Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, everyone has now seen how badly this "Bush Tax Cuts" debate has gone so far...there was no debate. The Republicans said ...massage my shoulder will ya? The Democrats are now the masseur, massaging the Elephant's shoulder, putting lotion on his feet...and kissing where the sun don't shine... cleaning up their shit, adding at least 700 Billion dollars more to the deficit... This shit certainly leaves a bad taste in our mouths. That is some shit...

My head is spinning, I am gravely hurt by the President's speech on Monday December 6th, where he seems to have bowed down to his aggressor who wants the poor in this country to become slaves to the wealthy, to have no dignity and pride in themselves or their families...their Parents...Their Spouses...Their children. I feel like I am in the days of slavery all over again...I feel the pain and anguish they...the Slaves must have felt...stripped of every shred of self worth, pride and indeed Human dignity and decency, as if "We the people" are not worth it, and no one gives a damn.

Certainly I wonder sometimes if our Leaders don't give a damn, because it appears they are not willing to fight for us. We did not elect leaders to go there and surrender for us, If we wanted to surrender, or be defeated,  we would have sent someone who we knew was an idiot or a coward...we didn't. We sent educated people, who we think are capable of getting the job done, who are willing to fight, because when the fighting is done, we would be assured that what we get would have been the best we could get...But right now, the Democrats are not fighting, they are just massaging the Elephant's shoulders, following their orders, and being a Disappointment to the American People...the 85% of us who did not vote in November, for the Republicans.

Maybe I am wrong, or misinformed...maybe there was a fight that took place and "We the People" just did not see it, did not know it, because it was behind closed doors, against very powerful entities, Foreign and Domestic. I have often said the President is privy to more information than I am...so maybe he knows what he is doing more than I know what he is doing. Maybe he saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am just slogging through the darkness looking for a helping hand out of poverty. 

 I am anything but speechless, but there is a traffic jam...a bottleneck in my throat, because there are too many words trying to come out at the same time...it's choking me...so I will let the Late and always Great Mr. George Carlin do my talking for me...because I am really hurting by the Democrat's surrender without a fight...Some say The President paid the RANSOM...I agree with that, I understand the hard road...but it still sticks in my craw...

Stephen Colbert says he can't wait for the Taxes to stay the same so he can create all those jobs...Stephen got it right...no one in the Wealthy Country Clubs will be creating jobs...maybe we can give away Social Security while we are at it...I just had to add Stephen's video as well. Let me clarify, I Blame the Republicans for Blackmailing us, I do not blame the President for making the best deal he thinks we can try to get, rather than getting nothing at all... 

I think upon further reflection, I will support the President...my President...because he can do for me what I cannot do for myself...secure a better future for my children. The old people have a saying...Stoop to Conquer... so I will Stoop with my President...so we will get stronger and rise higher later.


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  1. I've defended the president for a long time now when fellow liberals were freaking out over his weakness. Can't do it anymore, I understand compromise is an important part of democracy but the dude just caved in without any fight.

    Even Joe Scarborough was freaking on his morning show saying the president should have forced the republicans to in some way pay for the tax cuts to the rich.

  2. Beach, honestly, I think I popped something in my head thinking of this...my head hurts (joking)

  3. Just got some really bad news a few hours ago and just in time for the holidays. What makes this especially galling is that at the same time this is happening to us, bloated billionaires are poised to get their 6 figure tax breaks.

  4. We can't be angry at the Republicans for blackmailing us...after all they are only going to be able to buy one Mercedes with their tax break...not two or three, so we should not be so hard on the Republicans.

  5. I’m not going to waste time with the immoral class warfare argument because I’m more Progressive than most on social issues, but not simple economics.

    Every dollar taxed out of the pockets of the productive workforce is a cut in pay. Cutting the take-home pay of anyone, especially the highest earners, during an economic down turn is madness.

    The exact opposite is the proper solution.

    If I were in Obama’s chair, I would have been on TV the day after I was sworn in and said "I have instructed each of my 15 Cabinet Secretaries to cut 20% from their spending budgets. We must all share in the sacrifices necessary to end the recession. Each Secretary has 21 days to identify the least important programs that must be cut or eliminated or I will have new Secretaries who will get the job done. We all know that there is at least 20% fraud and waste in Federal spending and the day has come to eliminate it. The American people need spending cuts and the only fair cuts will be across the board. No exceptions.”

    “I am also directing the IRS to send every taxpayer a 50% refund of all taxes paid in 2008. I am not going to allow the politicians in Congress to line the pockets of their friends with “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects that’ll take years to complete. We need to stimulate every sector of the economy immediately and I believe that each American knows what is best for their family.”

    “I am putting Congress on notice that I will sign no bill into law that has a single earmark. I am quite capable of signing my name 50 or 100 hundred times a day and they are paid to vote on 50 or 100
    bills a day instead of attaching earmarks to important legislation. I will veto every bill that I do not believe is in the national interest. Politicians that want to “bring home the bacon” for their constituents
    will need to get the money from their individual state.”

    “Finally, I am asking for your support to force Congress to pass a law making it illegal for anyone to lobby any elected representative that one is not legally eligible to vote for. The same goes for donations
    of money and time. Each of us have a constitutional right to petition our representative to redress a grievance but our representatives are being pestered by lobbyists from foreign governments and companies and organizations from outside of their congressional district. This needs to stop, now. Lobbyists will only be allowed to petition the elected representative that represents their client according to the state and congressional districts the client does business within, and the lobbyist must also be a resident of that district. Multinational firms that are not headquartered in this country will have no right to pester our senators or congressional representatives, and organizations who want to lobby every senator and every congressional representative will have to find a lobbyist who lives in each state or congressional district. If the individual lobbying on behalf of a 3rd party is not eligible to vote for the senator or representative, they will have no right to lobby that senator or representative.”

    With a lock on both houses of Congress I would’ve appealed directly to the voters the way FDR did and cut off every penny of party reelection money from every Democrat that voted against me. The Democrats would’ve picked up additional seats in the mid-terms instead of getting clobbered and then my health care and energy bills would sail through congress the last two years before my own reelection.

    Class warfare is petty-politics.
    Think BIGGER.


  6. Ruben welcome, I appreciate the time and thought you put into commenting here and I understand your point of view. What I think you are suggesting is a few ways to split up the finite dollar we have...
    I heard that after WWII there was a burst of infrastructure projects which hired enough people, building around the country, to which end they did not have to try to divide the waning dollar, as they created new activity and new prosperity, new incomes to families, everyone had a job and plenty of money to spend...this is the way I would go.

  7. Hi, Teeluck. It makes me extra sick because I remember how readily Democrats caved to Republican undermining the Constitution in the Bush years.