Saturday, December 18, 2010

Those Evil Republicans...and some Democrats...

"Who is going to hold these people's feet to the fire?" asks Fox News' Shepherd Smith? He was referring to the Senators who did not vote to give Financial Relief to the many men and women who risked their lives on 911 and went in to save fellow Americans. This is now a National Shame, that the measure was not approved ...

I actually agree with you Mr. Smith...

Jon Stewart said it like this...

The same question can be asked about the Dream Act and the failure of the Senate to pass this measure, and once and for all bring an end to the Torture these millions of innocent children are subjected to at the hands of some hateful people who prefer to watch these poor children suffer for no fault of their own, than to end the shameful cry of this being another Amnesty in disguise. I ask, If it is...What would Jesus do?

Mr. Smith must surely be rolling in his bed unable to I am sure is Chris Wallace, two of the Fox Commentators who have been showing some hints of rationale and indeed conscience... something I saw briefly in the coverage given by of all people on Fox...Giraldo, during the Katrina Debacle.

Is the Republicans' plan Sabotage?

Another dicey issue getting the cold shoulder is the START Treaty and the shabby way these Senators are trying to derail it. It has been Eight Months since the Treaty has been finished, giving everyone ample time to address it. Are they willing to leave the Country and indeed the World on less stable ground by not Passing the Treaty, simply to make this President Obama's Waterloo? The answer appears to be Yes...

One wonders how far they will go to deny proper Health Care to the American People, as they adamantly proclaim their intention to repeal  the Obama Health Care that was recently passed. It appears these Republicans are not interested in helping or protecting the American people...but rather only wish to take care of their Corporate and Foreign Shameful.

Update...thanks to my well informed friend The Beekeeper's Apprentice, I have to add this piece of bad news to this article...
Apparently these Republicans thought that Child Marriages and the resultant torture and hardships they will endure, are a good thing and should be encouraged, hence the failure of a Bill S. 987 (The International Protecting Girls by Preventing Child Marriage Act), designed to put a stop to this very practice...see them for who they really are... by their Evil Deeds...

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  1. the republican party, a bunch of shameful morons. I say moron because they are still saying the American people are on their side when it comes to healthcare, DADT, Dream Act etc. etc. They are lost in La la land. The first responders bill needs to pass NOW and the failed Dream Act is disgraceful. Those Senators are really sinking to a new low...

  2. What shocks me is that Dems would cross over to the GOP aisle on an issue as fundamental as health care benefits for first responders.
    I expect dickwads to act like dickwads, they have to follow their genetic paths, like lemmings over the cliff. But for Democrats to join them in this obstinate obstructionism is just mind-boggling.
    I hope the final list of offenders is posted, so we can duly punish those desperately in need of being cast from office.

  3. Tee, they killed this too:

    Just cut and paste, can't remember how to embed a link in a comment... ;)

  4. 41 repubs against 1 dem
    Member Party State
    Lamar Alexander R TN
    John Barrasso R WY
    Robert F. Bennett R UT
    Christopher S. Bond R MO
    Scott Brown R MA
    Jim Bunning R KY
    Richard M. Burr R NC
    Saxby Chambliss R GA
    Tom Coburn R OK
    Thad Cochran R MS
    Susan Collins R ME
    Bob Corker R TN
    John Cornyn R TX
    Michael D. Crapo R ID
    Jim DeMint R SC
    John Ensign R NV
    Michael B. Enzi R WY
    Lindsey Graham R SC
    Charles E. Grassley R IA
    Judd Gregg R NH
    Orrin G. Hatch R UT
    Kay Bailey Hutchison R TX
    James M. Inhofe R OK
    Johnny Isakson R GA
    Mike Johanns R NE
    Mark Steven Kirk R IL
    Jon Kyl R AZ
    George S. LeMieux R FL
    Richard G. Lugar R IN
    John McCain R AZ
    Mitch McConnell R KY
    Lisa Murkowski R AK
    Harry Reid

  5. I am surprised to listen such a noble talk from FOX... I wonder if Mr. Smith will keep his job... because the bill he is talking about was dashed by Republican party....

  6. Republicans hate Americans. They work for Amerika Inc.

  7. the wheels still spinning...

    Aloha from Hawaii

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  8. The whining about this bill is the purest of bullship.

    Nine years later, we suddenly cannot wait three more weeks for the ELECTED Congress to pass it? We need the unelected, lame duck Congress that has no legitimate power to set authority, to hurry and do it NOW?

    That's just idiotic.

    Until this year, no lame duck Congress ever passed any bill actually changing Federal policy in any way. Lame duck congresses only gathered for emergency measures, like an impeachment, or the McCarthy hearings, or to pass a continuing resolution to fund Congress until the legitimate, ELECTED Congress could convene a few weeks later.

    To vote to change policies, or on new spending or tax bills, when unelected, is a coup d'etat.

    The Democrats like to pretend they love "democracy", but when the chips are down, they routinely violate the will of the people, especially how they voted in any given convening an unelected Congress to pass measures before the newly elected one takes office.

  9. Actually, "butnowyouknow"...I'll bet you are one of those paid "astro-turfers"...your post doesn't have any typos, you specifically "call out" "The Democrats", and even "coup d'etat" is spelled correctly...sure looks like a copy/paste job to me. Why not get a real job?

  10. The Rushpubliscums have never had any qualms about certain people being treated like property, and that especially includes women. So, really.... how much of a surprise is it that the Rushpubliscums don't mind child marriage? To them, a woman equates to a dog, or a mule, so they don't have any rights anyway. What's the big deal?

  11. Teeluck,
    Its December 24th. Just stopping by to bring you Best Fishes for the New Year. May Manta Claus leave lots of goodies.

  12. Tee, hope you have a very merry day today with you and yours :)

  13. Teeluck - pretty good blog. I trailed it from Mad Mike's.


    I have to disagree with you, Jolly, and for that I am most apologetic. I think the republican party places a dog in MUCH higher esteem than it does a mule.

    I am a far left liberal, but I still laugh when I remember the observation made by some republican: Republicans have an elephant, a power elephant, as their mascot and democrats have a jackass for obvious reasons.

    Anyway, I think republicans mostly like dogs, so for some republicans women are way beneath them.

  14. My Friends, you folks are great! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts, they are all appreciated and welcome as you all are :)