Friday, December 31, 2010

2010- Fox's Worst Year Of Shock and Awe on America

The year 2010 has been a Political Roller Coaster ride for America and indeed the Globe. We have many things to be thankful for but we can not say goodbye to the past year without keeping with the Name and Purpose of this Blog... and Book of the same name... and looking back, at the Shock and Awe we faced and leave behind...hopefully.

One cannot help but reflect on the single Entity in the Media Industry that has been the source or outlet for most of the Lies, Deceptions and Fear Mongering that was seen in 2010... Fox News.
Many of us in the Tri-State remembered when Fox and Parent Company News Corp. held us Hostage to their demands for more money to view their programs, by demanding our Cable Carriers pay them more money.

One does not have to look far to find more of their Shenanigans, and this wonderful offering by Media Matters in littered with details.
We have many shameful whoppers given to us by Fox's own,  Glenn Beck.
Another bringer of lies and Deception was none other than Fox's new Poster Child... Sarah Palin.

We cannot forget the Muslim scare Fox tried to spin on us, even though one of their Large Shareholders is a Muslim Prince!
It is no secret that Fox is not "Fair and Balanced" as they say and are squarely set on the Republican Party's scheme of Sabotaging the Country with the hope of getting the GOP back into the White House in 2012.

It was no surprise when a renowned University released their study that clearly showed that the Audience of Fox programming is clearly "Dumbed Down" and have little awareness as to what is Fact from Fiction, largely because of what Half Truths and sometimes blatant lies they are fed by Fox.

With the New Year upon us, is it too much to ask, for Fox to be the Leader of the News industry by Furnishing us with Truthful Reporting and having some Journalistic Pride and indeed... Prejudice of the Highest order in carrying out these duties, by ensuring that they report the Truth without twisting it to suit their warped sense of Reality?
We shall see... May you all have a Happy New Year.

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  1. FOX is incapable of speaking truthfully and it's not part of their charter.

    FOX was created to be a shill for the Corporatist Teapublican far right agenda and will do nothing to move away from that far right propaganda machine based on lies, fear & mis/dis-information that allows their viewership to lather, slobber & demean anyone who does not follow their fascist policy procurement.

    Their diatribe has included such memes as that if anyone doesn't have a job (although the majority has had their jobs outsourced by far right wing corporatist elites) is lazy and living the high life on the unemployment insurance they have paid into for years; which of course they call 'entitlement'.

    I've paid into unemployment for over 40 years, have never collected a cent back even though my job has been outsourced twice to reward the corporatist elite who feel that multi-millionaires/multi-billionaires who have mostly inherited their wealth & hire no one in the US (except of course their own family) require further incentives & tax breaks to 'open the floodgates of employment' here in the US.

    They had 10 years of those entitlements, government welfare/subsidies & tax breaks and yet could not create any jobs in the US; they outsourced & gave themselves record profits.