sell their  products here, because America amounts for 25% of the World's GDP, and they thirst for the money generated by us, to buy their products. They are not America...We are!  

If they choose to leave and do no business in this Country, another company willing to pay taxes and follow our regulations and higher standards will replace them, so we should not try to appease them in order to keep their jobs here. We should charge them Tariffs on their Foreign made products, to level the field and cause them to keep the Manufacturing Jobs here, which in turn would mean the profits stay here and are Taxed here. Taxes are an integral part of our being able to run our Society and Pay for our services. So don't do like the Republicans and sell out to the Corporations, fight...fight for America...Patriots.

Let the professional George Carlin explain it to you...

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  1. The incestuous relationship between business and government is an insidious one. My favorite example is the one that exists between the meat industry and the USDA. Everybody knows that we need to eat less animal fat and still the USDA maintains exactly the opposite with their dietary standards. Why? Try because it just so happens that their other main job is to, you got it, promote the meat industry!

  2. Will, LOL, aren't we really the American Idiots? falling for all their tricks.

  3. Did you see the 60 min interview with SCOTUS's Justice Stevens? He was incredibly harsh on his fellow justices, regarding the decision to hand the election to Bush and the Citizens United decision. Here is the link to the video online:

    Justice Stevens is a Republican...albeit a know, the vanishing breed of Republican.

  4. Good post. Nice obituary for a dead country.

    I put almost as much blame on Democrats as Republicans. Most of all, I blame millions of bone-stupid voters who keep enabling this process.

  5. The Rushpubliscums (and their centrist wing, known as the Democrats) are just about to the end of their dominance. They might be able to shove shitty candidates down our throats, and they might even be able to steal elections-but they won't be able to prevent what is coming.

  6. Dusty, thank you for the link, I enjoyed it immensely, it said a lot...he said a lot :)

  7. Tom Harper, You are correct, and I too follow your lead and blame the voters...who did not vote, and as a result allowed a small segment of the population to win the election...14% of the population.

  8. Jolly Roger, I hope I will be around to see what's coming...because if Sarah Palin becomes our new President...I'm moving to Canada! Fuck That!

  9. We live in amazing times and you are doing your part to bring the change we all want to be!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  10. Aloha Cloudia, Thank you...hope to visit the islands one day...can't let you have all the fun over there :)

  11. My understanding of Patriotism.
    My Idea of Patriotism is just that an idea of a common Foundation of all people and or Citizenship in common rule of law in persuit of a rightious and or right thing to do for common good of the People.
    In a free World you can see Patriotism anyway you want yours free to do so, for the People.
    America has it all but there rule's we are over looking. When you put you hand on Bible to say I promiss to tell the truth so help Me God its above People to God. He is a Citizen Too thats America Home of the Free in God we Trust Free or We trust Our Selfs.
    Just put what you can't do above you and He will take care of it America the Free. Patriotism how did I do?.

  12. Rodger D, welcome, Your comment is quite interesting, and hinges on the acceptance of the reader to the fact/fiction that there is a God who fixes all problems however large or small. I am currently doing research into the history timelines to prove the existence of God and his arch rival Satan, I will keep you informed of my findings.

  13. Teeluck Thank you I look forward to it !.

  14. Teeluck. I am VERY interested in the findings of your research. How can you make sure I am informed once you find God? I would really appreciate an email or something, once that posts arrives, just to make sure I don't miss it.