Saturday, April 14, 2012

Donald Trump Shuts Down Sean Hannity, Nixes Ryan Budget.

Sean Hannity yet again displayed his lack of professionalism and pre show preparation by inviting Donald trump to his radio show on Wednesday April 11 2012 without doing the proper pre-show prep needed for the segment. This resulted in the Donald speaking the truth without Sean being able to cage his comments in a shroud of mystery, confusion and half-truth, as he usually does to his guests. This obviously went unnoticed by his listeners, the majority of whom have been shown to be low information Fox viewers.

The interview went downhill when Hannity asked the Donald what he thought about the Ryan budget plan only to hear the Donald truthfully say that the Ryan plan is just insane. The Donald did attempt to shroud his comment in the guise of it simply being the wrong time to release the plan, while not wholeheartedly putting his support behind the plan. 

Just his reluctance to follow up his comment with full support of the Ryan budget plan shows his true meaning. I have always said that it is not what is shown or said to you that is important, but rather what is hidden from you that holds more value. 

Sean Hannity was definitely caught by surprise and quickly segwayed into letting the Donald do what he really came to do...that is to talk about his growing empire and his new real estate purchases. 

Had Hannity or his staff done something resembling a professional pre-show prep, they would have discovered that Donald Trump had been saying the same thing in public interviews even the day before on CNBC. Incidentally, on that interview with CNBC he also hinted that someone having a hidden Swiss bank account, does suggest a shady deal going on... something he did not want to pursue when asked if Romney's Swiss bank account was an issue.

Hannity tried to cover up the obvious slip on his website by completely omitting the shoddy question and answer segment and instead went straight to the Donald's real estate comment as shown here... "The great Donald Trump joined Sean to share his thoughts on the future of the economy. "I didn't think President Obama was willing to go as far as he did [in blaming President Bush]," began Trump, ...( This is where the Ryan Question is asked and omitted ) ..."The Republicans are going to have to get very smart, very fast.“ "I listen to you,” offered Hannity, “You’ve said to buy real estate and I’m doing that and not putting a dollar in the stock market.” “The greatest thing you can own is real estate,” agreed Trump, “I just bought Doral Country Club, if we have nearly $21 trillion in debt, the best thing you can own is real estate.”

I almost choked from laughing when I heard the interview!!

Remember, it is what they hide from you that deserves some notice to get who they really are...

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